Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Art of Lip Locking

This is my third SoEul fic after "Once in A Lifetime" and "Capturing the Casanova".

Mind you, it's my first attempt at writing a RATED SOEUL FIC. Yes, it's Byuntae. It's NC-17 just to be safe.

I may have to warn you that aside from a lot of teasing and cliffies, it's like a non-violent torture device. It disappoints you but at the same time, makes you crave for more. haha I love writing. XD I now proclaim myself as a non-violent torturer! :)

To be honest, I've written this fic last April when I was still writing Capturing the Casanova. I wrote this out of pure impulse and craziness. You could say that it's a random thought that materialized into a short story.

Yes, it's a short story for several reasons:
1.) It's completely plotless. (Yes, I wrote it wholly for the Byuntae part.)
2.) The chaps are not planned. (Meaning, I think of what to write the moment I sit in front of my laptop.)
3.) The chaps are short and I put in a lot of cliffhangers. (It's because I'm purely evil. XD)

The Setting in the "Art of Lip Locking" is on the part where Yi Jung told Ga Eul that he would be leaving for Sweden and that when he comes back, she'd be the first person whom he'll be looking for. :) Mind you, the plot is an unusual one... It comes with ropes and... random things! haha

Here's the TEASER just for a taste of AoLL:

I didn't know how everything happened.
All I know was that I told her I was leaving for Sweden to study for four years.
And that, when I get back, she will be the first person I will be looking for...

I honestly didn't know what was running inside her mind at that time.
But she asked me for three simple favors:

1.) She asked me to teach her the art of Lip Locking
2.) She asked me for more...
3.) She asked for ropes...!
Like what you read so far? Why don't you check it out at The Archive? *winks*

Each of the SoEul fics I've written are distinct from each other in the sense that "Once in a Lifetime" is a one-shot, "Capturing the Casanova" is a full length Romantic Comedy and "Art of Lip Locking" is a Byuntae short story! :)

Well, that's about it!

shattered teardrops

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reviews for Capturing the Casanova...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry because many people still associate my pseudonym (shatteredteardrops or shattered_teardrops) with Capturing the Casanova. I guess I should be flattered that my work is greatly appreciated, right? XD

The Boys Over Flowers wave is still going on and getting stronger... which means, more people are getting charmed with the SoEul pairing... which means, more people crave for SoEul fanfics...

I came across two Filipino fanfic readers on Multiply and they've been kind enough to write reviews for Capturing the Casanova. I'd like to thank mytruestyle810303 and nekoriel for their kind words... hehe

mytruestyle810303's Review
nekoriel's Review

So, yeah, if you want to read their reviews, do drop by their Multiply Page and give 'em some love! XD I'm sure they'd be glad to hear from you guys!

Also, if you have your own reviews of Capturing the Casanova, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be sure to drop by and say hello! XP I'll always love hearing from you guys... :)

shattered teardrops