Quick Facts:

Pseudonym: Shattered Teardrops
Name: Dia
Location: Philippines
I am: a law student, reader, writer, graphics designer, artist.


The General Overview:

     I write solely for therapeutic purposes, creative expression and to quench my boredom. I have been writing online for eight years already... and counting. I started writing Anime fanfictions, then crossed over to writing Gassoo fanfictions, and eventually, I started writing original fiction stories. 

     In 2009, I won Midnight-Tree's "A Penny For Your Thoughts" Fanfiction Contest with my fanfic entitled "A Bittersweet Reunion". 

     In 2011, writing under the pseudonym DaniFire, I won the Best Original Comedy One-Short/Short Story of the Year with my original fiction story entitled "She Caught Me".

     My best work to date would probably be "She Caught Me", but I am most notably recognized for spawning Boys Over Flowers fanfics about So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul (namely Capturing the Casanova and Keeping the Casanova). 

    In 2011, I started law school and has since then, been very busy with my off-line life, hence the slow updates. Interesting is the fact that, despite writing online for eight years already, I have kept this from family until now and I never really joined any academic publication.

    That's about it.

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  1. Hi Dia,

    Do you plan to update Crimson Insignia?