Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yet another JunAh one-shot

... Am I on a roll because of JunAh? Indeed I am!

credits to
"Through a Fanboy's Eyes"
feat. Block B's Zico, Yong Jun Hyung, Kim Hyun Ah

I am very much motivated by the power of JunAh fandom. =)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another JunHyung&HyunAh one-shot

Dun ask.

Aside from SoEul and Daragon, they're my newest OTP.
I get my daily dose of love drug from them so I'm currently hooked. =)

And the my daily scoop of JunAh comes from:


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newly Wed

... Chapter 20 of Keeping the Casanova.

First things first!

I was supposed to post the whole update on Saturday evening after or Sunday morning if in case I wasn't able to finish all of it by the Saturday... I even planned to write a 5,000-worded chapter just to make the readers happy...

I even announced it on Twitter.

But then, a blackout happened for more than 10 hours so I wasn't able to complete the chapter on time. Hence, I only posted it now... Truthfully, I apologize. *sigh*

I know you guys have been waiting so long for this. I'm sorry...



babypillow - I know, right? =) Thanks for the comment.

leighannechan - You're welcome! Han Byul was really meant to drop unto Ji Hoo because he's the only F4 without so much conflict to handle.. so yeah. =) - Ahahaha I'm glad your heart is now appeased!

dee:) - Yep, I'm crazy by putting twists like that. Hee.

rawrritsgracex3 - Yep, Philippines!!! XD

Ahr3um - You're welcome! haha Everything at school is... Well, I'm not even gonna touch on that topic because it's tough. haha

alasdair_vahn - Well, I'd like to call it motherly instincts. All of them are at the age of marrying, anyways, right? =)

sapphirever - To answer your question, YES, I can and will write a Rated Chapter when it all comes down to that. =)

paradoxist - Thank you for the comment! Hee. I just love how I can twist things in a story sometimes.

teresaa- - Ooohhh... I love surprising twists! Don't you? haha

Trixie9394 - The Baby is actually Ji Hoo's sister but the Mom is not Ji Hoo's Mom because baby Han Byul is the product of a scientific insemination. I hope that cleared things up!

kly8 - ahaha Yeah, I agree! XD

deep.dreamer - WHUUTTT??? Ahahaha That, I would like to see!!! But then, not really. XD

jaequeen - Ahahaha It's alright... They will have time together... soon. *winks*

isdupt15 - Yeah... I do think they should consummate their marriage in the Philippines, though! XD

xBeckkii - Uh oh... Why do you think something bad will happen???

iLuvBlackCoffee - I promise never to abandon this fic! I swear! It's going to take long to post updates but I will not stop! =) Actually, there's going to be a twist with Woo Bin's condition as well. XD Oh, and I was also planning for something to happen in the Philippines!

akemi_cho - Thank you for the comment! It's alright if you can't really comment on every chapter. I understand. =)

shar0nsaurus - The honeymoon will come in due time. I promise. Hee.

iaimeyouS2 - You're welcome and thank you for the comment! =)

batta - Ahahaha They will be intimate... when I say so! XD Patience, patience, patience...

babsy10 - Aww... It's alright. I understand is you're busy. =) Good luck with your clinical internship!

sylvia_psf - Thank you! XD

  - I PAWNED ANOTHER SILENT READER!!! YEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! haha Thank you for reading!!! =)

Everyone, sorry for the long wait! Hope you enjoy the update! =)


Friday, August 5, 2011

The Queen and the Joker

A Jun Hyung and Hyun Ah one-shot fanfic... 
(just because I'm impulsive and I felt like writing it)

 Link for fanfic on Soompi.
There were many reasons why I wrote this certain fanfic.
But then, I recommend you read this: FuckYeahJunAh
They're like the JunAh counterpart of the Applers. Hee.

HEY, I'm not saying I'm against the relationship of Goo Hara and Jun Hyung, I'm just saying I like the JunAh pairing more. Besides, it's waaaaaaay obvious from the way they interacted that they were attracted to each other. I dunno what happened though...

Hence, my attempt to justify their story and hence why the above one-shot was born.

So yeah, no bashing please. 

That's it!