Tuesday, February 28, 2012


*takes a deep breath*

First off, I know I have been absent for so many weeks and it's only now that I've surfaced from the cave I've been hiding. (If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you'd probably read the gruesome details of my life.)

My online life has been suffering too much ever since I got shipped into law school. (Hey! It's not my fault I've got to bleed myself dry in meeting my demanding academic life!)


I update whenever I can... Which is rarely, but still... (Please understand... *pouts*)

Anyways, the reason I blogged is to discuss the recent "milestone" in my SoEul Fanfiction Writing career.

In Chapter 23 of Keeping the Casanova, I've finally written a love scene for the SoEul couple. Admittedly, it wasn't the first love scene I've ever written because I've also written an NC-17 fanfic featuring them (Art of Lip-Locking).

Along the course of writing the love scene in KTC Chapter 23, I tried my best writing it in such a way that wouldn't seem to obscene but could properly describe the things I've wanted to portray.

And it was hecka hard!

I found myself writing parts that I later on decided to be too graphic, and so, were scratched before the final version was posted unto the sites where I post my fic.

I wouldn't say it's fun writing the love scene because I was sweating buckets and nose-bleeding the whole time. But it was definitely one of those experienced that I'd say, contributed to my growth as a writer.

On a side note!


Last February 26, 2012, I found out that a story of mine posted on Soompi under a different pen name happened to win Best Comedy Fiction Of the Year 2011 under the One-Shot/Short-Story Category!

Last year, I decided to create another account on Soompi using a different pen name. The pen name Shattered Teardrops has been too associated with SoEul fanfics that I decided to create a different persona and pseudonym for my original fiction stories. And so, DaniFire was born.

DaniFire became the author of "She Caught Me", a young adult short-story featuring Seth and Laika.

The nomination and voting for Soompi's FOTY Awards happened during the last quarter of 2011. I knew of this just February of 2012. I'm so happy because I won despite the fact that I didn't do anything to promote my story and didn't even do anything to solicit votes from Soompiers.

This really brought a huge smile to my face. =)

Thank you!

And so, this blog ends here. =)