Soulmates (A KBxKSE fanfic)

Author's Note:

I wrote this story in light of the news about Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young dating. I know that several SoEulmates had their hearts broken when the news came out so I wrote this piece to "re-write" reality and give the SoEulmates vindication. I also did this to keep my sanity because I was absolutely devastated. I hope that you enjoy reading this two-shot, and choose to continue being a SoEulmate despite everything.

All the best,

A Behind-the-Reel Romance
(PART 1)

Lee Jae In, twenty-three years old, single, a high school graduate but did not have a chance to enroll in College due to financial constraints. At present, she’s juggling three part-time jobs: noodle shop delivery, car-washing and baby-sitting. There’s nothing really special about her, except for one thing: she has been a SoEulmate for the last four years.

November 1, 2013

“MWOOOO?! What do you mean Bummie and Moon Geun Young are dating?! YAH! Are you kidding me?!” Lee Jae In shouted in anger as soon as she read the news online.

She nearly dropped the hot ramen she was eating out of pure rage because of the news about Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young dating. What fueled her anger was the fact that Namoo Actors and KingKong Entertainment both released statements regarding the dating scandal. Both affirmed that it was true. She refused to believe it, but it was staring her right in the face.

She closed her eyes and gave herself time to breathe. Once the anger and surprise had settled, Lee Jae In felt a deeply sinking feeling inside her chest. She realized that the news had broken her faithful SoEulmate heart. It was the kind of heartbreak that was severely illogical yet heavily tangible. It was a heartbreak that only an avid follower of a fandom could ever truly understand.

Unconsciously, the tears came. She didn’t expect to be so affected by Kim Bum’s dating news that even her own tears surprised her. She had been shipping Kim Bum with Kim So Eun for so long that the idea of him dating another girl wretched her heart into tiny irreparable pieces. She felt hurt, betrayal and heartbreak all at once.

With a heavy heart, she took to her online social media accounts to express her sentiments. She first opened her Me2Day account. A flood of urgent messages and sad faces greeted her. She poised her fingers over the keyboard of her laptop to reply to her fellow SoEulmates but words failed her. She couldn’t say anything. She knew that if she tried to say anything, she’ll only add to the sadness that the other SoEulmates were feeling because she was not in a stable state.

Feeling helpless, Lee Jae In remained silent as she watched her fellow SoEulmates exchange mournful messages on Me2Day. There were others who quickly got through the grief and remained hopeful. Other SoEulmates chose to ignore the implications of the news by sending out links of SoEul fanfics to drown out reality. For Lee Jae In, her grief was eating her out little by little.

“I hope they break-up soon! I want Bummie with So Eunnie.” –SoEulmate#124

“They’re only dating! They’re not married yet. Let’s think positive. SoEulmates FTW!” -BOFxSoEulmate

Hope? Optimism? Lee Jae In couldn’t just settle for that. She had been pinning for Kim Bum and Kim So Eun to end up together for years because of the many little things that they did to hint at their secret romance. They were practically perfect together!

And then one day, Moon Geun Young just comes into the picture claiming that she and Kim Bum had been dating for a month? Where’s the digital trail then?! Not even Cyworld romance? Surely, if they had been dating for a month, somebody should have noticed! The Korean paparazzi aren’t known be idle types! There had to be a precedent! There had to have been a clue!

With those thoughts swirling inside her mind, Lee Jae In found purpose. She wiped her tears away and began clicking on her keyboard. She scoured the internet looking for clues about the romance between Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum other than their hasty announcement. She spent hours investigating, even looking at the behind-the-scenes pictures of Goddess of Fire, Jeongi where they starred together, but there wasn’t even one clue! Yes, they had pictures together, but none really indicated that they were being intimate.

Hour after hour, Lee Jae In remained frustrated. A mere admission that Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum were dating wasn’t enough. She had to find credible proof to convince her. She wasn’t taking their words at face value. After all, Korean talent agencies were known to use diversionary tactics when it came to their artists. She didn’t trust them in the least. There had to be dirt somewhere and she was determined to find it.

Her determination sparked, Lee Jae In whipped out her cellphone and began calling her contacts. The first one on her list: a King Entertainment coordinator who was also a SoEulmate.

“Yobosaeyo? Byul-unnie?” Jae In greeted warmly. “Have you read the news? Is it true? Is Kim Bum really dating Moon Geun Young?” Her questions were blunt and straight to the point. She was determined to get to the bottom of it all.

She heard a sigh on the other line. “I was expecting to hear a call from you. That’s what the PR people told everyone.”

“But is it the truth?” Jae In insisted.

“Chamkkanman kidaryo chuseyo.” (“Please wait a minute.”)

Jae In heard some shuffling and some footsteps before her KingKong Entertainment contact spoke again. “Sorry about that. I was inside the office and you know how it is. We can’t spill the beans even if we want to. We’re bound by our confidentiality agreement.”

“So? What’s the real score? I have to know, Unnie. I’m going crazy because of the news!”

“I don’t know. I’ve been working with other actors all this time so I don’t personally know anything. But I know Bummie’s coordinator when he worked with Moon Geun Young. There’s some speculation that their dating scandal is purely to cover-up something.”

“Cover-up what?”

“Look, all I heard so far are rumors, okay? And you didn’t hear them from me. I could get fired over this.”

“Arasso. Just tell me something juicy. Please, Unnie, I’m begging you.”

“Whew… Fine. I heard Bummie got into a fight because of some girl during the filming of Goddess of Fire, Jeongi and they’re doing damage control by using Moon Geun Young as a diversion.”

“B-But why wasn’t this reported?!” Lee Jae In grew increasingly frustrated.

“I heard that the victim is a KPop idol that’s why KingKong Entertainment was eager to cover everything up. They wanted to keep everything under wraps so everyone was ordered to shut their mouths.”

That made perfect sense! Why would KingKong Entertainment suddenly allow Kim Bum to admit a dating scandal when there hasn’t even been a precedent? Unless it was to hide something. But then Lee Jae In suddenly thought of Moon Geun Young and where she fit in all of it.

“What about Moon Geun Young? Why did she agree to this set-up?”

“Well, I heard she was the most obvious candidate because she was Bummie’s most recent co-star. Besides, she and Bummie shared a noona-dongsaeng relationship during filming so Bummie must’ve asked for help from her.”

“What about that trip to Europe that they mentioned in the news?”

“Trip to Europe? I personally know Bummie went to Europe three weeks ago, but I’m not sure about Moon Geun Young.”

“What about the woman that caused Bummie to be in a fight? Do you know who she is?”

“Jae In-ah, you know I really love you, right? We’ve been fellow SoEulmates for the last four years, and I really adore you as a dongsaeng.” The KingKong Entertainment coordinator cryptically said.

“Mwo? That’s all you’re going to tell me?! Unnie!”

“Tell you what, I have here an address you might want to stalk within the following days. It’s a company address owned by KingKong Entertainment, but it’s where Bummie stays when his schedule is tight, or when his home address is being overrun by the paparazzi.”

“Arasso, Unnie.”

“You didn’t get this address from me, you hear? And whatever you find, I want you to call me afterwards, and you better not tell anyone about it.”

The call ended a few minutes later. Lee Jae In remained frustrated because instead of getting answers, she had more questions. Plus, she was given an address she wasn’t even sure she could use in her investigation. It was like she was given a puzzle where she has yet to find the pieces before she could solve everything.

Heaving a deep breath and determined more than ever, Lee Jae In called her next contact: a hairstylist from a salon where Kim So Eun frequented. It was a blind-shot but she had to know if So Eunnie was somehow involved in all of this. There was a gut-feeling telling her that there was more to this Moon Geun Young and Bummie affair, and that So Eunnie was involved. It was just a hunch but she was giving it a shot.

“Chunnie-oppa! It’s me, Lee Jae In, So Unnie’s fan that sent you donuts and coffee last week, remember?” She began.

Chunnie was a gay stylist who closely worked with Kim So Eun. He also handles So Eun’s make-up before she begins her engagements for the day. It was public knowledge that Chunnie was one of So Eunnie’s friends so Lee Jae In made sure to befriend the gay stylist just to get a contact about Kim So Eun.

“Ah! That Jae In! I remember. How are you? You finally called, huh? So Unnie just left for the day. You just missed her.”

“Uh, she just left? Awww… I was hoping you could let me talk to her for a bit. I was kind of busy with work these past few weeks so I wanted to greet her and let her know that I’m still cheering her on.”

“That’s so sweet. She’s lucky to have fans like you.” Chunnie cooed on the other line.

“And we’re lucky to have a role model like her. How has she been, by the way?” Jae In didn’t want to be pushy so she hoped Chunnie would spill something worthwhile.

“Well, she looks well rested. As to be expected since she had a vacation in Paris two weeks ago, and had a week-long rest before she begins shooting for her newest project.” Chunnie rambled on.

“Paris? Whoah… That’s the City of Love! I totally want to go there, too!” Jae In gushed. “B-But, um, Oppa, I’m just curious, how is So Eun-unnie’s love life right now? I’m not asking because I want to start some sort of rumor, okay? I’m just really curious. With Bummie dating Moon Geun Young and all.”

“Ah, I had a feeling you were calling because of that news.” Chunnie sighed. “Well, I don’t know about Bummie but there’s one particular guy that’s determined to win So Eunnie’s affections. He’s actually been trying to woo her since last year.”

“Chinchaji?! Who is it?! I’m so curious!”

“You remember that show Music and Lyrics?” Chunnie hinted.

“Ah! The one where So Eun-unnie helped compose a song?”

“Ding, ding, ding, ding! Jackpot!”

“No way! It’s Lee Junho from 2PM?!”

“Yes, way! In fact, do you remember So Eunnie going to the VIP Premiere of Cold Eyes last June? That was because Junho invited her.” Chunnie spilled. “You would think that they lost contact after their Music and Lyrics stint, but no. Lee Junho kept in contact with So Eunnie even after Eunnie rejected him. Persistent, right?”

After politely ending her call from Chunnie-oppa, Lee Jae In felt her head spinning because of the many facts she uncovered through her contacts:

1. Bummie left for Europe three weeks ago.
2. So Eunnie arrived from Paris two weeks ago.
3. Paris is in Europe.
4. Bummie got into a fight with a KPop idol over a girl.
5. So Eunnie’s suitor is Lee Junho.
6. Lee Junho is a KPop idol.

To Be Continued…

1. So Eunnie going to Paris. She didn’t. I made this up.
2. Date of Bummie’s trip to Europe. I really had no idea when he left.
3. Bummie never got into a fight. I just made this up.

1. Kim So Eun starred with Lee Junho in Music and Lyrics in 2012.
2. Lee Junho really did invite So Eun to the Cold Eyes VIP Premiere last June 2013.


  1. Hi Dia! That was absolutely adorbs and truly, much needed. Thank you so much for putting into words the expressions and feelings the soeul fandom is going through right now when the rest of us couldn't. You did such a lovely job creatively spinning fiction and fact. Each step that JI took was like how I believe and felt each of us could mirror if we were in the situation. Thank you for sticking with all of us, Dia! We're super blessed to be in this together.

    1. Thank you! I was actually imagining the many SoEulmates I've gained as friends when I wrote this. It helped that I was writing about someone whose emotions and situations mirrored mine. Everything I've wanted to say when I read about the dating news was reflected through Jae In. I just hoped that our fellow SoEulmates shared my sentiments. =) We're all in this together. I believe we'll have more years to come.

  2. I sincerely salute you for taking time to come up with this brilliant two-shot. You have no idea how it means for us broken-hearted SoEulmates. You have captured every feeling of hurt and dismay any loyal SoEul shipper must be having at this point. I loved how meticulously detailed each scenario was penned and I couldn't help but see things from Jae In's eyes. Can't wait for the next installment. :)

    It is truly an honor to have you in the fandom. Things may not be in our favor right now, but I believe that something good will eventually come out of it.


    P.S. I hope you don't mind that I started following you on Twitter (v_vixen13) hihi :)

    1. Thank you Kat! I'm re-writing reality because I believe our reality is better. It's my honor to be in such a tight-knit fandom whose love and support of each other knows no bounds.

      Followed you back on Twitter! =)

  3. The feelings Lee Jae In felt when she heard the news, well, that's exactly what I felt. Except for the crying part because I didn't cry, I bawled my eyes out and despair so much in my room when I knew about it. Good thing I'm alone at that time or else my parents might panic because they seldom see me cry.

    I just want to say thank you for writing this fic. Somehow, it made me less sad. I am still hopeful that someday, somehow .. Kim Bum and Kim So Eun will be together in the end. We just need to believe! :D

  4. Awww! I'm so glad you wrote this. I was so devastated to hear the news but I still support Kimbum-oppa no matter what. This just proves the how compact and true the Soeulmates/Bumsso shippers are. We just have to believe! Thank you and kisses for you :)

  5. That so eun and junho fact and the dating thing broke my heart ;( i feel you