Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Shock

Chapter 18 of Keeping the Casanova...

Nukes are in this chapter. Muahahahaha *cough* *cough* I gotta practice my evil laugh more. XD


teresaa- - Chapter 18 will somehow answer Han Byul's connection to the F4. That's all I'm giving away. =) As for Eun Hye & Shin Hye, well, right from the start, I was already intending to put them into the story. haha It was all planned up.

inday_yu - Ji Hoo's story is a sort of side story so I won't elaborate on that unless it's needed. But I do love me some Ji Hoo so maybe I can write about it more. =) As for Jae Kyung and Woo Bin, I always have fun writing about this couple. XD

- Is Woo Bin making Jae Kyung jealous? Well... Hmmm... Maybe. But I have bigger plans for them. Muahahaha

- I also love the two of them! XD Muahahaha

deep.dreamer - Thank you! I hope you like Chapter 18 then. =)

Ahr3um - The Chapter was a bit short because it was a filler. =)
- I know, right? I mean, the first time I saw Mi Nam in You're Beautiful, I was totally thinking of Eun Hye in Coffee Prince! XD

- That's what I was trying to portray Woo Bin as. Someone who can be good for a night or lust, but not for love. Awwww. =(

carylmeasblue - True that! I believe some people are just hormonally-driven. LOL.

- I know exactly what you mean. =)

- Wow... I guess welcome back? haha Good luck on your studies, too! Hope you do well! =)

alasdair_vahn - There is a bigger reason why Woo Bin brought Jae Kyung to that restaurant. I write everything for a purpose, sometimes, the answer is just not that obvious. *winks*

paradoxist - It's alright! Studies first! =) I'm glad you still come back to read my story though. That really makes me feel nice. Muahahaha. Kidding! XD Good luck on your studies, too! Hope you do well! =) Don't worry. I'm going to continue sending PMs!

- Oh, sure... Surprises are my specialty. =)

leighannechan - Ditto! You can totally read my mind! =)

kly8 - He surely is! XD Come on, it's Jae Kyung we're talking about here. haha

- Thank you! XD

shar0nsaurus - The possibilities are endless if you just think about it. XD Muahahaha~!

Everyone, thank you so much for the continued support!
Opening of classes are nearing again so I might have a bit of hang up in updating 
but I promise to finish this story no matter what! =)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Twitter Avatar!

Cause I'm a retard like that. LOL.

Follow me on Twitter! Let's be friends!

(Yes, that's a Naruto hitai-ate (forehead protector) right there.
Yes, that's me wearing the hitai-ate.
Yes, I love Naruto.)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I was tagged by  Alliza~~!
Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
You have to choose and tag ten people.
Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
No tag backs.
Have Fun.
1. I'm boyish.
2. I was a varsity player in basketball & Taekwondo before.
3. I write love stories.
4. I love Kpop.
5. I'm a listener. (than a talker)
6. I'm near-sighted.
7. I'm the eldest daughter in the family.
8. I used to sing in a band. (and compete in battle of bands)
9. I self-learned Photoshop.
10. I love chocolates.

That's it! =)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

To The Readers of...

...The Crimson Insignia & Ignominy,

First off, I would like to apologize for dragging you all into a world solely existing inside my mind, and leaving you hanging for several months. For making you wait, for making you expect, for making you excited... only to disappoint you in the end...

I'm sorry.

There is no excuse for such behavior and I solely take the blame for my mistake.

I have been in a constant battle against myself these past few months, trying to discern just what exactly should I do with my story. There were moments when I was caught up in a block, but pressed on and posted an update for you, guys... Those moments made me breathe a sigh of relief, but I knew that I was slowly losing the will to continue.

Don't get me wrong. Before I start any story, I have already laid out the trail of twists that will follow. I have always been a planner. The planning and the twists to put in the story is not the problem.

The problem is the lack of motivation. The lack of will to continue. It is not something that readers can demand for. It is something intangible and intimate that exists between a story and the writer.

Every story that I have created is like a child of mine, since it is something that came out of my own hands. I tend to it with care, late-night brainstorming and endless hours of typing. The work simply does not end after I post the first chapter. In fact, the needs of these "children"of mine increase once they are released into the vast world of the web.

I have had the opportunity to mother several "children". And I do admit it is hard. After all, I lead a double life. An offline life, and an online life. It's especially exhausting when my off-line life gets hectic and I have to get away from my online life for long periods of time.

When I started these stories, I really wanted to finish them.

But along the way, things didn't work out, and I just have to let go.

I perfectly knew that if I continued to write these stories despite the lack of motivation, it wouldn't be something that "the best of me" created. It will not have my heart in it. It would be like updating for the sole satisfaction of the readers, but without me in it. It would be like raising a child without love.

And so, I decided to discontinue writing TCI and Ignominy.

Since these stories are children of mine, I do not have the heart to kill them and say good-bye. Rather, I'd want to say "See you later" to them. I am not merely proposing an indefinite hiatus from writing these stories, rather I want to shelf them up and open them for later - a time when I can look at them again and maybe have the strength to correct my mistakes and finally finish them.

To sum up, I would like to apologize for not finishing the stories I've started. I apologize for starting an adventure with you guys, and not being able to finish it up until the very end.

I take all the blame and I apologize.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love and Lust

...Chapter 17 of Keeping the Casanova

Before I post the replies, I hope you guys don't mind if I rant a little bit.

Today isn't a very good day for me. My Dad left to work overseas, and I don't know when I'll be able to see him again. It was an abrupt departure and we weren't really expecting it. All of a sudden, he just received a call from his agency at 10 in the morning and by mid-day, he had to go to the airport and leave.

I was still asleep when he left. He didn't say good-bye. And I actually prefer it that he didn't.



swtxlilqt95 - Secret!!! wahahaha

inday_yu - Han Byul's appearance in the lives of the F4 definitely rocked their world. They're now thinking of their own futures! =)

natashaz - You have been added to the PM List!

yeongweonhi02stary - Well, I am trying my best to juggle out the three pairings I have going on in this fic. haha

alasdair_vahn - Correct! Han Byul is that influential! LOL.

Trixie9394 - I don't think Ga Eul is the one Kristofer Valfrid is looking for. =)

dee:) - Yeah, well, I kind of still don't know what to write about them at the moment so I'm diverting some attention towards the other pairs. LOL. I'm abnormal.

leighannechan - Me, too! I can't wait! XD

- Why do I get the feeling that you read minds? Especially mine? Wahahaha

deep.dreamer - LOL. Possibly. haha

- Ji Eun's identity is finally revealed in Chapter 17, plus the introduction of another character! XD

kly8 - Kristofer Valfrid's story shal be unveiled in the near future. *winks* Oh, if Ji Hoo pancakes are sold somehwere, I'd buy at least a dozen! Along with Ji Hoo! Bwahahahaha (lunatic  fan-girl mode)

carylmeasblue - I think so, too! LOL.

aliceex - Thank you! It's alright! =)

iaimeyouS2 - Haha Not really. XD

jaequeen - Whoah... What do you think will happen?! Tell me!!! I'm just curious... haha

sylvia_psf - Thank you! And your welcome! =)

isdupt15 - There is a reason why I'm still not writing about SoEul. *winks*



For Chapter 17, the highlights are:
  • Ji Eun's real identity is revealed.
  • A new character is introduced.
  • More on Jae Kyung & Woo Bin. 

I didn't write an update on SoEul because in all honesty, Chapter 17 is a filler chapter which will only fill space for a bit of development dedicated to the minor characters. Next Chapter, I'm going to drop nukes and bombs regarding SoEul as well as the real Father of Han Byul. Watch out for it! =)

Thank you so much for your continued support! =)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Will be AFK for two weeks..

AFK means Away From Keyboard..

I will be away from writing, posting and updating in the coming two weeks because of two reasons: 1.) Processing my law application, 2.) Trying to find employment for my lazy ass.

Seriously, the law application has been dragging on for too long because of the fact that the teachers, whose signatures I need to have on a piece of paper called a clearance, aren't showing up when I need them to.

Also, I just happened to take note of a job opening in a government office where I did my on-the-job-training. They have an opening for a clerical position so I was hoping I could apply.

Since law classes start at 5PM in the afternoon, I have the whole day free. That would be just enough time for me to take on a part-time job or a full-time one.

Wish me luck! =)

Will update after I'm through with these responsibilities...


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mending What's Broken

 Chapter Sixteen of Keeping the Casanova

Author's Note: 
For the last Chapter, you guys mentioned Kristofer Valfrid was an ass for saying that the F4 were gay. I'd like to clarify that I tried to see an outsider's perspective who might learn about the F4 for the first time, hence, it was that way. I meant no disrespect, okies? =)


alasdair_vahn - True. There are still a lot of things that the F4 hasn't experienced so I try my best to write about them gaining experiences for character growth. Also, Ji Hoo is a heart surgeon, his specialty is operating on heart patients so even though he's a doctor, technically speaking, his field of expertise is different. Thanks for reading!

darkrainbowday-x - Aah.. Of course. Babies are the one of the hardest things to handle for a handsome gangster. haha

xloserr - I like Woo Bin and Jae Kyung, too, but since this is mainly a SoEul story, I try to focus more on Yi Jung and Ga Eul's relationship. *winks*

inday_yu - Ahahaha Incompetent child handlers! I love that line! XD

- And thank you for reading! I try my best to inject humor as much as I could.. =)

- I couldn't stop myself from adding a little snippet of Woo Bin's inner turmoil at the end.. I think it balances the whole cheerful atmosphere. =)

- I know, right? XD

- And you are absolutely right. There is no way I'm going to leave Woo Bin hanging! =) I'm updating more frequently because it's summer here in the Philippines!

- That's a possibility. *winks*

babypillow - Yeah! The F4 are so manly, they make everyone else pale in comparison! =)

iaimeyouS2 - I know! That's why I wrote that! Finally! Someone who understands the logic behind why Mr. Valfrid called the F4 gay! =)

sylvia_psf - Thank you! And thanks for reading! =)

carylmeasblue - Aww.. All of us want some happy ending for Prince Song. =)

teresaa- - Woo Bin's impotence is a sort of twist I didn't plan on putting but was very glad I put it in anyways.. Thanks for reading!

shar0nsaurus - Han Byul's father? Keke It's going to be a little shocker. XD

deep.dreamer - Actually, impotence may mean can have sex but not be able to fertilize the egg cells of the female. =)

Ahr3um - The real father will be revealed... soon. XD

- Ga Eul PAWNED another guy! XD

yeongweonhi02stary - Agree! Low sperm count doesn't mean no sperm! LOL.

jaequeen - Please wait! haha Even if you can't! =)

Everyone, thank you very much for the support! =) 
See you on the next chapter!