Monday, March 30, 2009

BR out, Ignominy in...

... on Soompi, that is.

I have finished posting up the chapters of Bittersweet Reunion on Soompi. And although not much readers comment, I'm still proud of having finished a beautiful write up (Well, beautiful in my opinion, I guess...).

So yeah, after Bittersweet Reunion, I now move on to posting of Ignominy. Now, this is one of the write ups that I hold dearly inside my heart, as each of the characters herein have grown on me. I just hope the readers would appreciate the effort I've given to create such a piece. It's still on-going on Winglin but I hope I finally gain much inspiration to continue posting. It has been over a week since I last updated Ignominy. And although I know that this is a sign of slacking, I just can't seem to get hold of any inspiration at all. My week had been a breeze since my younger brothers have their school programs, which I, unfortunately, as the big sister, must go through since our mother is a little busy with lots of stuff.

Anyhow, yes, I've posted up the Prologue of Ignominy on Soompi...
I'm hoping for positive results. Goodluck to me then...

shattered teardrops

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chapter 2, Poster & Teaser of Crimson Insignia...

Chapter Two: "Kairan Academy"

I've currently posted Chapter Two of Crimson Insignia and so far, I've had one review for Chapter One from CherryKay. I appreciate her full honesty for the first review as she stated that my female character Kago Miharu was leaning a little too close to a Mary Sue. However, I think it's still too early to tell because I've only posted the Prologue and the First Chapter. I'm looking forward to hear her thoughts on Chapter Two though. Constructive criticisms have always been welcomed and I'm glad that she chose to look out for Crimson Insignia.

Also, I'm glad to announce that I will be releasing the Poster & Teaser of Crimson Insignia to the public now. The poster looks more like a book cover than a poster but I am thinking of making another poster which would look like a movie poster and see what the readers would think.

Anyhow... Here it is... Hope it suffices to your tastes...

So, how do you guys like it?

Again, credits to doctor.brew from Flickr for the image of "Angela" holding a gun. They're really an awesome and talented pair. doctor.brew also has other images of women which are really nice pieces. It's a little hard to believe that he's only an amateur photographer because he takes such nice pics.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bittersweet Reunion PDF file Vr.1...

... is now available for download at mediafire.

Yes, I've made a PDF file for my Bittersweet Reunion fanfic. I thought that I should at least preserve the fanfics I have written because all the others I've completed have been put to waste (either removed off winglin/deleted/not recovered). So yes, I will release the PDF file for download for those people who would like to read it. So far this is the first fully-furnished PDF file that I have completed for download, which hopefully, readers will appreciate. I am also planning to create a PDF file for its sequel entitled Ignominy which is still on going.

Click HERE to download Bittersweet Reunion's PDF file.

Another good news is that doctor.brew, an amateur photographer from Flickr has granted me permission to use one of his pictures with his model named "Angela". Earlier this month, I sent a personal message to doctor.brew asking permission if I could use his picture as material for my story's (Crimson Insignia) poster and teaser. Thankfully, he granted me permission to use the picture. I was really glad that he had allowed me to. His photoshoot and model perfectly suited my story's whole plot.

I might release the poster and teaser to the public soon, but maybe not right now. I'm currently still busy with my on going fanfics so, I decided that I should finish some things off first before proceeding to my next step.

Though I have good news, I also have bad news.

Apparently, one author from Winglin plagiarized an idea from my fanfic entitled Capturing the Casanova. He/She did not copy my fanfic verbatim but his/her scene on the first chapter of his/her fic was too identical to the scene on chapter seven of my fanfic. Thankfully, one reader of mine, xsnow0yinx, reported this incident to me. I have made actions against the plagiarizer but it seems Winglin mods have become deaf to my report. Up until now, they haven't done any action or whatsoever to resolve the conflict.

If this persists, I might quit posting on Winglin and concentrate on Soompi instead.

Well, that's about it.

shattered teardrops

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chapter 1 of Crimson Insignia...

Chapter One: "A Warm Welcome"

First Chapter of Crimson Insignia up...
To be honest, I was getting a little hopeless about continuing Crimson Insignia with the current speed of my writing. I mean, I still have to work on Capturing the Casanova and write a proper ending for Ignominy, which is a little burdensome right now because I am pretty occupied with lots of other stuffs. I have a lot of free time because school's out but hey, not all of my time is spent on writing alone. I have a life too and responsibilities I have to fulfill. However, like I said on my older post, I am determined to finish this original story up, so yeah, I decided to post its first Chapter on FP. Unfortunately, the Prologue didn't get any reviews but I think it's too early to give up. I hope I get at least one review for the first chapter though...

On the other hand, wow, I can't believe my PM list for Capturing the Casanova had been steadily growing. So far, I have over a hundred readers subscribing to the story and many more are requesting to be added to the list for every update I make. I try my best to cater to everyone's needs though. I hope my writing sufficed to their taste. haha

And another good news, my good friend since high school and also co-author hiding under the name yn_ean, decided to come back to writing after years of being on hiatus. She gave me a copy of her recent original story about royal romance (yes, Princess and Prince... but definitely not a fairytale). I was grinning like an idiot reading about a very spunky Princess named Alex (her real name was too long. I couldn't memorize it). Anyhow, I hope she continues because I really love the story (and the spunky princess). haha

Well, that's it for now... I will come back later to post some more if I have any more updates...

shattered teardrops

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Start of Crimson Insignia...

Okay, so basically, I thought it was already time to start posting Crimson Insignia (that's the title of my first original fiction story) on FictionPress. I've posted the Prologue so far. I don't know if I've made the right decision but I've been working on several things about it since last night. I can't believe I've already furnished a poster and a teaser for it. However, I won't be showing them to anyone, anytime soon because I still have to continue working on the story.

Anyway, I will be updating my fanfiction entitled Capturing the Casanova later since I know that the readers have been craving for more updates. Rivals So Yi Jung and Choi Seung Hyun will now have a chance to meet. I don't know what sort of chaos will ensue but I just know that there will be.

On a different note, I can't believe I am having difficulty on proceeding with Ignominy's storyline. I am having doubts whether I could finish Ignominy because I have been a little dry for ideas for it. And it's already more than twenty chapters. I got to keep my games up or else I would not be able to finish Ignominy. So yeah, I have to brainstorm tonight in order to come up with a better update to make up for not updating for a few weeks already.

Well then... Gotta go...

shattered teardrops

Ehh? I have fans???

Really, seriously, if these people keep on coming to me, telling me that they're a fan of mine, I would seriously need to burst my bloating ego. haha I mean, don't get me wrong, admiration isn't bad per se... It's just that I don't know how to react to people who keep on showering me with praises which are flattering but quite uncomfortable for me.

I've been receiving messages from different individuals telling me lots of stuffs. I don't mind reading them. In fact, I even personally reply to all those emails. Praises are good but what I would really want to hear would be constructive criticisms. I mean, I'm not yet at the top of my game, which is, in this case, writing. I believe I still have plenty of room for improvement so I hope people would just tone down with the praises. *sweatdrop*

Anyway, my finals ended today and I think that's one of the things which I need to celebrate. It simply meant that I now have more time to write and spazz over things that I enjoy the most. I've been improving my draft for my upcoming original action story, which, I really hope, would be well received by the readers, just as they've received my fanfics.

I really want to move on to a greater arena in terms of writing. I just hope I do well. This isn't exactly the first original story draft I wrote. I also wrote one action story before but I left it hanging because I was more drawn to fanfics. However, this time, I would like to really finish this original story and present it to the readers...

Good luck to me then?

shattered teardrops

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gahh... Exams Next Week...

I sound so exasperated, don't I?

Well, I have a pretty good reason to sound tired. Aside from my burdensome school work and projects, my final exams are next week. Yep, and here I am, still accessing the net for some quick updates on how things are going for me. haha

Aside from finals, my God! I have been filling my schedule with non-existent work! Well, what I meant is, I've been planning tons and tons of fiction ideas. (i.e. New Original Fiction Draft) I can't help myself from being over eager for summer to come since there's only a week of school left here in the Philippines. I'm dying to have a little break.

Anyway, I did a few rounds of checking out my posted fanfics and then, I also edited my page at FictionPress. I cleaned up what was left of my account and finally found the energy to post the Prologue Chapter of Ignominy. I know it wasn't much and I probably wouldn't get a lot of reviews but I'm still going for it. I've been writing tons of fanfictions already, so I thought, I should try a hand at creating an original story with my own characters for a change. So yeah... Hopefully, I don't get lazy and finish the story.

Well, that's it, folks... Don't have anything more to say.

shattered teardrops

Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Post.

Hello world.

It's me, shattered teardrops, a mere college student taking up political science in a certain State University here in the Philippines. As it reads on the template, 'I have a penchant for that which is not spoken... But rather that which is written and read... I have a penchant for words.' I have written several stories ever since and I have not kept track of how many I've actually written since then. I take residence in Winglin, Soompi Forums, FictionPress and I even have a stagnant account in

As I already have a website for my Graphics Designs, I decided to create an Author's blog to create a permanent place for the readers who wish to keep track of what I've been up to. Basically, this site will cater to questions, suggestions and inquiries about me, as an author and my stories.

Hopefully, I maybe able to interact with multiple readers from all over the world through this blog. Let's enjoy the flow of words, now, shall we?

shattered teardrops