Friday, August 28, 2009

The Sinners

Chapter 13 of The Crimson Insignia...

I love this Chapter. I have to be honest about what I feel towards it. XD

It shows more of Akira and his crew, and also highlights their hidden good points. They maybe troublemakers but they're really good guys, right?

Also, this chapter shows more of Akira's cunning mind as the leader of Class 3D's The Sinners. Don't you just love him more for being such a great leader? XD

Now, for the replies...

aznfreak1 - Thank you! Glad you liked it! hehe Yep, I'm trying my best to write a mystery and action-packed manga themed story, which, I must mention, I've never tried before. Hopefully, I'm doing good so far... hehe

babsy10 - I might open up the PM List in the future again. If I get more free time from my studies. hehe I'm still trying to figure out how to balance my schedule and stuff like that... :)

simpleangel - Yep! I'm back! XD Thanks for reading!

dyang4 - Thank you! Hope you liked the latest chapter... :)

peeyuh - Yes, it's a symbiotic form of relationship between Miharu and Shin since they both benefit... And again, yes, more drama because of Ryou... hehe More things will be revealed in the future chapters. Hopefully, I can write something for Miharu and Shin to start opening up to each other... XD

pkv - Hope you liked the latest update! Btw, what does PKV stand for?

STEPHiiiEx3 - Is she starting to care for Shin? hehe She'll get there. XD

Everyone, thank you so much for still reading TCI although I've been absent for months because of some predicament. I hope you continue to support this story! XD

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three Ripped Photographs finally concludes

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, my short story regarding love, sexuality, morality and mistakes has finally concluded in a span of seven chapters.

I had fun in brainstorming this one of a kind, slice of life story which deals with gender confusion and harsh treatment to the third sex.

To be honest, the main reason why I wrote this story, was because of myself. I used to be a tomboy. And I have been treated harshly because I was often mistaken to be a lesbian.

At one point in my life, I also experienced gender confusion, especially when I was in high school, and was a part of the varsity basketball team. Truth be told, most of my team mates had relationships with the same sex. At one point, I was tempted to try, but thankfully, I never tried.

Ahem... Now, back to TRP.

Although not a lot of readers appreciate write-ups such as this, I'm glad to have gotten it out of my system. I have one less fiction story to think about. haha

Anyway, as a consolation, the PDF version of this story is available for download at Mediafire. If you guys want to read it for yourselves, you may download it HERE.

Well, that's about it... :)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crimson Insignia 12: "Betrayal"

Author's Notes:

FIRST and foremost, after more than a month of not updating, I've finally decided to get back on track once again. Now, you might want to ask why I haven't updated for so long... To answer that, I have an explanation to give...

The truth is, I've written like 2 or 3 chapters in advance for TCI which was only waiting to be posted at Soompi. Now, I type my stories in my handy dandy laptop named Ai-chan, but I don't keep my stories on my laptop. Why? Well, because my very inquisitive brother knows my password and checks up everything... Instead, I store my stories in my flashdisk which I carry with me in my celphone chain.

What happened was, my flashdisk suddenly got infected with a virus and it had to be reformatted. Yeah... My chapters were there!!! (ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!) Can you imagine the frustration I felt when I had to reformat it? >.< style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">SECONDLY, as for the PM LIST, This is the last time that I will be PM-ing people.


Well, I figured that since Soompi has made changes to the PM links and added the feature where it allows you to follow people, I decided to make use of the Follow Feature.

If you wish to be notified of my updates, you can click on my avatar to be redirected to my Profile Page, then, click the 'FOLLOW ME' button below my avatar. I will notify you via posting whether I have updated yet or not.

It's such a simple instruction, isn't it? :)

Now, onwards to the Chapter Analysis...

Well, I decided to mobilize the general plot of the story since I've been doing lots of subtle hinting right from the start. This meant that a lot has been revealed in the recent Chapter, mostly about Miharu and Ryou's past...

But I'd have to say that this is a small part of the icing to the cake. *grins*
I like revealing the pieces little by little to keep the thrill and excitement of the chase. hehe

Now, as for the Comment Replies...

babsy10 - haha yes, we do know where it all starts... XD

kadaj1 - you might have read my SoEul fic, the one entitled Capturing the Casanova... hehe

atta - "So you're saying he wants her dead because of the shady organisation he's involved in ,that means from my guesses they're the bad guys ,but now which ones?" Correct question! Which one! hehe That will be revealed later. I'm starting to reveal bits and pieces now so don't worry. *winks* "Again you said this wasn't the first time ,he tried to kill her,then maybe ,one time as he was trying to kill her ,something went wrong and instead he caused his son's death" - - The time when Ryou's Father tried to kill her wasn't his first attempt. Meaning, he had done it before... :) "Shin doesn't know the true colors of her eyes, but we neither ...and this probably idiotic idea came to me:what if her eyes are blue?...and both of their mothers are dead so maybe" - I am so not into incest! LOL. But yeah... This is a possible twist... :) "Again I read there you said that maybe Miharu isn't the Prime Ministers' daughter,right?so maybe she might have a connection with Shin ,like I said at 3 and maybe their father is Sotomura Kichisaburo...." - Wow... You have a very rich imagination! I like that! :) It provides me insights... hehe Thanks! Anyway, about the big bikes, I believe that Miharu's relationship with Ryou's brother has been explained by the recent chapter...

allkispuke - Does Shin like her? haha That's a hard question to answer but he'll surely get there...

nanlyy`* - It's okay to be behind chapters as long as you make up for it with a comment. :) Things are confusing? Just tell me if I'm my pace is too fast, okay? Or if you want, you can ask me clarificatory questions. *winks*

endlessdeath - Hohum... Grammar Freak, I recognize your agony because I, too, am a Grammar Freak. hehe I can't stand reading crappy fics... I swear... It makes my head ache... I mean, I'm not a Grammar Nazi and all, but I think writers should put some effort into proof-reading their stories and make sure that their grammars are correct before posting... "About Shin's friend, Scott, I know in the future I will intrigued and intimidated by his character. I mean someone like Shin being able to be someone's bestfriend (being the way that he is) I think Scott is something." - We'll see... :)

mangoes_ - I see... I've never heard of pizza flavored icecream. haha I like Aya Ueto coz I thought she was really kicka*s in Azumi (movie). Miharu's character was patterned a bit on her and on Vicki Zhao in So Close... hehe And nope, not abandoning this fic... :)

littleazntuyet - Super ninjas? haha Now, why didn't I think of that? :) As for Miharu's eyes... That will be a clue for one of the persons we're looking for. hehe

nhoki - I also like he fact that Shin was being a 'real' boyfriend to Miharu. kekeke Now, you're probably going to call me a biased author. haha But not really... I'm going to stiffen the competition. XD "I also think that both Rei and Ryou loved her" Would loving someone be enough to push you to die? I think so... I agree with you on this one. :) Haha Yes, all this chase makes you guys paranoid and all... But don't worry, this wouldn't be too complicated. :)

STEPHiiiEx3 - Scott will be discussed in the future... But for now, I'm going to give bits and pieces... hehe Don't you just love me for cliffhangers?

x^Turtle^x - Ah... This wouldn't be a Romance story if Shin wouldn't fall for her now, would it? hehe But then, he has duties to finish... *winks* As for Azrael, I assure you that Pride will help in chasing down Azrael. :)

pkv - Yes, this shows a little more humane side to him. He has vulnerabilities too, right? :)

peeyuh - Thank you! I'm glad you liked the plot I'm starting to weave! :)

dyang4 - I will keep you updated! :)

yukino78 - Thank you :)

synienai - The mystery of the red eyes will be a crucial clue to another character. hehe And yeah, I going for subtle emotional connection because this fic isn't so much for drama... hehe

tendele - Thank you! :)

lido0l_007 - Thank you! Yes, Miharu is an interesting person! :)

bassy - Don't think too much... You're just going to stress yourself out. hehe I will reveal everything little by little... :)

simpleangel - You think Azrael is Saitou? haha Right back at you... Expect the unexpected! *winks*

Everyone, thank you for the comments. I apologize for not updating soon! I will update again next weekend... :)

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