Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thank you for waiting~

Keeping the Casanova Chapter 21 has been updated. =)

It's posted on: LU, Fanfiction.net, Asianfanfics.com & Soompi Forums.

As for the readers over at Wattpad, my Lovelies, the newest chapter of All That Jazz has also been posted.

Special shout-out to Jet, thanks for your comments!

And though it's a bit late, Happy Halloween, everyone!

Enjoy reading~


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hey everyone...

I just got through my last exam for my finals... And sad to say, I don't think I'm off the hook for that subject yet. I'm already prepping myself to attend summer classes for that subject alone. *sigh*

On a lighter note, I would like to invited everyone to check out my account on Wattpad.

I posted a new story just this month, and it's been up for almost a few weeks. I haven't really had a chance to tell everyone about it because I didn't have a lot of free time.

Anyways, please check out "All That Jazz", it's an original short-story.

" Jasmine and Aidan have been long-time friends. Well, it was mostly Aidan being 'I'm-so-hot-and-I-want-you-Jasmine', but then Jasmine was always like 'shut-up-or-I'll-squeeze-your-balls-to-death'. See? Friends. "

Admittedly, it has been sitting in my phone for months, up until October this year when I chanced upon it and decided that it was worth editing and posting.

It's also posted on FictionPress under the pen name DaniFire.

It isn't finished yet, but hopefully, I get to finish posting all of it before this year ends. =)

Oh, and before you guys say anything about my fanfics, I decided to keep in writing Keeping the Casanova. It's one of the fanfics that really brought me a lot of friends so I don't want to disappoint them.

For whatever free time I have now, I will have to dedicate it to writing KTC and hopefully, I get to finish it. =)


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yes, I've been MIA for a month

... and with an acceptable reason.

I've been pretty open about how law school affected my life since I nose-dived into it without much preparation or warning. (Well, I've been warned, but I didn't think it would be too difficult. I was wrong.)

The epic failure of my grades, my barely-existent social life reduced further to mere miniscule shambles, my stressed-out appearance, my dwindling eyesight (I'm near-sighted and it's getting worse.), and my constantly saturated brain were the results of my first semester in law school.

It's not fun. It's challenging definitely, but not fun.

We're constantly bombarded with essay questions which seem more like trick questions, rather than an essay ones. MCQs are hecka confusing, and the teachers, well, some of them are exactly the devil personified.

And so, I am left confused and torn yet again.

During my first week of law school, the Dean of our College told us that being in law school required a lot of sacrifices - some small, some big - all of them essential in order to survive law school.

She said that, "Law School is a jealous mistress...". Most of the working-students were discouraged from employment if it's possible for them to study without any distraction. And this advice came with good reason: law school really is tough.

And this topic, I would like to relate with the promise I made a month ago: I promised not to abandon writing my SoEul fanfiction entitled "Keeping the Casanova". In fact, I even promised not to quit writing fanfics.

I haven't posted an update for a month already, and this has been a constant source of heartbreak. I feel that as a writer, I've failed in the most basic task of posting new chapters for my readers.

And I don't even have much time to write because most of my time is spent on reading, studying and memorizing. What's left of it, I use to rest and help out with the chores at home. (I'm the eldest daughter. Imagine the responsibility.)

As of the moment, I am in deep contemplation. (Not to mention, confused as hell.)

I have been writing for eight years now - admittedly, that is not such a short time and something that is not easy to give up.

I don't want to give up writing fanfics.
I don't want to give up writing Keeping the Casanova.
I don't want to give-up SoEul.
I don't want to give up being shattered teardrops.

...but it's as if I'm driven to the edge and forcefully pushed to choose between two things I highly value.

School or Writing?

The decision is heartbreaking. =(


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


How have you guys been? It's been a while since I've posted any updates in this blog and for that, I'd like to blame law school. =)

Anyways, just a quick note to everyone. I've started writing the newest chapter for Keeping the Casanova. I will post it as soon as possible. I just don't know when but I'm working on it.

By the way, my midterms just ended. The epic failure of it sent me to a binge-eating overdrive just to comfort myself. *sigh* I've never felt so stupid in my entire life. Law school seems to drain all the positive energy in me and make my inner bitch come out.

Anyways, see you when I see you. =)

I hope you don't get tired of waiting for Keeping the Casanova! =)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yet another JunAh one-shot

... Am I on a roll because of JunAh? Indeed I am!

credits to FuckYeahJunAh.tumblr.com
"Through a Fanboy's Eyes"
feat. Block B's Zico, Yong Jun Hyung, Kim Hyun Ah

I am very much motivated by the power of JunAh fandom. =)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another JunHyung&HyunAh one-shot

Dun ask.

Aside from SoEul and Daragon, they're my newest OTP.
I get my daily dose of love drug from them so I'm currently hooked. =)

And the my daily scoop of JunAh comes from:


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newly Wed

... Chapter 20 of Keeping the Casanova.

First things first!

I was supposed to post the whole update on Saturday evening after or Sunday morning if in case I wasn't able to finish all of it by the Saturday... I even planned to write a 5,000-worded chapter just to make the readers happy...

I even announced it on Twitter.

But then, a blackout happened for more than 10 hours so I wasn't able to complete the chapter on time. Hence, I only posted it now... Truthfully, I apologize. *sigh*

I know you guys have been waiting so long for this. I'm sorry...



babypillow - I know, right? =) Thanks for the comment.

leighannechan - You're welcome! Han Byul was really meant to drop unto Ji Hoo because he's the only F4 without so much conflict to handle.. so yeah. =)

great.am - Ahahaha I'm glad your heart is now appeased!

dee:) - Yep, I'm crazy by putting twists like that. Hee.

rawrritsgracex3 - Yep, Philippines!!! XD

Ahr3um - You're welcome! haha Everything at school is... Well, I'm not even gonna touch on that topic because it's tough. haha

alasdair_vahn - Well, I'd like to call it motherly instincts. All of them are at the age of marrying, anyways, right? =)

sapphirever - To answer your question, YES, I can and will write a Rated Chapter when it all comes down to that. =)

paradoxist - Thank you for the comment! Hee. I just love how I can twist things in a story sometimes.

teresaa- - Ooohhh... I love surprising twists! Don't you? haha

Trixie9394 - The Baby is actually Ji Hoo's sister but the Mom is not Ji Hoo's Mom because baby Han Byul is the product of a scientific insemination. I hope that cleared things up!

kly8 - ahaha Yeah, I agree! XD

deep.dreamer - WHUUTTT??? Ahahaha That, I would like to see!!! But then, not really. XD

jaequeen - Ahahaha It's alright... They will have time together... soon. *winks*

isdupt15 - Yeah... I do think they should consummate their marriage in the Philippines, though! XD

xBeckkii - Uh oh... Why do you think something bad will happen???

iLuvBlackCoffee - I promise never to abandon this fic! I swear! It's going to take long to post updates but I will not stop! =) Actually, there's going to be a twist with Woo Bin's condition as well. XD Oh, and I was also planning for something to happen in the Philippines!

akemi_cho - Thank you for the comment! It's alright if you can't really comment on every chapter. I understand. =)

shar0nsaurus - The honeymoon will come in due time. I promise. Hee.

iaimeyouS2 - You're welcome and thank you for the comment! =)

batta - Ahahaha They will be intimate... when I say so! XD Patience, patience, patience...

babsy10 - Aww... It's alright. I understand is you're busy. =) Good luck with your clinical internship!

sylvia_psf - Thank you! XD

  - I PAWNED ANOTHER SILENT READER!!! YEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! haha Thank you for reading!!! =)

Everyone, sorry for the long wait! Hope you enjoy the update! =)


Friday, August 5, 2011

The Queen and the Joker

A Jun Hyung and Hyun Ah one-shot fanfic... 
(just because I'm impulsive and I felt like writing it)

 Link for fanfic on Soompi.
There were many reasons why I wrote this certain fanfic.
But then, I recommend you read this: FuckYeahJunAh
They're like the JunAh counterpart of the Applers. Hee.

HEY, I'm not saying I'm against the relationship of Goo Hara and Jun Hyung, I'm just saying I like the JunAh pairing more. Besides, it's waaaaaaay obvious from the way they interacted that they were attracted to each other. I dunno what happened though...

Hence, my attempt to justify their story and hence why the above one-shot was born.

So yeah, no bashing please. 

That's it! 


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still Alive...

...unable to write anything, but still alive.

I just got through my 4-day prelim exams (the last day being today...err... Saturday, July 30, 2011. What time is it???). That being said, this is the first day in two weeks that I was able to check this blog and actually have time to update about my current affairs.

Truth is, my sanity is barely hanging by a mere thread because law school has been literally killing me by forcefully making me go through the arduous endeavors of studying, memorizing, knowing, understanding and a whole lot of reading.

I tell you, law school is a wholly different kind of torture chamber compared to College. I'd even say College was a like... I dunno... too miniscule and lame? That being said, I regret all those moments in College when I didn't strictly practice my study habits. *sigh*

Anyways, this is just a quick post to let you guys know that I am still alive, still breathing and still with the ability to weave words... Unfortunately, not a lot of free time though...

As a compensation to all of you, I'll try to write a longer chapter for the next update for Keeping the Casanova. (You know, just to make up for the fact that it's been so long since I've posted up anything new.)

Gawd... I'm growing geekier and geekier in law school. I have no social life to speak of. I haven't been able to truly relax since the school year started, and by all means, I feel like I'm experiencing a slow and extremely torturous death...

Ugh. I just ranted.



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Severing the Strings of Forever

Severing the Strings of Forever

This has been sitting in my desktop for quite some time now, with a synopsis and a starting outline for the whole story. In fact, I've written the prologue already...  But I've never started writing the chapters because my schedule does not permit me to do so. *sigh*

It's a lot different than the usual stories I write in the fact that it's genre is Fantasy-Romance. And nope, no vampires included in this one.

I'm feeling generous today so I'm going to post a snippet of this story.


"Never interfere with Death..."

     He watched by the sidelines as the burly and balding middle aged man brought the little girl inside his office. The man was supposed to be the little girl’s teacher – her second father – a person who’s supposed to ensure the welfare of the children under his care.

     But his maligned intentions shadowed the nobility of his profession.

     A frown painted itself on the unseen audience’s face, out of sheer disgust as he flicked his wrist up to look at his watch. He didn’t like handling cases like these. 

     Who would ever like watching a burly and balding middle-aged man corrupting the innocence of a child?

     One would think that with a lithe build and a face of ethereal quality such as his, he could easily draw attention to himself without even wanting to. One could surmise that the burly, balding man could have seen him, and unwittingly stop what he was about to do because of his antagonizing presence and scrutinizing eyes.

     The crucial question in the present situation is… 
      Can he actually be seen, in the first place?

     To answer the question above, the burly and balding man continued to lead the little girl inside his office, confident that he was privy to what he was about to do. Let it be known that invisibility was the one of the many perks of being other-worldly.

     Impatiently, he lifted his other hand holding a piece of paper and stared at the information written on it.

Name: Yoon Chul-Soo
Birthday: January 23, 1966
Age: 45 years old.
Death: June 22, 2011, 4:37 PM
Location: Seoul, South Korea

     He looked at his watch again. It was only 4:05 PM.

     He shifted his eyes back to the paper to read more details.

Cause of Death: Heart attack upon sexual climax.

     He frowned, clearly displeased.     

     As if things weren’t as despicable enough, his assignment just had to die at the exact time he reaches the climax of his carnal pleasure at the expense of an innocent child.

     He cursed inwardly and entered the room while remaining unseen. For someone inhuman as him, it was effortless to enter a room locked from the inside. Physical confines such as rooms in the Human World were never a problem to him.

     What disturbed him more was the sight of the man and the little girl in front of him. The strong taking advantage of the weak.

     The little girl was no more than five years old, practically still a baby. She was one of those angelic-looking ones that had a heart-shaped face, blessed with wide, doe-eyes framed beautifully by thick and cursive lashes. No wonder the lecherous teacher had taken a liking to her.

     She was wearing a pink little dress with ruffles and laces – a dress fit for a feminine little princess – a dress that ultimately has to be taken off in order for the burly, balding man to complete his sinister plans.

     A disgusted frown continued to envelope the unseen audience’s facial features as the man slowly lifted the girl to his lap and began undoing the buttons of the little girl’s dress. All the while, the little girl was busy playing with her porcelain doll, completely unaware of what was about to happen to her.

     For the nth time, he looked at his watch again. The time was 4:13.

     “Shit.” He cursed inwardly but continued to stand by the sidelines and watch as the man’s life string approached its end. He was tapping his feet, growing impatient by the minute.

     By then, the man had already unbuttoned all of the buttons on the girl’s dress and was beginning to lower it down from her frail shoulders. The sight was nothing short of despicable. He tried his best to fake nonchalance and continued standing by the sidelines without interfering.

     “My little Helena… We’re going to play a little game, shall we?” The burly, balding man chanted in a childlike tone with a sinister sneer on his aged face.

     The little girl looked up to him, her big brown orbs wide with inquiry, confusion and finally, fear… Fear of the unknown… Fear of what was about to come… Or maybe, somehow, her instinct for self-preservation kicked in subconsciously inside her young mind.

     “Teacher Yoon… I-I want to go home…” She inquired, her eyes filled with fear.

     Whatever it was that lit alarm on the little girl’s brown orbs, the unseen entity knew that he could not let things happen as fate dictated them. 

     With a cringe on his face, and knowing full well that he was going to regret what he was about to do, the unseen entity stepped forward towards the burly, balding man’s direction.

     A touch. That was all it took for him to sever the man’s life string.

     In a matter of minutes, the burly, balding man’s grip on the little girl had loosened as his heart erratically maneuvered itself towards his death. The man clutched his chest in pain as the last few seconds of his life passed by in a blur – until on the last second – it was then that he saw the ethereal face of death.

     If he really was the personification of death, then Death would be very beautiful in all his fine glory and wraithlike appearance. He had the blackest mane contrasted with pale, smooth skin. He had lips the color of ripe strawberries ready for plucking, and his eyes were the color of the cerulean ocean in its full, unspoiled glory. And if humans knew that his was the face that was going to meet them upon their demise, nobody would ever fear the transition to the afterlife.

      But he wasn't death itself... He was merely an instrumentality of death... Someone who has to work religiously in schedule to uphold death's purpose... And thus, when it came to circumstances regarding death, he was helpless...

     Wordlessly, like someone tired of a chore, he collected the card which held the burly, balding man’s soul. The card was colored black with intricate black details embedded unto its back, and the face of the burly, balding man in front. Unless he wills it, the burly, balding man’s soul will remain to be held inside the card.

     Strangely enough, even though he knew that he had completed his assignment, he looked at his watch again as his lips appeared pursed in a thin line.

     He knew that he was a few seconds earlier than what was scheduled and the realization of his mistake bitterly stung his conscience. Such intervention was never held unpunished. 


      One of the sacred rules in this duty was to never interfere with death... As it would have adverse consequences...

     He momentarily paused and waited for something to happen… But nothing. He looked around, seemingly surprised.

     No earthquakes, no sudden flashes of lightning, no higher beings appearing out of nowhere to reprimand him – Nothing. And that seriously struck him as odd…

     Until he looked down at the little girl…
… and found her staring straight at him.

---------[end of prologue]---------




Saturday, July 2, 2011

Healthy Jealousy

... Chapter 19 of Keeping the Casanova.

.............. I'M BACK, WITCHES!!! (I've always wanted to say that. LOL.)

So, law school has been draining my energy for the last few weeks. GAWD. My most freakin' favorite place in the world now is... the Law Library. T_T

No kidding!!! 

My class starts at 5:30 in the afternoon most weekdays, but I spend time in the library from 2:00 PM, not because I want to, but because I have to read, read and read more.

In law school, going to class is like going to war - you have to prepared with weapons - in this case, knowledge of the lesson and the cases involved - because if you're not prepared, you're gonna look pathetic.

That has been the main reason why I barely have time to actually sit down to write and type my heart out. *sigh* Also, I have classes six days a week, so yeah...

My life right now in a collage of pictures. Coffee & fries included. =)


dee:) - TUHMAAAA!!! Different people have different perspective of the same thing.

Trixie9394 - Oh, of course, there is a solution to every problem.. *winks* I'm the master mind behind this fic so everything will be okay.

leighannechan - LQs are normal, right? Even for married couples.

yeongweonhi02stary - Ahahaha Everyone shocked with Ji Hoo, right? *grin*

- Ehehehe Not really. XDDD

babypillow - Wahahaha What??? Ji Hoo is a grown man after all. Come on! You give him so little credit! XD

alasdair_vahn - I must mention that I adore your avatar. I like it! =) Well, they're still newlyweds right? It's normal to bicker and quarrel at times. I'm trying to portray that side of marriage because contrary to what most people believe, marriages don't necessarily mean happy endings.

inday_yu - TRUE. But I guess she's trying not to look small compared to her husband, 'cause it's well-established that he's "up there" and she's not quite "there" yet, in terms of socio-economic status.

great.am - Who doesn't love the Jae Kyung & Woo Bin pairing?? Come on!

swtxlilqt95 - LOL. You're the only one seeing the positive thing in this chapter! I love you already!!! Well, in a non-lesbian sort of way, of course. haha

kly8 - Wahahaha the story behind Han Byul is revealed in Chapter 19. It's not a really big story anyways. Just a sort of misunderstanding. =)

iaimeyouS2 - I love dropping nukes every now and then. =)

Ahr3um - Well, let's just say that Yi Jung and Ga Eul's relationship isn't that stable yet because they're still newly weds. *winks*

- Muahahaha Coz I'm evil like that, yo! =)

pinkfairyfloss - You have been added to the PM List! Thank you for reading! =)

zealous - New reader? haha Welcome to KTC!!! =)

teresaa- - LOL! Yi Jung PMS-ing!!! I LOVE THAT!!! XD You just made me crack a smile! =)

shar0nsaurus - haha Let's just say that Ji Hoo is for the side story. *winks*

deep.dreamer - There is an explanation in Chapter 19! You actually read my mind while I was writing Chapter 19, didn't you???

sylvia_psf - Like I said, I was dropping nukes on Chapter 18. I keep my promises. =)

xBeckkii - You've been added to the PM List! Welcome to KTC! Thank you for reading! =)

xloserr - You're welcome! Glad you like it! Thank you for reading! =)

jaequeen - LOL. You have a very active imagination. haha

Everyone, thank you so much for the patience. 
It's really difficult to post updates regularly because of school. 
But I hope you still continue to watch out for my updates! =) 
Hope you enjoy reading!

the nonviolent torturer,

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I just started law school last June 6, 2011. And I just got through my first six days in law school. It was effing hellish, I tell you.

Nevertheless, I'm not here to talk about that.

Anyways, before classes started, I mapped out goals to do before I run out of free time. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete any of those goals because I had been very occupied with a lot of things.

Secondly, I would like to inform you all that my writing is going to take the back seat for now. Law school is demanding, and exhausting, and stressing and - It's crazy.

I just got through my first week and I'm already very dizzy with all the work I have to do, and all the cases I have to read and digest.

Truth be told, if I see another case, I'm going to barf. And that's saying much because I have to study 16 cases tomorrow for my graded recitation on Monday. And 200 more cases before Friday.

And what's more hellish is the fact that before I sleep at night since last week, I have been thinking of a fantasy romance plot for a story, and have been polishing character details in my mind. What's hellish is the fact that I don't have time to put it into paper!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

I've also been itching to write an update for Keeping the Casanova and for He Caught Me but I just don't have the effing time!

It's disappointing and frustrating, plus the fact that my stress levels are soaring high up because of law school - my sanity has been treading on a very thin thread and very soon, I'm gonna snap. And when that happens, I will have to bitch-slap someone senseless to relieve stress. (Any volunteers?)

Anyways, that's it.

I'm not really going on a temporary hiatus, but I will have to say that I'm not going to be updating as frequently as before. Please understand and please be patient. You're going to be of a lot of help to me if you just be patient. Thank you very much.


Friday, June 3, 2011

The Quiescent Kind

... a one-shot.

Just to clarify any questions...
YES, I AM DaniFire

I made two versions: one for Soompi, the non-gasoo version, and the Wattpad & FictionPress version. I cater to different readers so I decided to make two versions.

The Quiescent Kind

Dear May,

Let me start by quoting the eternal words of our favorite ol’ William… "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind..." You made a mistake because you were in love with him but I still do think that it was better that you knew everything before it was too late.

Then, let me add my own quote because I know ol’ William and I share the same passion for poetry… “It is better to lose a lover… Than to love a loser.”

I know that no truer words have ever been spoken. And I know you’re probably rolling your eyes out because of sheer exultation for the showcase of my poetic prowess.

Ah, well, if you must know, I am honor-bound to act like a dork and sound completely idiotic just to make you feel better. But seriously, Baby Girl, this is the moment of truth. I’m completely being serious here… No sh*t!

In light of the two versions, I also made two posters & character charts.

The Original Fiction Version poster & character chart (For Wattpad).

The Soompi Non-Gasoo Version poster and character chart. (For Soompi Forums)


The Original version will be uploaded on FictionPress under DaniFire and on Wattpad under shatteredteardrops.

The Soompi version will be posted on Soompi Forums under DaniFire because it's been so long since I've used that account. =)


The Original Fiction Version - Wattpad & FictionPress.

The Soompi Non-Gasoo Version - Soompi Forums

What a shocking development in my writing career, isn't it? =)

shatteredteardrops a.k.a. Dia a.k.a. Dani a.k.a. DaniFire

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Week of Summer

This week is actually my last week "free"...

That is because my classes will start on June 6, Monday next week. But before that, I have a few things to do... Like buy school stuff, arrange my living quarters in the city, and buy some new clothes and things because I have a shortage of clothes.

I'm no longer gonna be wearing uniform so I need clothes, and because last month, I gave away most of my clothes to charity. So yeah... I need to do some shopping.


Before June 6 comes, I have a few goals set for myself.

  • Re-write and re-vise Bittersweet Reunion up to Chapter 6.
  • Update He Caught Me on Wattpad.
  • Update KTC Chapter 19.
  • Read more fiction books.

That's it! Hopefully, before I return to my boarding house on Sunday, I would have completed these goals for this week. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. =)


Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Shock

Chapter 18 of Keeping the Casanova...

Nukes are in this chapter. Muahahahaha *cough* *cough* I gotta practice my evil laugh more. XD


teresaa- - Chapter 18 will somehow answer Han Byul's connection to the F4. That's all I'm giving away. =) As for Eun Hye & Shin Hye, well, right from the start, I was already intending to put them into the story. haha It was all planned up.

inday_yu - Ji Hoo's story is a sort of side story so I won't elaborate on that unless it's needed. But I do love me some Ji Hoo so maybe I can write about it more. =) As for Jae Kyung and Woo Bin, I always have fun writing about this couple. XD

- Is Woo Bin making Jae Kyung jealous? Well... Hmmm... Maybe. But I have bigger plans for them. Muahahaha

- I also love the two of them! XD Muahahaha

deep.dreamer - Thank you! I hope you like Chapter 18 then. =)

Ahr3um - The Chapter was a bit short because it was a filler. =)

- I know, right? I mean, the first time I saw Mi Nam in You're Beautiful, I was totally thinking of Eun Hye in Coffee Prince! XD

- That's what I was trying to portray Woo Bin as. Someone who can be good for a night or lust, but not for love. Awwww. =(

carylmeasblue - True that! I believe some people are just hormonally-driven. LOL.

- I know exactly what you mean. =)

- Wow... I guess welcome back? haha Good luck on your studies, too! Hope you do well! =)

alasdair_vahn - There is a bigger reason why Woo Bin brought Jae Kyung to that restaurant. I write everything for a purpose, sometimes, the answer is just not that obvious. *winks*

paradoxist - It's alright! Studies first! =) I'm glad you still come back to read my story though. That really makes me feel nice. Muahahaha. Kidding! XD Good luck on your studies, too! Hope you do well! =) Don't worry. I'm going to continue sending PMs!

- Oh, sure... Surprises are my specialty. =)

leighannechan - Ditto! You can totally read my mind! =)

kly8 - He surely is! XD Come on, it's Jae Kyung we're talking about here. haha

- Thank you! XD

shar0nsaurus - The possibilities are endless if you just think about it. XD Muahahaha~!

Everyone, thank you so much for the continued support!
Opening of classes are nearing again so I might have a bit of hang up in updating 
but I promise to finish this story no matter what! =)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Twitter Avatar!

Cause I'm a retard like that. LOL.

Follow me on Twitter! Let's be friends!

(Yes, that's a Naruto hitai-ate (forehead protector) right there.
Yes, that's me wearing the hitai-ate.
Yes, I love Naruto.)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I was tagged by  Alliza~~!
Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
You have to choose and tag ten people.
Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
No tag backs.
Have Fun.
1. I'm boyish.
2. I was a varsity player in basketball & Taekwondo before.
3. I write love stories.
4. I love Kpop.
5. I'm a listener. (than a talker)
6. I'm near-sighted.
7. I'm the eldest daughter in the family.
8. I used to sing in a band. (and compete in battle of bands)
9. I self-learned Photoshop.
10. I love chocolates.

That's it! =)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

To The Readers of...

...The Crimson Insignia & Ignominy,

First off, I would like to apologize for dragging you all into a world solely existing inside my mind, and leaving you hanging for several months. For making you wait, for making you expect, for making you excited... only to disappoint you in the end...

I'm sorry.

There is no excuse for such behavior and I solely take the blame for my mistake.

I have been in a constant battle against myself these past few months, trying to discern just what exactly should I do with my story. There were moments when I was caught up in a block, but pressed on and posted an update for you, guys... Those moments made me breathe a sigh of relief, but I knew that I was slowly losing the will to continue.

Don't get me wrong. Before I start any story, I have already laid out the trail of twists that will follow. I have always been a planner. The planning and the twists to put in the story is not the problem.

The problem is the lack of motivation. The lack of will to continue. It is not something that readers can demand for. It is something intangible and intimate that exists between a story and the writer.

Every story that I have created is like a child of mine, since it is something that came out of my own hands. I tend to it with care, late-night brainstorming and endless hours of typing. The work simply does not end after I post the first chapter. In fact, the needs of these "children"of mine increase once they are released into the vast world of the web.

I have had the opportunity to mother several "children". And I do admit it is hard. After all, I lead a double life. An offline life, and an online life. It's especially exhausting when my off-line life gets hectic and I have to get away from my online life for long periods of time.

When I started these stories, I really wanted to finish them.

But along the way, things didn't work out, and I just have to let go.

I perfectly knew that if I continued to write these stories despite the lack of motivation, it wouldn't be something that "the best of me" created. It will not have my heart in it. It would be like updating for the sole satisfaction of the readers, but without me in it. It would be like raising a child without love.

And so, I decided to discontinue writing TCI and Ignominy.

Since these stories are children of mine, I do not have the heart to kill them and say good-bye. Rather, I'd want to say "See you later" to them. I am not merely proposing an indefinite hiatus from writing these stories, rather I want to shelf them up and open them for later - a time when I can look at them again and maybe have the strength to correct my mistakes and finally finish them.

To sum up, I would like to apologize for not finishing the stories I've started. I apologize for starting an adventure with you guys, and not being able to finish it up until the very end.

I take all the blame and I apologize.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love and Lust

...Chapter 17 of Keeping the Casanova

Before I post the replies, I hope you guys don't mind if I rant a little bit.

Today isn't a very good day for me. My Dad left to work overseas, and I don't know when I'll be able to see him again. It was an abrupt departure and we weren't really expecting it. All of a sudden, he just received a call from his agency at 10 in the morning and by mid-day, he had to go to the airport and leave.

I was still asleep when he left. He didn't say good-bye. And I actually prefer it that he didn't.



swtxlilqt95 - Secret!!! wahahaha

inday_yu - Han Byul's appearance in the lives of the F4 definitely rocked their world. They're now thinking of their own futures! =)

natashaz - You have been added to the PM List!

yeongweonhi02stary - Well, I am trying my best to juggle out the three pairings I have going on in this fic. haha

alasdair_vahn - Correct! Han Byul is that influential! LOL.

Trixie9394 - I don't think Ga Eul is the one Kristofer Valfrid is looking for. =)

dee:) - Yeah, well, I kind of still don't know what to write about them at the moment so I'm diverting some attention towards the other pairs. LOL. I'm abnormal.

leighannechan - Me, too! I can't wait! XD

- Why do I get the feeling that you read minds? Especially mine? Wahahaha

deep.dreamer - LOL. Possibly. haha

- Ji Eun's identity is finally revealed in Chapter 17, plus the introduction of another character! XD

kly8 - Kristofer Valfrid's story shal be unveiled in the near future. *winks* Oh, if Ji Hoo pancakes are sold somehwere, I'd buy at least a dozen! Along with Ji Hoo! Bwahahahaha (lunatic  fan-girl mode)

carylmeasblue - I think so, too! LOL.

aliceex - Thank you! It's alright! =)

iaimeyouS2 - Haha Not really. XD

jaequeen - Whoah... What do you think will happen?! Tell me!!! I'm just curious... haha

sylvia_psf - Thank you! And your welcome! =)

isdupt15 - There is a reason why I'm still not writing about SoEul. *winks*



For Chapter 17, the highlights are:
  • Ji Eun's real identity is revealed.
  • A new character is introduced.
  • More on Jae Kyung & Woo Bin. 

I didn't write an update on SoEul because in all honesty, Chapter 17 is a filler chapter which will only fill space for a bit of development dedicated to the minor characters. Next Chapter, I'm going to drop nukes and bombs regarding SoEul as well as the real Father of Han Byul. Watch out for it! =)

Thank you so much for your continued support! =)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Will be AFK for two weeks..

AFK means Away From Keyboard..

I will be away from writing, posting and updating in the coming two weeks because of two reasons: 1.) Processing my law application, 2.) Trying to find employment for my lazy ass.

Seriously, the law application has been dragging on for too long because of the fact that the teachers, whose signatures I need to have on a piece of paper called a clearance, aren't showing up when I need them to.

Also, I just happened to take note of a job opening in a government office where I did my on-the-job-training. They have an opening for a clerical position so I was hoping I could apply.

Since law classes start at 5PM in the afternoon, I have the whole day free. That would be just enough time for me to take on a part-time job or a full-time one.

Wish me luck! =)

Will update after I'm through with these responsibilities...


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mending What's Broken

 Chapter Sixteen of Keeping the Casanova

Author's Note: 
For the last Chapter, you guys mentioned Kristofer Valfrid was an ass for saying that the F4 were gay. I'd like to clarify that I tried to see an outsider's perspective who might learn about the F4 for the first time, hence, it was that way. I meant no disrespect, okies? =)


alasdair_vahn - True. There are still a lot of things that the F4 hasn't experienced so I try my best to write about them gaining experiences for character growth. Also, Ji Hoo is a heart surgeon, his specialty is operating on heart patients so even though he's a doctor, technically speaking, his field of expertise is different. Thanks for reading!

darkrainbowday-x - Aah.. Of course. Babies are the one of the hardest things to handle for a handsome gangster. haha

xloserr - I like Woo Bin and Jae Kyung, too, but since this is mainly a SoEul story, I try to focus more on Yi Jung and Ga Eul's relationship. *winks*

inday_yu - Ahahaha Incompetent child handlers! I love that line! XD

- And thank you for reading! I try my best to inject humor as much as I could.. =)

- I couldn't stop myself from adding a little snippet of Woo Bin's inner turmoil at the end.. I think it balances the whole cheerful atmosphere. =)

- I know, right? XD

- And you are absolutely right. There is no way I'm going to leave Woo Bin hanging! =) I'm updating more frequently because it's summer here in the Philippines!

- That's a possibility. *winks*

babypillow - Yeah! The F4 are so manly, they make everyone else pale in comparison! =)

iaimeyouS2 - I know! That's why I wrote that! Finally! Someone who understands the logic behind why Mr. Valfrid called the F4 gay! =)

sylvia_psf - Thank you! And thanks for reading! =)

carylmeasblue - Aww.. All of us want some happy ending for Prince Song. =)

teresaa- - Woo Bin's impotence is a sort of twist I didn't plan on putting but was very glad I put it in anyways.. Thanks for reading!

shar0nsaurus - Han Byul's father? Keke It's going to be a little shocker. XD

deep.dreamer - Actually, impotence may mean can have sex but not be able to fertilize the egg cells of the female. =)

Ahr3um - The real father will be revealed... soon. XD

- Ga Eul PAWNED another guy! XD

yeongweonhi02stary - Agree! Low sperm count doesn't mean no sperm! LOL.

jaequeen - Please wait! haha Even if you can't! =)

Everyone, thank you very much for the support! =) 
See you on the next chapter!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Future Plans

I've always been open about my plans to enter law school this coming June. And that's fixed as a tee, completely permanent and non-negotiable.

Aside from that, recently, I've been thinking about what to do about my writing. What are my future plans? What do I am to accomplish in the future? What else am I going to write about?

Well, to start off, I plan to graduate from writing SoEul stories. That's after I finish writing KTC, of course. I feel like it really is time for me to move on. I'm not giving up my hope for the Bumsso couple to reunite but I'm giving up writing about SoEul.

I would like to thank the fans of SoEul as well as Bumsso for serving as the readers of my stories for the last two years. To the readers at LU, Soompi, AF, and FF.net, thank you so much for the love. You have been my biggest motivation and for that, I really owe a lot to all of you.

I'm still going to finish KTC so you guys still have something to watch out for.. =)

Currently, aside from KTC, I'm beginning to concentrate more on working on original fiction stories (non-gasoo). Recently, I've registered on Wattpad.com and has posted one short story. I'm planning to write more original stuffs so I hope that you still continue to show support to me by reading my works.

As for my other stories on Soompi (TCI and Ignominy), well, I'm still thinking really hard about what to do to them... My head says I should just close their threads since it's been so long since I updated but my heart just couldn't simply give them up...

Well, that's it for now. =)


Friday, April 15, 2011

Good and Bad

I just started my Twitter Account!
Let's be friends!
Follow me on Twitter! I'll follow you back! =)

Chapter 14 of Keeping the Casanova.. 


__krazydaisy96 - Thank you! I will! =)

__carylmeasblue  - Thank you! YesS!! I survived College!!! Bwahahahaha! I am so awesome! XD Good luck to you, too! Law school, well, yeah... I bet it'll be hecka busy but I will still continue this story.=) Puahahaha! Get me as your lawyer? I wouldn't do that if I were you. I have a tendency to fan-girl at random times. LOL. XD Kidding!

__alasdair_vahn - Thank you! I'm still thinking for the twist of the DNA test though... Bwahahaha!

__dee:) - Thank you! Yep, I'm trying to enjoy my break for now. Hopefully, I get to accomplish lots of things... *keeps fingers crossed* GO AWAY LAZINESS!!! XD

__Trixie9394 - Thank you! I haven't actually gotten into a law school yet. I have to take entrance exams first. =) And thank you to you, too, for patiently waiting for me to get out of my hibernation from writing. =)

__kly8 - Thank you! =)

__Ahr3um - Thank you! XD hahaha There's going to be a twist on Han Byul's parentage. *winks*

__auriella_varela - Thank you! I'm not yet a law student, by the way. I still have to take an entrance exam to qualify. The exams are to be given starting next month so I still have a few weeks before I officialy become a law student. =)

__deep.dreamer - haha Not yet... That's just the tip of the iceberg, baby. *winks*

__inday_yu - A twist shall come on the result of teh DNA test! XD

__jayz79 - Thank you for the patience and the comment! =)

__mangga2711 - Thank you! Hope everything goes well for you, too! =) And thank you so much for the patience in waiting for my updates!

__yeongweonhi02stary - The Casanova taking care of the baby would be epic... Plus, being assisted by the other F4! Damn! That would be sooooo LOL. XD hahaha Thank you! Yep, memorisation and stuff... Ugh... I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

__jaequeen - Woo Bin and Jae Kyung, well, haha I think I'll update about them on the next chapter... Not in this one. =)

__iaimeyouS2 - Well, I bet you're nice in your own way, too. =) Thank you and thank you to you, too, for the patience and support!

__leenie2236 - I love writing about them, too! XD Do I like Mario? Heck, I ASDFGHJK LOVE HIM!!! I first saw him in Crazy Little Thing Called Love, then in Love of Siam... haha You're Thai? Cool! XD

__sapphirever - I couldn't agree more. XD

__paradoxist - The real appa of the baby is.... *dun dun dun dun* *winks*

__leighannechan - You're welcome, and thank you for the comment, too!

__teresaa- - haha The Mafia and The Heiress... I think that's a cool title! Hmmm...

__swtxlilqt95 - Good luck on your studies! Hope you do well! =)


Everyone, thank you so much for the support! =)

the nonviolent torturer,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hot, Cold and Lukewarm

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chapter 13 of Keeping the Casanova has been posted on LU, Ff.net, AF and Soompi!
I finally updated! Horaaaay! XD

Hopefully, I can post regular updates from now on. =)
Let's keep our fingers crossed now, shall we?



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whoever you are...

from so-IN-love (Read More?)
This reply is probably a year too late and I apologize. It's only recently that I've been able to view the comments in my blog posts so here is a long overdue reply to Miss so-IN-love, whoever you are. =)

First off, yes, I am the same shatteredteardrops (shattered_teardrops) from Winglin, LU, Asianfanfiction.com, Fanfiction.net and Soompi who wrote Capturing the Casanova and Keeping the Casanova. haha Ironic, isn't it? That I am able to weave spunky romance stories though my own love story doesn't even come close to having a happy ending... =)

Aha! So you're a Filipina, too? Nice to meet you! =) I'm glad I was able to reach out to my fellow Filipinos through my writing!

Yes, I do agree that this may be the sharpening process for both of us. Relating this to the SoEul pair, Chan Sung may have been my potter's kiln which burned me but made me stronger in the process.  Yes, I've watched One More Chance and you have no idea how much that movie hit me with so much emotion because I was able to relate to Bash (Bea).

Thank you so much for leaving footprints in my blog. You have no idea how much you've made me happy knowing that I was able to touch another person's life through my story.

As of the moment, I am happy and contented. I am single but committed, and let's leave it at that. *winks* I'm no longer filling my head with delusions of getting back with Chan Sung because I have my whole life ahead of me. I'm entering law school on June and that's what I'm prepping myself for. =)

Again, thank you very much, Miss so-IN-love, whoever you are. And if you happen to read this, I wish you happiness in life as well. May you have a love story that transcends even story books and novels, and maybe, if by the moment you find love and have no one to share it with, I'm very much open to listen.

God bless you and take care! =)


Friday, April 1, 2011

The Long Awaited

To update those of you who are still waiting, well, truth is, I'm still working on an update for Keeping the Casanova. Currently, the word count is 1, 464... My minimum word count per update is 2, 000, so you'll just have to wait a little more. I might update next week.

Another trivia about this update is that, this was 98% typed on my handy dandy celphone. Yep, you read right. On my phone. I just got a new phone as a present from my Dad. It's a Nokia E63 and it really suited my needs as a person, reading-wise and writing-wise. =)

If you guys want proof that I'm working on an update, here's a little screenshot:

Are you guys excited? keke


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mobile Blogging Trial Post

So, i'm trying out if i could post blog updates directly from my phone to my blog.. And this is a trial post.. Haha

Actually, since my laptop is being hoarded by my brother, I thought of using my phone as an alternate medium for posting. XD

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Edit and Fix

Today, starting 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I edited the messed up code tags of Ignominy on Soompi Forums... I briefly stopped for dinner and continued editing again. Currently, it's 11:18 in the evening and I've finally finished fixing the messed up tags of all 26 Chapters.

I also have to fix the messed up tags of my other stories on Soompi. Don't ask my why I trouble so much... I'm OCD like that...

Here's a small preview of how the newly fixed Ignominy thread on Soompi Forums look like...

Anyways, just to get some points across, I would like to clarify that I'm not abandoning my unfinished stories. Everything is just so crazy right now because I'm graduating from College on March 25.

Although it has crossed my mind to just abandon my stories when my flashdisk got lost, I realized that my stories are my children. They're the offspring of my love for writing and my late-night typing, so if I abandon them, it's just like abandoning my children... And I just can't take that...

So, hopefully, within the next few weeks, I finally conjure an update for you guys.

Again, I apologize for the long wait. Please bear with me...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oopsie Daisies~

Okay, I just checked my Mediafire Account and realized that I have unintentionally deleted the PDF file of Capturing the Casanova. That means, the download link for that PDF file doesn't work anymore.

I didn't know this until today. And it has probably been months that the link wasn't working. For this, I apologize.

Anyways, I've re-uploaded CTC PDF file on Mediafire and the link has been changed. I've updated the download link in this blog so it should work just fine. teehee

That's it!

As for updates, patience, my dear minions. =)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fans and Idols (a one-shot)

TITLE: "Fans and Idols"
LENGTH: One-Shot
AUTHOR: Shattered Teardrops

Before you read the story, 
please watch the video below 
to better picture out the story. =)


I watched him with my head tilted sideways in pure awe and wonder. His eyes were closed, his head was nodding rhythmically, following the tempo. His hair was slick and wet with perspiration that I suddenly felt an urge to tangle my fingers among them. His red luscious lips were parted as he drew out ragged breaths in exhilaration.

And even though it seems as if there was nothing more fascinating than the sight of him in his full musical glory, I allowed my sight to travel far down from his face, only to be greeted by the feast of his bare torso, slick and wet with perspiration just like his face.

The whole picture was eye-gasmic; if ever there’s such a term.

He was sitting like a king on his throne - a drummer’s stool; in his right hand, his fingers were twirling his drumstick in between the pauses of his accolade. His hips were gyrating to the beat of the song to which he was playing a drum cover.

Aptly, the song was 2PM’s Heartbeat.

It was titillating, enthralling and captivating - errotic even. Does he even know what kind of effect he has on me? What about the people who might see him like this? I wonder if they’ll have the same reaction as me... Hmmmm...

I watched him loose himself between the loud bangs and clangs of the drum. His head was whipped from side to side as he was lost in the rhythm of the song. He didn’t even need to look at the percussion instruments he played before him because he knew them by heart.

A small smile tugged at my lips. Whenever there was music, he was in his element. And everything else was secondary - everything else never really did matter to him. That was the main reason why he left me in the first place - to pursue music.

At this thought, the smile on my lips turned into a bitter one.

God, I love this man...

I momentarily closed my eyes as I watched from a distance. I needed to remind myself that no matter how much I loved this man, I wasn’t anyone important to him. Just like everything else, I’m just secondary to his music.
Finally, the hype of the song slowly proceeded to its denouement. The drum beats slowed down until everything faded into silence. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled warmly.

“Was it good?” He asked.

I smelled a wee bit of liquor on his breath as he came closer.

“Perfect.” I answered as I pushed the stop button on the camcorder I was holding. “Now, all we have to do is to have it edited, and you’re good to go to upload it online.” I smiled and handed him the camcorder.

“Just like that, huh?”He asked and set the camcorder down on the nearby table.

“Yes. Just like that.” I replied and picked up my coat hanging from the back of the nearby chair. “Now, as much as I’d like to stay awhile, my work here as your camerawoman is done.” I purposely stated and turned my back on him.

‘A moment’s fascination with him is enough...’I thought to myself bitterly.
I was suddenly halted from walking away by two strong limbs which encircled themselves around me. Taken aback by his sudden boldness, I spied a half-empty bottle of brandy by the desk and vaguely smelled it on him.

“Don’t go...” I heard him say.

“You’re drunk, Min Woo... You better get yourself sober and rest. You still have a schedule to follow through tomorrow. Manager-sshi will not like it if you showed up drunk.” I tried to sound sensible but knew deep inside me that I was faking it.

This - the way his arms were encircled around me - it felt so damn right that it scares me.

“F*ck the schedule... I want to be with you...” He said and nuzzled his face at the back of my head. “Stay.” It sounded like a command to me and I knew deep in my heart that I really wanted to follow it and just allow myself to drown with him for one night.

But it was against my better judgment, and I knew him too much to know that he wouldn’t even remember it in the morning.

“I can’t.” I almost choked on the words as I felt a huge lump forming at the base of my throat.

Here he was - the love of my life - asking me to stay with him for the night, and yet I refuse. This was Noh Min Woo we’re talking about here, the very same man whose mere gaze makes the hearts of girls swoon in delight - just as he does with mine.

“Stay... Please...” He repeats again, this time a little more pleading as I felt his arms grow tighter around me.

I fumble for words to say, to mask out the hurt and painful struggle that I was feeling at the moment, and ended up saying, “Yah... Chugo re?” God, I sounded awful.

I heard him chuckle behind me, and slowly, I felt him withdrew both his hands. “Just as I thought...”He said with a bitter smile. “I will never be able to persuade you into anything... I’m just a musician after all.” He shrugged his shoulders with a helpless expression on his face.

“Ani...” I turned to look at him with a smile. “You’re Noh Min Woo, musician extraordinaire, have you forgotten?” I reminded him.

“And you? You are Park Hyo Sang, my number one fan.” He grinned sheepishly.

You know that one moment when you grasp for words to describe what you’re feeling but you’re so overwhelmed that you fail? Then you just smile... And that just describes everything.

“That’s right. I am, and I will always be your number one fan.” I repeated, this time in a confident and cheerful tone.

Even though I can’t be as important to him as his music, at least he knows that I exist and he recognizes me as if his number one fan. For me, that’s enough.

“So, idol-sshi, I will be going now. Don’t drink too much next time or else I will tell Manager-sshi...” I threatened. “See you!” I waved and turned my back on him to leave.

“Yah! Fan-aghasshi! Whoever made the rule that idols and fans can’t fall in love...” He paused.

I turned my heel around and faced him once again, waiting for what he was about to say. “Well?” I prodded, curious of where his next statement was going to lead.

He smiled sheepishly, “Well, whoever said that idols and fans can’t fall in love... probably hasn't met us yet...” He said with a boyish smile on his face.
I smiled back at him but held back a response. I threw him one final wave and turned my heel one last time to leave.

‘Us? Falling in love?’ I mused. I do believe that we’re way past that stage. It’s just that the circumstances just don’t spin in our favor yet. But in time, I believe it will be.

As a fan, I have the obligation to keep him safe from whatever scandal that might hurt him and his career. He just begun venturing into other areas aside from music, I can’t possibly do something to hurt his growing career. That would be utterly selfish of me if I did those.

Besides, even before Noh Min Woo became Trax’s Rose, even before he became Pasta’s Phillip, even before he became Gumiho’s Park Dong Joo and even before he became Boohwal, he was my childhood friend and first love. And that is that.


Author's Note:

This is my first attempt to thwart myself out of Hiatus. Although, of course, I'm still struggling due to the loss of my handy dandy flashdisk. *sigh* I had to re-write all the updates I was planning to post online. Hopefully, although I'm a bit occupied by my OJT and Thesis Project, I can have enough time to re-write everything I've lost. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Lost Ranmaru.. TT_TT

Ranmaru, ladies and gentlemen, is my 4Gig Flashdrive which has been with me for two years already. Ranmaru is in charge of keeping all my school work files and even my written stories.

I lost him. =(

I also lost the chapters I've started working on since I was planning to get out of hiatus. I also lost the soft copy of my thesis and research paper. I lost all the original Word documents of all my stories.

In short, I'm left with none so I have to re-copy everything that I have posted online. And the ones I've started writing, I can't recover. =(

This is all just so upsetting.

Oh, and yeah, on a lighter note, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! =)

*scurries back to the corner and resumes mourning for Ranmaru*

Saturday, January 8, 2011


To My Readers,

I regret to inform you that I will be going in an indefinite hiatus from writing my current unfinished stories. I have been struggling since last year to post updates and I'm really sorry to inform you that my schedule really isn't being very helpful right now.

Like I've said over and over again, I am a Senior in College and I'm still struggling to graduate this year. Hopefully. I have an on-the-job training to take care of, plus a Thesis to complete (I haven't even started it yet.). That and the usual school load including projects, exams and stuff like that.

Also, I have a lot of extra-curricular activities lined up. I'm part of our University's Debating Team and I've got a series of Debates lined up where I'm supposed to travel to far places. We just won the Regional Competition in Oxford-Oregon Format for the Philippine Association of Universities and State Colleges yesterday. That means, I and my team mates are going to have to proceed to the National Level of the Competition on February 20-21, 2011. I don't exactly know where we're going for the National Level. I'm not sure if it's going to be in Isabela or in Vigan but surely, we're going to have to travel.

Aside from that, I'm also going to compete in a Debate Competition among Political Science students all over the Philippines on January 28-30, 2011 using the Australasian Format of Debate, and that will be in Iligan. That's pretty far from where I am so that means travel as well.

So, yeah, I have no choice but to announce an indefinite hiatus from writing, and practically my online life as Shattered Teardrops. I apologize for this but I hope you understand that I have other priorities to settle aside from writing.