Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Calm Before the Storm"

Chapter 17 of The Crimson Insignia...


Did you guys miss me?

I missed you!

Anyway, Chapter 17 of TCI is up. This chapter shows more of Miharu and Shin interactions, plus, their growing fondness of each other. I think this chapter speaks a lot of itself and the deepening ties between our two main leads. However, we also see that things just aren't going to be so easy for both of them.


Like I said, guys, everything in here has a purpose.
Akira's curiosity MIGHT have a hidden reason. *winks*

Also, please remember that the cryptograph which Akira took is actually a clue from Pride,
which may lead to the identity of Azrael, the assassin. *grin*


SHINEjaejoong - He's annoying but he's real smart. haha

STEPHiiiEx3 - Why does Akira want to find out the truth? Well, I think there's more to him than being just a student. haha

simpleangel - I think they're beginning to grow on each other too!

pkv - Everyone is under constant suspicion. You never know who's who in this fic. haha

pained - Ooohhh! I think they're going to be such a cute couple too! hehe But that won't be so easy, given everything around them.

babsy10 - "even daddy's noticing" >>> LOL! I second that!

dyang4 - The reason why Akira is so hell-bent on find out about the cryptograph is... *dun*dun*dun* Nah... The future chapters will reveal it. haha

mas - Actually, Jae Joong was the one I was thinking about when I designed Shin's character. haha I just can't seem to think of someone else being Shin so yeah. You've been added to the PM List~ Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading guys!
See you in the next update~

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Friday, October 23, 2009

in a Heartbeat Author's Note...

Dear Readers,


First of all, I know most of you are in doubt whether or not the contents of this story is really based on actual events. And I know that most of you find it hard to believe that these things actually happened to me. My answer is, YES, the contents of this story was really based on the things that happened to me in real life. And no, if you think I was lucky or everything was exciting, personally, I don’t think so.

The timeline for this story started on June 2007 because that’s the opening of classes here in the Philippines. Yes, I’m from the Philippines and I merely used Korean names and places in order to protect the identity of the real people portrayed in this story.

Secondly, I wrote this story, not to make you guys think that I’m lucky or to make you envious of what I have been through. I wrote this story because I wanted to remember every memory that the real Chan Sung gave me from the moment we met. This will be the last time I’m going to remember everything about us. As soon as this story is finished, I’m going to move on with my life and try to live without him.

This story is very personal for me and no, I’m not looking for fans or for a bit of sympathy. I published this story in order to touch other people’s lives with my own. If you doubt whether this is true, I’m not going to convince you to believe otherwise. After all, why would you trust someone you don’t even know, right?

But above everything else, please believe me when I say that Park Dae Hee really, really, really loved Moon Chan Sung… even to the point of disrespecting herself and draining her pride.

Shattered teardrops

The story of my life...

I didn't think that anyone would be interested to read my story about the events that really happened in my life. I was surprised by the overwhelming response from the readers of "in a Heartbeat".

Thinking about it, yeah, my love life had been... too exciting? Nah... It's just too unique. I'm still glad that people appreciate it though and some of them can even relate. That's the one thing I'm glad they do: relate with me.

Anyway, since I'm still on a semestral break, yes, I am binge writing everyday, but sadly, not for "Ignominy" or for "The Crimson Insignia". I still write for TCI but I'm more focused on finishing "in a Heartbeat" at the moment because it's just a short story. Well, I'm hoping to finish it before sembreak ends so I wouldn't have to juggle it together with my two other fics.

Hohum... What else?

Well, I'm enjoying a stress free break and I even have time for exercise now. LOL. I'm such a couch potato but I'm trying my best to lose some of that fat I've been keeping. Hopefully, I don't bulge in too much because Christmas is just around the corner. hehe

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

Monday, October 19, 2009

in a Heartbeat...


Introducing my new baby everyone.

This one has been playing in my mind since like... two weeks ago.

Not so long I know but the significance of this story in my life is that it's actually based on a true story I knew by heart. It's a story about me and the first relationship I've ever had.

In a way, this is the last time I'm going to relive each memory of that bittersweet phase in my life, and hopefully, after finish writing this short story, I will be able to move on...

No deaths, no prince charming and damsels in distress. Just a simple story I'm sure everyone can relate with because... this is real.

Posted at Soompi Forums only.

Here's the Prologue:

“in a Heartbeat…”

“Like a love story found in novels and movies,
I fell in love with the least person I expected.
In a heartbeat, everything I thought I knew about him changed.

I saw him in a different light other than as a friend.
Surreal as it may be, a tomboy like me…
Found love which I thought I’d never see…”


01 P R O L O G U E :

Our first meeting wasn’t all that promising. It was the first day of my college life.
I was alone, I knew no one. I was mediocre, not the type to stand out in the least.
No one was interested with serious-looking Park Dae Hee.

And him?

Hmm… Well, he was the complete opposite of me.
His looks, his actions, his shy smile when he introduced himself.
Everyone was enamored by good-looking Moon Chan Sung.

Everything about him…
demanded attention,
wanted attention,
and most of all,

Everything about him gained attention.

The first time I saw him, I didn’t take a second glance. Yes, I didn’t give him my attention.
Why? Looks without substance matter very little to me. I was that arrogant and I easily judged him.

And him?

Hmm… He easily captured everyone’s favor.
He was charming and his looks proved to be his advantage.

Everything about him…
irritated me,
disgusted me,
and most of all,

Everything about him screamed against the principles I live with.

I easily labeled him as a mere pretty boy who always got what he wanted,
simply because he had the looks and the charm to disarm anyone.

Not me though. I earned everything I had through hard work,
because I didn’t have the convenience of having exceptional looks.

As luck, or more like misfortune, would have it,
and although I hoped against odds to avoid him,
on that first day of class, he was arranged to sit beside me.
Much more to my annoyance, we were grouped together
along with two other people…

Blinded by my prejudgment, I was caught unprepared.
The pretty boy I hastily judged was in fact…
someone whose mind easily related with mine.
He was witty, resourceful and imaginative.
What a very, very unexpected surprise.

And little did I know that it was only the first surprise among the many others I didn’t expect to come.

To Be Continued...

So what do you think? =D

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Growing Suspicions

Chapter 16 of The Crimson Insignia...

I should mention that I love this chapter simply because I feel that Miharu and Shin's relationship is slowly developing. It's like, they're protecting each other already. kekeke That maybe the truth but that can also be just my imagination. LOL. I'm getting weirder. Don't you guys think so?

Anyway, for this chapter, we see Akira beginning his investigation about the real deal between Miharu and Shin! He's really one clever character, I tell you... Tsk, tsk... haha

Also, we see that even the Prime Minister, Miharu's Father seemed to have noticed how his daughter changed within the small amount of time she has spent with Shin.

Now, these are the reasons why this chapter has been entitled, "Growing Suspicions". =D

Okay, now, before proceeding to the replies, I would like to thank everyone for waiting and for continuing the support for this story of mine. I have been slightly disoriented when it came to writing because of a few unexpected emotional baggage I had to carry for the last few weeks, but I'm okay now. =D If you're curious as to what emotional things I'm talking about, you can read THIS post.

Moving on, let's go to the replies...

kanginsgrl - The indigestion part was meant for comic relief. We can't be too serious all the time, right? hehe Besides, I think even though Shin suffered indigestion, still, it's sweet of Miharu to put in some effort. XD

pkv - Yeah, they're opening up on each other more. Slow but yeah, they're opening up! =D

simpleangel - Absolutely never let Miharu cook! But seeing how hard headed she is... hahaha I think that's more indigestion for Shin. LOL. Yep, Ryou and Reiko signifies my long wanted elder brother and younger sister relationship. haha

STEPHiiiEx3 - Definitely blame Miharu's cooking skills! XD

nanlyy`* - Miharu doesn't only need cooking tips... She needs to learn proper cooking lessons! haha

mangoes_ - Oh... My plot is beginning... hehe It's a bit slow since there are a lot of angles to begin with but it's definitely beginning. Btw, when are your exams? Mine are over! =D Taiki will also be given light but he'll be discussed way later because he's such a dork and I love him! XD

SHINEjaejoong - indigestion means your stomach wasn't able to digest the food you ate resulting to a heavy stomach... hehe Yes, Reiko was the girl Miharu thought who was trying to kill her. keke Your brain must be a bit confused but I'll try to narrow down the confusing twists later. =D

babsy10 - Ryou's background is a bit shady and mysterious that's why it's a bit confusing but he'll be given light through and though... hehe I agree! Miharu must stay out of the kitchen!!

dyang4 - Good point! At least she gave in some effort, right? hehe

pained - You've been added to the PM List! Thank you for reading! =D

peeyuh - Me too! I'm also a sucker for older brother-younger sister relationship! Probably because I want an elder brother for myself. *sigh*

sprinklez_123 - Thanks for reading! You've been added to the PM List! hehe More secrets and more questions will arise later~ XD

Thank you so much for the comments and continued support everyone! I'm on my semestral breaks now so there might be more updates than usual~ =D

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

Hey Guys!

Last week, I've PMed the people waiting for an update for TCI and I'm really thankful that some people took time to respond to my PM. They wished me luck on my exams and asked me how was I doing. I feel so loved by my readers already~!

Anyway, yeah, my exams are over and I'm now currently working on TCI so expect an update maybe about tomorrow. Again, thank you so much for those who wished me luck on my exams! It was mentally exhausting but I got through it. hehe

Also, I decided to slowly incorporate some personal details about my life in this blog. This means that I'll make this some sort of a personal blog aside from being my Author's Blog. I shall be putting random posts about things in my life aside from the usual updates about my write-ups. I hope you guys don't mind reading my thoughts because personally, some of my thoughts are disturbing. LOL.

Again, thank you so much guys! You know who you are... Thanks for all the thoughtfulness. I really, really appreciate it! =D

shattered teardrops

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Terrible Matters

As of the moment, I have no update both for Ignominy and The Crimson Insignia. I got caught up with lots of heavy things as of recent. I haven't got enough time to put touch ups on TCI's supposed to be 16th chapter. I have not furnished it or even edited it. As for Ignominy, I'm loosing hope. *sigh* But I'll try to binge-write during my semestral break that's almost coming up so hopefully, some sort of inspiration will shake me up then. hehe

These last few weeks have been really difficult to deal with. Firstly, there's the onslaught of typhoons left and right here in the Philippines. They've caused floods, landslides and massive deaths in some parts of the country. Although, fortunately, me and my family are safe, still, it's upsetting when you turn on the television and see a lot of people dying and losing loved ones.

So please help me pray for all those families and people affected by this calamity. It's really heart-wrenching.

Another terrible thing for me is school because my exams are coming up next week and I haven't started studying yet. These past few weeks proved to be soooo challenging because of debates we had to do, projects and presentations, papers and all that stuff.

But the icing on my cake when it comes to TERRIBLE MATTERS is... Well, this is something really personal but I decided to share it anyway. My special someone of one year, eight months and three days, and I, decided to call it quits. It's frustrating, it's heartbreaking, it's emotionally exhausting. It's especially hard for me because he's my first boyfriend and I love him so much...

Have you ever felt like... waking up in the morning and feeling so empty? Like you've tried thinking positively about things but then again, something's just not right anymore. And even if you try to smile, deep inside you know that you're just faking it for the people around you...

I'm not looking for any words of sympathy by posting something like this here. I just want to vent out things a little. And I want you guys to understand why my writing has been greatly affected by this emotionally troubling thing.

Everytime I try to look at a blank Microsoft Document page and try to type, my thoughts just stray back to him and I end up being frustrated because I want to write for my stories but I can't. I end up thinking about him and... You know, I just really want to let out all of that frustration and heartbreak.

He was my first boyfriend and with him, I had my first relationship. I wanted us to last forever but we didn't. Don't get me wrong, I'm not wallowing in self-pity. I'm just sad, terribly sad...

And this is probably the main reason why my brain is not up to thinking of ideas lately.

I'm really sorry, guys. Last week, I promised an update for The Crimson Insignia this weekend but I couldn't make it. It's also quite ironic because I wrote The Crimson Insignia with him in mind. He was one of the inspirations for the story and I even got the concept of having big super bikes from him because he taught me how to ride one. I was going to let him read TCI when I finish it... But now, I don't think I can... =(

Although I talk about love and happiness in my stories, in the end, I'm no expert at love. I'm just like everybody else... I hurt, I bleed and I fall for a hot playboy sort of guy who changed his playboy ways for me and became one of the most, if not the most important person of my life...


shattered teardrops

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Black Prince

Chapter 15 of The Crimson Insignia...

(Wow! I didn't realize this story has already taken up 15 chapters! And I'm still not half-way the plot I'm planning! *gasp*)

Like I said, characters are given light one after another in the chapters of this story so this time, it's Ishiguro Ryou's turn to be on the spotlight. XP

A little bit of background has been given for Ryou as the successor of his Father's Yakuza Group known as the Black Bandits. Also, we see more of his relationship with 2nd year student Kazama Reiko who has been under Miharu's scrutiny before. We also see Akimoto Asuka tagging along Ryou in this chapter.

Plus, of course, I did not forget to add a little of Miharu and Shin at the end of the chapter. I didn't want to leave you guys hanging about what happened after the slap Shin received from Miharu. hehe But then again, I left a cliffie at the end, didn't I?

Oh, and yeah, by the way, I'd like to apologize for lack of update last weekend. Believe me, I wanted to update. It's just that my finals are coming up and projects are piling up... However, I promise you guys that after my final exams, my semestral breaks are coming up and that would probably the best time for me to update more for this story and hopefully, for my other on-going story (Ignominy).

As for replies, here you go, guys... XD

tendele - Thanks! It's okay if you don't comment on all of the chapters. I already appreciate your reading and continuous support of my story... :)

SHINEjaejoong - Well, technically, Akira was just hinting possible scenarios but he has not yet concluded anything. The future chapters will show what he'll do to investigate his suspicion of Shin though... And I think that'll be fun! XD

simpleangel - I agree. He shouldn't be barging into rooms without permission! haha

pkv - He suspects is the right term. Akira hasn't concluded anything yet but in the next chapter, he will definitely be investigating and that would definitely be fun... :) I wonder how Shin and Miharu will handle him... haha I can't wait!

beef taco - Thank you! Glad you liked my story... XD

mangoes_ - Yes, indeed, more on Akira... Don't you just love him already? haha

babsy10 - He solved the mystery of the people around him alright, but I don't think it only took one day... hehe Yep, I really wanted his character to be kind of cunning and observant even though he's always asleep. :)

STEPHiiiEx3 - Technically, he's still guessing and he has to investigate yet... hehe Yep, Akira does deserve the crew's respect for his personality. He's one of the characters I love! XD

nanlyy`* - Hi! Yes, it's been a while but I'm glad you still read. hehe Sure, you can be on the new PM List! Aaww... You lost respect for Ryou? Well, it's to be expected but more shall be explained further as we go unto the story. hehe

peeyuh - Will hell break loose because of the lost copy taken by Akira? Well, that's a possibility we can all watch out for in the new chapters... hehe

dyang4 - Unfortunately, Chapter 15 does not answer the hanging events at Chapter 14... But I'm pretty sure Chapter 16 will... So you just have to watch out for the next chapter! :)

suzy_me - I love sleeping too! Well, mostly over-sleeping since I love sleeping for more than 12 hours... Although I barely have ten hours of sleep due to school. -.-')

Again, thanks for the comments everyone! XD
They really motivate me!
Watch out for the next update next week!

the non-violent torturer,
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