Sunday, June 12, 2011


I just started law school last June 6, 2011. And I just got through my first six days in law school. It was effing hellish, I tell you.

Nevertheless, I'm not here to talk about that.

Anyways, before classes started, I mapped out goals to do before I run out of free time. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete any of those goals because I had been very occupied with a lot of things.

Secondly, I would like to inform you all that my writing is going to take the back seat for now. Law school is demanding, and exhausting, and stressing and - It's crazy.

I just got through my first week and I'm already very dizzy with all the work I have to do, and all the cases I have to read and digest.

Truth be told, if I see another case, I'm going to barf. And that's saying much because I have to study 16 cases tomorrow for my graded recitation on Monday. And 200 more cases before Friday.

And what's more hellish is the fact that before I sleep at night since last week, I have been thinking of a fantasy romance plot for a story, and have been polishing character details in my mind. What's hellish is the fact that I don't have time to put it into paper!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

I've also been itching to write an update for Keeping the Casanova and for He Caught Me but I just don't have the effing time!

It's disappointing and frustrating, plus the fact that my stress levels are soaring high up because of law school - my sanity has been treading on a very thin thread and very soon, I'm gonna snap. And when that happens, I will have to bitch-slap someone senseless to relieve stress. (Any volunteers?)

Anyways, that's it.

I'm not really going on a temporary hiatus, but I will have to say that I'm not going to be updating as frequently as before. Please understand and please be patient. You're going to be of a lot of help to me if you just be patient. Thank you very much.


Friday, June 3, 2011

The Quiescent Kind

... a one-shot.

Just to clarify any questions...
YES, I AM DaniFire

I made two versions: one for Soompi, the non-gasoo version, and the Wattpad & FictionPress version. I cater to different readers so I decided to make two versions.

The Quiescent Kind

Dear May,

Let me start by quoting the eternal words of our favorite ol’ William… "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind..." You made a mistake because you were in love with him but I still do think that it was better that you knew everything before it was too late.

Then, let me add my own quote because I know ol’ William and I share the same passion for poetry… “It is better to lose a lover… Than to love a loser.”

I know that no truer words have ever been spoken. And I know you’re probably rolling your eyes out because of sheer exultation for the showcase of my poetic prowess.

Ah, well, if you must know, I am honor-bound to act like a dork and sound completely idiotic just to make you feel better. But seriously, Baby Girl, this is the moment of truth. I’m completely being serious here… No sh*t!

In light of the two versions, I also made two posters & character charts.

The Original Fiction Version poster & character chart (For Wattpad).

The Soompi Non-Gasoo Version poster and character chart. (For Soompi Forums)


The Original version will be uploaded on FictionPress under DaniFire and on Wattpad under shatteredteardrops.

The Soompi version will be posted on Soompi Forums under DaniFire because it's been so long since I've used that account. =)


The Original Fiction Version - Wattpad & FictionPress.

The Soompi Non-Gasoo Version - Soompi Forums

What a shocking development in my writing career, isn't it? =)

shatteredteardrops a.k.a. Dia a.k.a. Dani a.k.a. DaniFire

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Week of Summer

This week is actually my last week "free"...

That is because my classes will start on June 6, Monday next week. But before that, I have a few things to do... Like buy school stuff, arrange my living quarters in the city, and buy some new clothes and things because I have a shortage of clothes.

I'm no longer gonna be wearing uniform so I need clothes, and because last month, I gave away most of my clothes to charity. So yeah... I need to do some shopping.


Before June 6 comes, I have a few goals set for myself.

  • Re-write and re-vise Bittersweet Reunion up to Chapter 6.
  • Update He Caught Me on Wattpad.
  • Update KTC Chapter 19.
  • Read more fiction books.

That's it! Hopefully, before I return to my boarding house on Sunday, I would have completed these goals for this week. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. =)