Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Crimson Insignia *fanfic version trailer*


I do not own the videos/audios used in this fan-made vid. They belong to their respective copyrights owner.

This is the first trailer I've ever made so please forgive the crappy editing.


If you may notice, the actors I used on the trailer is different from the ones I stated on the previously released fanfic poster such as the one on winglin. This is because I had to change the actors to play the roles. Why? Well, because I couldn't find any suitable videos of the previous actors I chose. XP That is as much to say that I am off to change the pictures of the fanfic poster I previously released. keke


Title: The Crimson Insignia
Author: Shattered Teardrops
Posted at: Winglin & Soompi Forums

Kim Jae Joong as Hara Shinichi/Fujiwara Shin
Lee Jun Ki as Ishiguro Ryou
Kamenashi Kazuya as Kuroda Akira
Tegoshi Yuya as Nakashima Taiki

Alice Nine - Shuunkashutou MV
Big Bang - Tell me Goodbye MV
DBSK Mini Drama (Vacation)
Gangster High Movie
Nobuta wo Produce Series
The Grace - Secret part 3 MV
Tegomasu - Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song MV
Yoyo Cop Girl
Crows Zero

Crows Zero OST
Xiah Junsu - Kanashimi no Yukue (Instrumental)

What do you think? =)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School is just around the corner...


My University enrollment will be on June 1st and according to the news on television, tentative start of classes will be on June 14th. That's only a few weeks away and I'm already cringing at the thought of school.

You see, unlike those students who miss school when it's vacation time, I absolutely do not miss school. I miss my classmates, yes. I miss hanging out with them, yes. But I do not miss school. I do not miss assignments, projects, deadlines, lessons and crappy teachers.

So, what have I been up to these past few days?

One word: Exercise.
Yes, these past few days, I have been waking up at dawn, as alien as that may sound. I wake up at 5 in the morning to jog. I realized that I have been lazing out for the whole summer vacation and decided to push myself to go on an exercise for the remainder of it. I hope I lose some weight through this. *keeps fingers crossed*

Also, these past few weeks, I have been watching, spazzing over Prosecutor Princess. It was amazing to see actress Kim So Yeon portray an entirely different character than her character from Iris. She was a cold-blooded assassin from Iris and in here, she plays a naive, fashionista who is forced to be a prosecutor by her Father.

Amazing actress, really.

And not only that, she's also paired with another amazing drool-worthy actor who plays her love interest. Enter Park Shi Hoo who plays Atty. Seo In Woo.

BTS pics of the Shower Scene in Episode 10 of Prosecutor Princess

Seriously, he has that killer smile that I go gaga for. What can I say? Guys with killer smiles just always win me over. And to think that he's actually 13 years my senior! Gosh... Why do men I find hot always turn out to be either too old or too young for me???

Well, that's about it.

I'm going to work on Chapter 08 of Keeping the Casanova after this. =)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TCI Chapter 31

Chapter 31 of TCI: Passions Erupt

I do like the sound of the title. haha And I bet you guys would like the content a lot better. =) I rally like this chapter because it has a make-out session in it!!! Oh, yeah!!! XD


"he's fallen for her, right?" - You mean Shin? Oh, yeah... He's fallen for her big time. XD

"wonder if shin gonna confess his feelings for miharu ...better do it fast shin before ryou take that opportunity" - I agree. But we'll see. =)
"wonder how on earth that he find out? did someone tell him or he knew all along about it ...wonder what he gonna do to shin? hopefully nothing's bad gonna happen to shin" - Relax. I'm not out to kill Shin yet. haha

- Yeah, Shin has a lot on his plate. And all because of Miharu. Tsk, tsk... But he's okay so far, right? Thanks for the comment!

"don't you know that shin
likes you and is totally jealous" - I'm imaging you as one of the characters in the story and you're actually telling this to Miharu. haha That thought cracked me up!

"ahh shin, my mang, just confess your feelings already! D:
*sigh* miharu, is just.. >___>"
she should pick one already!!!!" - IT'S SO HARD TO PICK, DON'T YOU JUST HATE THAT?! XD

- Thank you for the comment. I find a jealous Shin hot. XD

"and man is he jealous..... miharu is so dense..." - I couldn't blame them. Shin's first priority is his job after all. And Miharu knows this so she couldn't simply assume anything untoward, right?

"Go kick his ass Shin.
How dare you Ryou?! D:<
I wonder how the grandfather knows?" - It'll be revealed in Chapter 31. XD

- Everybody loves a jealous Shin, don't you agree? =)

-You've been added to the PM List! =)
"Well she's will end up having to choose someone for sure, I hope she chooses Shin. I guess I'm being bias, but he seems to need Miharu more than Ryou, he rarely opens up to anyone and now he does." - I agree but we'll just have to see who she ends up with, right? By the way, if I remember it right, you're also one of the readers of my other fic, right?

I am TOTALLY in LOVE with Ryou!!!!
He's so cute!!!! besides he can't get his mind of off Miharu!!
And I have to admit that Shin is cute too!!!!
But for now I'm cheering for Ryou!!!!!
So Ryou, GAMBATTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Whew! We have a RYOU FAN RIGHT HERE!! haha Finally! Someone who appreciates Ryou more than Shin! XD

-You've been added the PM List! Thanks for reading!

"how does Saitou know Shin's not his grandson?! Uh oh..." - This will be answered in Chapter 31.

- Thank you! Welcome to the world of The Crimson Insiginia! Hoe you enjoy your stay! =) Thanks for reading and for the comment!

"But I must say this: I FRIGGING HATE RYOU.
I am a die-hard Shin-Miharu fan and how dare he enter Miharu's life again?!!!!" - Calm down! hehe Ryou is good for some tension. Besides, if you think about it, jealousy may cause Shin more good than harm, right?

- It's okay that you can't comment on every Chapter. I understand that life can get hectic at times. But thank you for still reading, nonetheless. =)

Thank you so much for the continued support!

the nonviolent torturer,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Some readers...

Readers read my stories because they like it. And I appreciate that. REALLY.

But what I don't like are the kind of readers who demand as if they actually PAY fanfic Authors like me to update. This post may come off as harsh, but I really get offended and irritated with readers who say things like:

"Yah! Why did it take for you to update so long?"
"ya, what took you so long to update, been waiting for this forever"

I appreciate it that some readers like my story enough to actually be impatient about when the next update will be. I'm a reader, too, and I get impatient as well so I perfectly understand that.

But I have to remind you guys that I write fanfics for free. I do the planning, typing and even editing, all by myself. Although I'm not a professional writer, I do my best to provide quality fanfics for the readers. And this, I also do for free, because I love writing.

Second, I HAVE A LIFE outside of writing. If you don't understand that, let me spell it out for you. I am a full-time College student. I'm the eldest daughter in our family. I have responsibilities which are more important than writing. The little time I have left for myself is spent on writing hence, I can't update often.

If you like my story enough, you can show your appreciation through the following:


I would understand if you demand an update in a joking manner. And I don't mind that because it's nicely expressed and it comes off as a joke from a reader to the writer.

If you say, "Update soon!" I think this would be enough reminder to tell me that you guys are waiting. In fact, this is a common comment I've read in almost every comment/review on my stories. And I've been so used to this that I don't find it infuriating anymore.

Third, the first and foremost reason why I write, is for self-fulfillment, self-expression and as a creative outlet. As you can see, all these are self-centered reasons. I do not write for the number of readers. I do not write for recognition.

I write for myself.

As a writer, I think that readers being able to appreciate my writing is already a bonus for the craft that I love doing. And this only motivates me to work harder... But is not the main reason why I write.

I am not reader-centric. I do not aim to please readers. If I did, I would have updated everyday with crappy and unedited chapters just to satisfy the readers' demand for an update.

If you are a reader of mine and you read this, I hope you understand why I am so infuriated with readers who only demand without even knowing what the Author has gone through. I have been sick these past few days that's why I wasn't able to update soon.

I think that as an Author of the fanfiction story that readers' follow and read, I am entitled to a bit of consideration from the readers. I do this thing for free! I do not demand payment! The least you guys could do is thank me and wait patiently for my updates!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm sick... T_T

The reason why I haven't been updating in a while is because I'm sick. I have a freakin' flu which renders me sleepless every night due to breathing problems, and an effing sore throat which stops me from being able to drink cold beverages. It's the summer nowadays so you can imagine how much that irks me.

I would like to apologize to the people who are waiting for my updates. I'll try to get back to writing as soon as I recover.

As for people who take time to email/message me about updating, thank you for your concern but I will update on my own time and pace. Sadly, I have a life other than writing so you guys will just have to wait.


Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Elections

Today was the first ever automated elections in the Philippines. Although, there have been several anomalies regarding the counting efficacy of the PCOS machines, the 2010 elections still pushed through.

Personally, I have my doubts.

And to be honest, I do think that the 2010 elections is nothing but a mere practice or trial with the use of PCOS machines. It's like a trial of an automated election. And to think that we have to suffer within the next six years if this election fails.

I'm not out here to voice out my complaints regarding the automated election or to place blame on the COMELEC or Smartmatic. However, I do intend to keep watch and see what happens.

The Philippines has long been struggling to rise out of poverty. And as any other election before, the 2010 elections is an event where the people of the Philippines hope to change the long-existing tyrannical government who are more for the people that run it than for the majority of the struggling Filipinos who voted for these people to be in position.

To be honest, corruption is already deeply-rooted within the culture of the Filipinos. Speaking as a Filipino myself, corruption will not easily be eliminated within the ranks of the government officials. However, I do keep a positive outlook on things.

All I need is one person to prove to me that he/she is aiming to uplift the Filipino than merely uplifting his/herself.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Created a Tumblr account today.

Well, since I've already tried having a Xanga and Blogger account, why not try Tumblr as well?
I want to try and compare the blogging features of these three sites. I'm not out to hate or comment. I just want to try.

Tumblr seems to be setting new trends in the blogging community nowadays. I want to see why so I'll try. Other than that, it's also because I'm getting tired of this blog. I can't seem to decide how I want it to look.

keke Maybe I'm just getting a little to restless.


Monday, May 3, 2010

TCI Updates...

TCI Chapter 30: His Breaking Sanity

As you may notice, this Chapter has been cut into different parts. Mostly, I would describe this chapter as a rather emotional one. This highlights the conflicting emotions that Shin is undergoing. This also shows a bit of the development between Ryou and Miharu. I like stiffening the competition even just for a little bit. keke


___cahaya - As always, thank you for the oh-so-detailed comment. XD I hope you don't get tired of waiting for updates of this story,

___simpleangel - I'm still stiffening the competition between Ryou and Shin. I mean, come on, what's a good love story without a complicated love triangle? XD

___betty_7_30 - Ehh? Are you on Ryou's side? haha Most of the readers vouch for Shin.

___disasterous_x - Thank you! Glad you like my story! You're sick? Tsk, tsk... Hope you get well soon! Nice to meet you to Aeriel, I'm Dia! XD

___pkv - Whoah... Wait a minute. Kill Ryou already? That would start a mafia war! (on facebook?) keke Nope, not yet... Shin is not yet out to kill the heir of their rival gang. Just a little test from ol' Ojii-sama. =)

___teresaa- - Yep, Ryou is sinister. If you recall on the first few chaps, Ryou was the smart wuss in Class 3-D who's part of the top ten within their year level. Oh, and of course, a jealous Shin is HOT. XD

___miss_dolly - A love-hate relationship? Yep, I think that's accurate enough to describe Miharu and Ryou's relationship. hehe

___nalouche - I love you, too! XDDD Ehh? You're on Ryou's side now? How about Shin? hehe Don't worry, Ryou won't give up on her that easily. I assure you that. =)

___Princess_Wincyy - Yes, Shin is killing. And of course, MY Taiki is as adorkable as always! XD

___leighannechan - Thank you! Glad you like my updates! Are they worth waiting for? hehe Yes, there are going to be more Miharu and Shin moments. Omo... Looks like you're a solid Shin and Miharu fan! Why don't you give Ryou a chance? Huh? Huh? Huh? Come on! *smiles*

___shushshuckspui - Yep, Shin's eyes is really blue, not mere contacts. hehe For now, Shin is going to continue posing as the heir. And, to clarify, Shin isn't part of the police. Technically, he's working undercover so yes, he can still be part of the gang. =) Hope that helped.

___mangoes_ - Ehh? You think he's going to make Shin kill Kenta? NO WAY! I've got future plans for Kenta! He hasn't proven himself capable of fighting yet! And he still doesn't have a love life! Why would I make Shin kill him??? keke

___cookielover - You've been added to the PM List! Good luck on guessing who's who! XD

_____cherry-apple-wine - hahahaha! That was funny! Can't believe you were fan-girling while Ryou was worried of his family jewels breaking! XD Seriously, it would be such a huge waste if he isn't able to bear children. Equation: looks + brains + hotness - reproductive means = WASTE!!! Agree? keke
"Taiki however is a petal of a different flower. Ha had to dress up like a girl? @__@"
THIS. I would have to agree! Whenever I write, I notice that Taiki comes out every time my brain goes haywire or something... He's like the product of a topsy-turvy brain! haha
"Do I sense some jealousy in there? Yes, I believe my jealousy-radar is going crazy when I read that! Come on Shin! Succumb to the dark temptations within your heart! You know you want Miharu to be with you and ONLY with you! You want her for yourself! When are you going to realize and acknowledge that, when you’ve finally lost her?"
Oh, Shin will realize that soon enough. keke And he's going to be forced to do something about it eventually. haha
"Love the end.
It’s just so, poetic for me. You know? I know I sound like a total psychopath right now but Im not! I swear! Im normal (alright maybe not that normal) but I am sane. It’s just that I imagined the grandfather saying it so nonchalantly like saying ‘the weather’s nice today’.
So cool I say!" I don't think you're weird. haha I love that line, too. It's like... Everything's peaceful and we're having this normal conversation and then, he just says, "Ok, it's time for you to kill." XD Great minds think alike, don't you think?
"How do I show how much I love this story? Does the review shows how much I enjoy reading it? Or should I like send you a separate message telling you how great this story is XD" You're showing enough love already! I'm grinning every time I read your comment! XD Thank you so much for the support! Although I know this story isn't like the mainstream flood of fanfics on Soompi, I'm happy that there are readers who like it! XD
"Oh and you wish you’re male? I swear, you’d get along perfectly with my best friend. I can just see it now ^^" Believe it or not, in real life, you wouldn't expect me to be the type to write romance stories. I'm that boyish. I've been wishing I was born a guy since I was young. Weird enough? keke My parents are even having doubts about my real sexuality. T_T I bet your bestfriend is also boyish, right? The type to be suspected of being a lesbian? keke

Thank you so much for the comments and the continued support everyone! I can't believe I'm on the 30th chapter now and it's been more than a year since I started posting this story on Soompi! Now, this makes me wonder when I'm ever going to finish this one. LOL.

I started posting TCI on other sites as well.
I hope this story gets good reviews from those sites as well.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed. =)

the nonviolent torturer,
shattered teadrops