Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Leader's Wit

First and foremost, I've decided to open up the PM List once again. I'm pretty sure most of you had received a PM from me asking for confirmation for the new PM List.

For those people who replied and chose to be on the new PM List despite my slow updates, thank you very much for the support. I'll try my best to bring out new twists for you guys to enjoy. XD


pkv - I like the way Akira thinks too. He's one of the characters I adore... hehe As for the reason why Ryou did what he had to do, those things will be revealed in the future chapters... Thanks for the comment!

SHINEjaejoong - You are one of my readers from Capturing the Casanova, correct? hehe Thanks for liking this story. I didn't expect that some readers of CTC would like this story as well since it's entirely different from CTC... hehe As requested, you've been added to the PM List! :)

kanginsgrl - Will do! Thanks for the comment! :)

Moving on, here's Chapter 14 of The Crimson Insignia...

For this chapter, I chose to highlight yet another very interesting character from the unlikely bunch of Class 3-D. You might have guessed that this guy's personality does not only include excellence in brawn but also wisdom beyond his years.

This is probably the main reason why he is the leader of Class 3-D's The Sinners. Now for this chapter, Kuroda Akira has taken something belonging to Shin. The question is, why did he take it? And the better question is, what will be the effect of Akira's meddling into Shin and Miharu's business?

As for the lesser focus on this chapter, it seems that Miharu and Shin had gone yet again into another argument. And this time, Miharu had resorted to slapping our ever hot Shin! *gasp* But of course, not all relationships start smoothly, right? hehe

As you've noticed guys, I tend to put up chapters which gives emphasis to the different important characters in the story. Shin has already been given light in one of the chapters, as well as Miharu. I will be putting up chapters focusing on other characters in the future so I hope you guys continue to read.


Shattered Teardrops