Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Truant Shows Up

Guess who that truant is?


But at least I show up every once in a while to quench the readers' thirst for updates. That's not so bad, right?

What have I been up to lately?

Well, actually, there has been a lot going on in my school and my social life. I don't want to include the tidbits but I've been busy attending a cultural festival and our university sports festival.

So, in connection with the celebration of the cultural festival, I got a hena tattoo! It's fading now but it was really cool when I had it. It made me feel like I was a badass or something like that. It's good to bend the rules every once in a while.

And of course, we had our university-wide Literary Musical Contests. Being a former basketball varsity player in high school, I took this opportunity to play basketball in the team representing our College. Out of three games, we've won two games so far. The only downside was that, we lacked players. There were only five of us and absolutely no substitute players. Can you imagine running around the basketball court for full four quarters with only a few seconds rest in between? God... It was... exhausting!

Anyway, enough of those things. I decided up post something new in this blog because I actually wrote a new update for The Crimson Insignia. Yes, Chapter 24 is up. =)

TCI CHAPTER 24: A Perilous Banquet II

“Don’t touch her or…
Or else I’ll period on your face!”
- Kazama Reiko
(I seriously love this line!)

This is the continuation of the charity ball which Miharu and Shin attended from Chapter 23. I tried to sustain the action, the drama, the humor, the twists from Chapter 23 up to this chapter. Hopefully, I'm successful. hehe



cahaya - As always, what a detailed comment. Thank you! And it's actually Reiko which the leader of the armed called 'butterfly', not Ryou. hehe

lilmisssmartey - I like Reiko too, because she's like a walking contradiction. She's strong but hilarious and even if she's like a sister to Ryou, her mind isn't really influenced by familiarity and connections. It's like she has her own opinion of things.

simpleangel - Yes, Ishiguro Ryou is Miharu's ex-boyfriend, the one who wants her back. hehe

pkv - Thank you! Glad you found the previous chapter interesting. I'm beginning to run out of wits on how to proceed with this story. I'm trying my best to keep things interesting. haha

~*BaeSeulGi*~ - I seriously love that line too. haha

sprinklez_123 - Does Kenta's Uncle and Ryou's oragnization know each other? Well, actually YES. haha If you recall the previous conversation between Reiko and Ryou, Reiko mentioned something about their rival organization having some problems regarding their heir. That rival organization is actually the organization where Kenta and his Uncle belong. hehe

babsy10 - Thank you! Glad it was worth the wait. hehe I can get extremely lazy at times so I tend to put off work and updates. hehe But when I update, I try my best to make things interesting...

dyang4 - You're hoping Shin makes it back in time? Well, that really didn't happn in Chapter 24. hehe I tend to twist things a little differently.

__cherry-apple-wine - Hi! Thanks for catching up on so many chapters! hehe You've been added to the PM List. I'm always glad to have a new reader around. =)

Princess_Wincyy - Reiko's threat was meant to be a joke. It's not impossible to period on another person's face. Two very idiotic people can try it but it's gross and I don't know... Yuck. Can't even imagine it. Anyway, you've been added to the PM List! Thanks for reading!

1shinhwa - Thanks for reading! As much as I want to post soon, you may find that I can be extremely lazy. haha

beef taco - The best chapter? Really???? *blush* Thank you! haha

STEPHiiiEx3 - Yes, it's a very memorable quote. I didn't know how I came up with that! haha

leavemebroken - Thanks for reading! Welcome to the world of The Crimson Insignia.. hehe

xXKymmXx - Welcome! Glad you liked my story! Thanks for reading! You've been added to the PM List... =)

mangoes_ - Sucks when you want to read but some things/people get in the way, right? haha But glad you were able to finally read everything. haha Does Miharu know that Reiko is Ryou's sister? No, not yet... hehe

SHINEjaejoong - What happened to Shin? Well, read Chapter 24 and find out! =) hehe And I agree with Miharu too. Reiko's threat was crappy... but it was EPICLY crappy. hahaha


the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Pawned Tardiness! XD

Well, at least for today, that is. hehe
I finally updated two of my on-going fics.
My first updates in the year 2010! Hooray!

Oh, and yeah, the Avi signifies the fact that I'm still a SoEul Shipper! XD

First up, The Crimson Insignia's Chapter 23: A Perilous Banquet

I struggled writing this chapter because of a lot of reasons. First, I had to write about the opening of an action sequence where different things happen simultaneously to the different characters in the story. As much as I'd like to write in detail about each character, I had to stick to the main ones because that would probably make the Chapter too long, which in this case is already too long (in my writing standards, that is.)

Aside from that, I had to make the Chapter seem glamorous while thinking about action, romance, conflict, dominance and of course, a little bit of humor. Hopefully, I was able to add these elements unto this Chapter while still maintaining the whole thrill of everything. hehe

As for the replies, here goes!

simpleangel - Actually, the heiress is Miharu because she's the next one in line as the heiress after her Mom. hehe So technically, Miharu is the missing Yakuza heiress, the daughter of Saitou Kaoru.

SHINEjaejoong - I'm taking my time with the romance aspect because it adds up to the tension for both of them. hehe Aw... I'm hoping for a happy ending too! Well, I hope my mind doesn't think of anything scary to put up in here... hehe

lilmisssmartey - Is Miharu the heiress? Yes, she is. Does the Prime Minister know? Well, that leaves to be told within the next few chapters. hehe Thanks for reading! You've been added to the PM List! =) Oh, and yeah, I love you siggy!! Heechul!!

babsy10 - Of course a little complication won't hurt. It'll only add up to the excitement. hehe How evil is that? *grin*

dyang4 - This is where the conlfict starts since Miharu is already starting to trust Shin but now, he has to lie to her in order to protect her. hehe Each of the character's past will be unraveled one by one... Don't worry... *winks* Thanks for reading!

sprinklez_123 - I agree. Action keeps everything seemed to be on the edge. It keeps the adrenaline pumping... hehe Thanks for reading! XD

zartas - I like your way of thinking! hehe Well, not really some impending doom... Our main characters won't easily die... hehe

peeyuh - Me? Fast on updating? hahaha I've been lazying for more than a month. hehe I agree, this is one tangled web of something. You know sometimes, I wonder how I thought of these complicated things... LOL.

cahaya - As always, thank you for the detailed comment! hehe Hope you like this new update!

pkv - I updated fast that time but I lazed out for this one. hehe Of course, Miharu deserves to know about her lineage... But that doesn't seem to convince Shin to tell her anything about her Mafia connections... He's bound to protect her so yeah... and of course, maybe he has began to care far too much for her... teehee.

beef taco - You know, I'm a bit of a feminist myself so yeah, GO GIRL POWER!!! XD

STEPHiiiEx3 - Yes, Miharu's Mom... So technically, Miharu is the Yakuza heir. haha Wooo... Daughter of a Prime Minister and a yakuza Heir... How cool is that?

mangoes_ - It's okay... I don't really force readers to read... hehe I know, right? Crazy combination for a high school girl! XD

dbxxsk - I should tell you, I'm one of Jae Joong's many wives. And he's one of the inspirations for this story. Actually, Shin's character was wholly based on Kim Jae Joong. XD

archoo747 - Yes, in the teaser, it says 4 men. Now, we know already that Shin is the one meant to protect her and that Ryou is her deeply-hated first love. As for the person who's meant to kill her, the only clue to his identity is his alias which is 'Azrael', but then again, WHO IS AZRAEL? That's the better question to answer. And of course, as for the identity of her brother... Well, clues were already given out. hehe

archer_16 - You've been added to the PM List! Thanks for reading! XD


Second stop, Keeping the Casanova Chapter One: The Wife

I don't think I should post any comment replies for this since this is solely posted on The Archive. I'm still mentally debating whether I should start posting this to other fan fiction sites (Soompi, as well but I'm still lazy so... no, not yet.

I'm just happy that I finally posted the first chapter which was already prepared since last year. Although, of course, it goes without saying that now, I have to think of what to write for Chapter Two, which has already been started but left unfinished. hehe

I can't believe it's already been almost a year since Boys Over Flowers stopped airing. Oh, of course, I do rewatch it every now and then since I downloaded all the eps into my handy dandy laptop... hehe *sigh* I want to see more of Kim Bum and Kim So Eun being together. Although, I'm a SoEul Shipper, I know that SoEul will only exist in the BOF Fandom... I'm still hoping deep in my heart for a real life romance between So Eum and Bummie... hehe

Well, that's about all of it. hehe

'Til next time!

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lazy Author...

Raise your hands up!

It's been two weeks since the year 2010 started,
when are you going to update?!

Uh, actually, I haven't written anything eligible to post as an update except maybe Keeping the Casanova's Chapter Two, which I'm still holding up because I haven't thought of what to write next. And also, I've written a portion of Chapter 23 of TCI. It's already over 2000 words according to the word count but I'm not anywhere near finishing the Chapter. I'm going to have some free time to start working again tomorrow to please pray that my laziness don't get in the way again. teehee

Second issue, I noticed that my updates in this blog are so looooong and boring. I do nothing but rant and rant, and rant some more about my nonexistent but currently striving social life, my uninteresting love life and how lazy I am as an author. So, I decided that in order to liven up my blog, I need to post some pictures of anything related to whatever I'm currently up to. Umm... Maybe in my next entry because I can't dish out any picture to post right now.

Third, my exams started last Wednesday (January 13th) and won't end until this coming Monday. Although I may have some free time this weekend, I've already booked plans for this Saturday to go out and have fun with a friend of mine. We're going to go do some guy thing and watch Autocross. And yes, I'm going with a guy friend but it's not a date. teehee. And of course, Sunday must be spent for studying. (Yes, I tend to procrastinate a lot.)

Whew... What else?

Hmm... I can't think of anything else so yeah... That's all for now...

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops