Thursday, April 30, 2009

I want to be...

an Author who would be long remembered by the readers.

I want to be an author whose stories would be cherished by the readers. I want them to remember me as an author who made them laugh and cry through the different events in the stories I've written. I also want to be an author whose works would be wanted by the readers.

Through writing, I want to give different perspectives about life and hopefully, touch hearts...

For me, writing has always been something that I wished to vehemently excel at. I do not write out of responsibility. Truth be told, the only time I was a member in the school publication was when I was in grade school. I was even a photojournalist back then, not a writer.

I write to my heart's content. You could say that it's a selfish reason for writing but that's just the way I am. I don't care if I had many readers or none at all. What matters is I get to fully express my thoughts through words.

However, through the years that I have come to write and interact with different people, I've learned to value my readers. I feel glad whenever I get different reactions from them. I feel happy when I am able to elicit emotions out of them.

This is my driving force... My readers' emotions.

And my passion? It has always been writing.

I've always felt at ease with words.

As we all know, the world isn't full of butterflies and rainbows. It's a dog-eat-dog world for aspiring writers such as me. Although I wish for my works to be published, I also know that I have to be more practical.

For an amateur writer, pursuing a career in writing would be a staggering move. Especially in the Philippines where most writers don't get the due recognition that should be bestowed on them.

So here I am... Although I aspire to be an author, I chose to pursue a major in Political Science. And hopefully, I shall proceed to take up Law and become a Law student.

For now, I am contented with having readers from various places and interacting with them through the internet. I will continue to write more stories that could touch people's lives. I will continue and tirelessly write because this is my passion.

I wish to keep this passion burning and to be honest, I still haven't given up on my aspirations to be able to publish my own book someday.

The world is full of possibilities. I can't lose hope yet. =)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"A Set-up"

The Crimson Insignia Chapter 09

It's been a few days since I updated, is it not? Anyways, the new chapter is up. More brainteaser for the prankster on Miharu. This time, the prank has gone to a new height due to an arrow that nearly hit Miharu. Tsk, tsk... Dangerous, I say...

Omo... And Saitou Kenta saved Miharu from an oncoming arrow! haha So... does this mean that Kenta isn't the wolf in a sheep's clothes that you guys somehow suspected? I wonder...

Also, a hint has been given in this Chapter. The one saying that Kairan Academy isn't what it seemed. It's more than just an Academy. What do you think lies as a secret inside Kairan? =)

Anyways, here are the replies...

"if the principals boss is ryous father then could it be that he is her bro and that something like happened with the mother and the president? so their like half bro and sis .. if you get me.. cos i dont anymore x)"
-- haha If Miharu is Ryou's sister, then why would Ryou's Father want her out of Kairan? Furthermore, whose daughter is Miharu? Is she really the daughter of the Prime Minister? Or if she's Ryou's sister, then, could she be the daughter of the Principal? But if she's the daughter of the Principal, why would he want her out of Kairan? haha I know it's a little puzzling. Everything shall fall into place, I promise.
"i think the pranks are being done by the nerd girl ! cos she seems suspicious"
-- Why are all nerds being suspected? hehe

"Miharu is one lucky girl - she has two hot guys caring for her, knows self-defense and just to rub it in, she's the daughter of the Prime Minister!"
-- You say that now but believe me, she has more flaws than we credit her for. =)
"Asuka is so going to be a major character in this story, right? I mean, she could be Azrael's accomplice or, even worse, daughter! How old is he, anyways? Well, I know for sure that the shy girl and the other girl, Reiko, are going to be very important in this."
--Yes, Asuka will be a major character. Well, everybody is a major character in this story. I didn't put them in the story for no reason at all. =) Let's say... Asuka will 'unintentionally' bring out much of Miharu and Ryou's past. *winks*

"Correct me if I'm wrong, it's about the Dog Tags.
That's what soldies/marines/what's-its wear, right?
And when they're dead, the one who found them takes the tag,
Or brings them back to the family or the superiors, right?"
--Yes... I believe it has been mentioned in Chapter 01 that Shin was actually a former American military sniper, right? Before he was taken in by Indeco... hehe About the video-editing software, I'm actually planning to purchase one and try a hand at trailer-making so I'm asking around. I probably wouldn't have enough time for that but there's no harm in trying, right? Thanks! =)

"Don't tell me Asuka is the principal's daughter?
But it makes more sense because she actually "talked" to Ryou... right?"
-- Nope... That would be too cliche and predictable now, would it? *winks* She can actually talk to Ryou because she's got connections with him.

"1.Those 2 girls ,I doubt I'll like them.
Now ,Ryou's suspicion seems to match with the situations :
If his father is the one doing this ,then he asked, let's say ,Asuka(I'mguessing also they might have a connection) to do this to Miharu and he can cover up for her in case of anything ."
-- Both of the girls have their fair share of unique character traits. =) Why are nerds always being suspected of bad things? haha But keep those guesses coming, just in case.
"Now all it's left is "Why" :
1.In case Ryou's father made "her" do this to Miharu ,it's because something happened in the past ,maybe their families were close and when that "My hand are filled with blood"thing happened that caused those two to break up or end any realtionships they might have had ,the same happened with their families .
On a side note :I'm guessing maybe Miharu's mom died then and that might have something to do with Ryou's father"
-- Wow! You pieced a lot of strings together! But I'm not confirming anything... =) I will confirm one thing though, since you seem to have a pretty logical view of things. When Miharu said that 'My hands are filled with blood', it had something to do with what occured in the past that made Miharu and Ryou to part ways. And it doesn't involve Miharu's mother. Her mother's story is another mystery.
"2.If he "didn't do it" and it's only that girl (Is it just one girl or are there more ?)that has a problem,then maybe she knows Ryous' and Miharus' past or actually she was involved in it too,like she had a crush on him or something like that ...or maybe she works for Azrael...or she and Ryou are related and she was upset because Miharu hurt her brother/cousin or whatever"
-- That could be possible... =)

-- Thank you! Glad you liked it~ =)

"hmmm i think it is a girl doing these pranks and it
couls just be because she doesn't like
her with those guys that she is always with..
or for some reason i think that that new girl
the one crying could be behind all this..."
-- Let's see what happens? =)

"and why is ryou dad mad with miharu?

-- That leaves to be answered. =)

-- It's okay~! You can make guesses when you're feeling better.

"I seriously can't trust anyone including that new girl, she seems too innocent"
-- As they say, the innocent-looking ones are always dangerous... *winks* But I wonder if she's really dangerous...

"I wanna know who's the one who made those pranks on her! For some reason I kinda think it's one of the guys."
-- Ahh... A different guess from the rest! We'll see... =)

Enjoy the new Chapter everyone~
I will be back for Chapter 10 with ShinxMiharu & RyouxAsuka double date!
I may also reveal the real score between Ryou and Miharu from their past~

Thank you for reading
The Crimson Insignia.
The chase is only beginning....

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dancing with the Devil...

an original fiction story by T34rSoFBLoOd @

Okay, so basically, I was revisiting my old home (, when I decided to browse around and look for a story to read to pass off a few hours. What I didn't know was that I would be in for a great read when I stumbled upon a story entitled "Dancing with the Devil".

The story is set in a high school and the main girl is named Persephone. Actually, the story is under the Fantasy Genre, making use of Greek mythological characters. Okay, so Persephone is exactly like a doll. She's pretty... And dumb. (Get the picture?) So, everyone practically doubts if she could get into College. And her a*s for a boyfriend even puts her down, saying things like "Honey, you're a doll. All you have to do is to be pretty. No need to think of College."

For some odd twist of fate, she suddenly becomes the smartest girl in the whole school. Like, ask her a question and she can immediately answer it. Of course, she didn't become like that without help from some magical entity (i.e. Hades). And thus, that's where her dance with the Devil started...

It's really an engrossing read. You guys should check it out. =)

Crimson Insignia Chapter 08

"An Issue of Trust"

For this Chapter, I decided to fill in events of their student life aside from the deadly pranks, undercover espionage missions and assassin chases. There are still a few brainteasers such as solving the puzzle of the culprit behind the pranks on Miharu. Mind you, people, I've left hidden clues like always. =)

Of course, I'd have to uphold the fact that they're mere students. Friendships develop over time. Crushes eventually occur, misunderstanding are inevitable and couples go on dates, right? Aside from this, I've added two female characters as it would be unrealistic if Miharu continued to be alone for the rest of the story.

Everyone, let's welcome the two new female characters!
Kazama Reiko - 2nd year student from Class 2-D
Akimoto Asuka - 2nd year student from Class 2-A

Since Shin was a give-away and the ex-boyfriend was a warm-up exercise. Be prepared to rant your brains out for the next chapters. Prepare for loads of oddly hidden clues~ ^_^
Also, Scott Featon has something to do with Shin's past.

Yosh, with that settled, let's move on to the replies~!

"*points finger wildly* i tell you! it's the nerdy kid!
(lmao, i know, you are the one writing this story, but really-
it has to be him!!!!!)
or someone in their class!!"
-- Okay, okay! Calm down~! ^_^ No need to be so worked up!
"that female who tried the flower pot thing is probably
just a pschyo female upset"
-- Hmm... If the one who played those pranks on Miharu is indeed an upset psycho female... Then, why would she be upset at Miharu? And why was she only upset now? Miharu has been going to Kairan for a few days already, right? ;)

"I'm thinking maybe ...Akira is her brother and he didn't want to tell her ..that ,if she doesn'tknow yet about the fact she has a brother"
-- Akira? Could be... hehe That's a possibility :)
"I mean :they both like Super bikes and "he might be good at hiding something "which could be the fact that they're related ...
Then after you mentioned Pride and I read your opinon on Saitou ,I said :Maybe Pride is Saitou and that way he might try to protect his sister ??"
-- Ehh? haha So many possibilities, right? That's why I just love mystery stories~! ^_^ Don't you?

"i wonder who
it is that wants her out...."
-- I wonder about that too... It's like so many people are out to get Miharu, right? *winks*

"Haha the beginning was wow
I thinking dirty thoughts too"
-- *points finger wildly at littleazntuyet* PERV~!!! XP just joking!
"Anyways I wonder whose pulling the pranks?!?
Maybe its one of Azrael's henchmen or just a jealous classmate
Anyways when Miharu said "My hands are filled with blood."
I think she meant something rhetorical like he stabbed her heart and
left it to bleed to death. Then she was reborn as in changing herself
completely into someone different or maybe Ryou said that to her before"
-- It might be rhetorical but it could also mean that maybe someone died in the past which caused Miharu and Ryou's rift, right? *winks*
"Well the nerd could be her brother and he knows that
somehow or the nerd is her brother and he doesn't know it
but when he does he wants to stop?"
-- Oh... So now Saitou Kenta is the brother? I thought you said that he might want to kill Miharu? hehe I got your brains racking out of curiousness, didn't I? XD

"i wonder who's playing all those mean pranks on her? a girl?!
that last one with the flower pot is very dangerous... tho very common in bullying...
i hope she's ok because shin is hurt too now.
but i'm glad they acknowledge shin and miharu now"
-- Yes, it appears that a girl has a motive to hurt Miharu... The better question is, why? What did Miharu do? =) And yes, I'm glad that Miharu and Shin seemed to have been officially acknowledged by Class 3-D!

-- Thank you. I feel flattered~ *grins* I've added you to the PM List but feel free to stalk if you like. =) Glad you liked my story!

"why is miharu getting pranked? i though class 3-d was close knit?
and im really sure its either ryou was the exboyfriend or there is some hidden past between them."
-- The reason why Miharu is being pranked shall be soon answered. And believe me, even close-knit groups have factions... :) That is all you need to know for now.

"i think that azreal is the teacher
maybe the nakamura is azreal
or maybe shin is azreal
okay maybe not lol
or maybe taiki is azreal
maybe their all azreal lol"
--All I have to say is that each character is essential. Who knows? Maybe Azrael is hiding among them.

-- Looks like I got a lot of people fooled by the first few sentences of the Chapter~! Haha It was fun reading the reactions... I thought I was the only perv around~!

"The nerd seem kinda of suspicious =.=" I wonder who he is. I'm so curious about the Azreal guy (wait, Azreal is a guy right??? =.="), I wonder who he is in the school >.<. And also about her past with Ryou, why she hate him so much. I'm guessing he's her first love. Wahhhhhh, so many questions I want answered =.=". Who is that b**** that's trying to kick her out of the school."
-- Yes, Azrael is a guy. As mentioned on the Teaser, we're looking for 4 men who would play a vital role in Miharu's life... =)

-- Thank you for summarizing how hot the characters are! haha Yes, I'd have to say that I've been a fan of Detective Conan back in the days. I've aso been a fan of Yukan Club, plus, I love mysteries, that's why I started this story. It's like a combination of everything I've come to love. *grins* You've been added to the PM List! Glad you liked my story!

-- Yes, I especially loved their first meeting! It's one of my most favorite chapters in this story! ^_^ Glad you liked it as well. Haha Taiki, well, he's supposed to put in some comic relief but he'll be playing a vital part in the story too. *winks* Thank you for reading my story~ And yes, you've been added to the PM List! =)

Minna-san, Arigatou for reading The Crimson Insignia!
I'll try my best to make the chase worth your time!
Good luck~! =)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crimson Insignia Chapter 07

"Welcome to Class 3-D"

Okay, so I've informed everyone that I left a big clue on Chapter 06 as to the degree of the relationship between Miharu & Ryou, right? Well, here is the clue:

“Miharu!” Ryou suddenly shouted, his eyes widening in surprise and shock. Though he was barely standing up, he managed to draw enough strength to walk nearer towards where Miharu, Nachi and Akira stood.

“Kago-san!” Shin shouted as well, taking necessary steps to shield Miharu from any apparent danger. Akira stood straight as well and stood beside Shin in front of Miharu, not allowing Nachi to come any closer to the only girl in the vicinity.

If you recall Chapter 06, I especially italicized the way Ryou and Shin called out to Miharu. Notice that Ryou called Miharu by first name while Shin called her 'Kago-san'. This is due to the fact that the degree of closeness between people can be determined by the way they address each other. People who address each other by first names depict closeness, such as in the case of husbands and wives, or people who are romantically involved. Sometimes, people use first names together with Japanese prefixes (-kun, -chan) and this can also be counted as a sign of closeness between two people. For example, Miharu calls Shin as 'Shin-kun' because he's supposed to be her boyfriend, right? However, we see that Shin still refers to Miharu as 'Kago-san'... I suppose this indicates that Shin is still not comfortable of showing the real him to Miharu... Could it be that the gentlemanly Shin we know inside Kairan Academy isn't the real him? Could be... *winks*

And I'd like to congratulate atta for figuring out the clue on Chapter 06! =)

Now, to answer comments, questions, speculations and deductions!

"1.If Ryou is her brother ,then who'sher boyfriend, because the only two possible left as ex-boyfriends are :Akira and Saitou ,but none of them seemed like they know her..."
-- Good deduction... =) I'm guessing your brain is being too revved up by this story, right? But then again, her brother still might now know that Miharu was actually his sister...
"2.If Akira is her bro ,then Ryou will be left as the boyfriend(since he's a more possioble choice then Saitou in this case),but ....wouldn't the boyfriend know about her brother ?Now why does she have a brother ?Are they real siblings ,or is he her step-brother ?I mean wouldn't her father miss his son,wouldn't he be left with,a "skar" or something yet he seemed perfectly normal ...maybe Miharu is not his daughter ?"
--Again, a lot of logical speculations! I must applaude you! =) But then again, if I answered your questions, I would be giving out the whole plot... So I suggest we wait for the future chapters to figure out things, huh? *winks*
"About Saitou :
All I can say there's something about him..maybe he's Azrael or he works for Azrael,and maybe it was his(Azrael) plan to get Shin as Miharu's bodyguard so it'll be easier to get to him..."
-- Does Saitou really seem like a bad guy? Tsk, tsk... I think Saitou-kun is really adorable... =)

-- Thank you for reading The Crimson Insignia! =)

--Aww... It's okay if you didn't find the clue. I'll have more to come. Maybe you'll have your chance in the future chapters... =)

Wow... A trailer? Sure! =) I've been meaning to make a trailer myself. I just don't have the patience to do something like that right now. By the way, what video-editing software do you use?

"ryou is part of some influential family as well &
miharu & ryou were close & THEN comes the whole
byfrd/glfrd deal"
-- Could be! That would be a very likely possibility... We'll just have to wait... =)
"kenta has GOT to be an evil henchman of some sort sleep.gif''
he's so desperate that even i would want to
punch him"
-- Why do you guys think that Saitou Kenta is the evil guy? I honestly find him adorable! Well, 'coz he's into super bikes and all... LOL. I sound biased, right? =)

-- Aww... It's okay if you didn't find the clue. =) There will be next time!

"I think that Ryou was dating Miharu, but
he secretly found out they were related
and he broke up with"
-- Wow! That would be a really good twist! =) Thank you for this one!
"I think that nerd is going to try to kill her "
-- Aww... Another person who thinks Saitou Kenta is the bad guy... haha We'll just have to watch out for Saitou Kenta then... =)

"i wonder why he quit/retired from fighting?"
--That leaves to be answered on the future chapters...
"well at least miharu and ryou are kinda talking..? so it couldn't have been all that bad could it? "
--Actually, it was more like Ryou called out to Miharu but Miharu didn't reply? haha That was in Chapter 06 and they weren't actually in civil terms with each other yet... =)

Thank you so much for the comments and deductions everyone. I hope you continue to support this story despite the fact that it's obviously making your heads ache... =)

By the way, for Chapter 07, more questions will surface and a new character comes into the picture. Pleas welcome... Pride! =)

Have fun everyone!

shattered teardrops


A.) working on Capturing the Casanova's PDF file...
B.) reading One Last Breath by Elle


A.)Capturing the Casanova PDF file...

Yes, everybody, I know that this story of mine have attracted quite a lot of soeul fans. And I know everyone's been dying for me to update the story. Actually, I have updated CTC yesterday and I'm quite glad because up until now, my PM list has been growing. It's a little tiresome to PM quite a lot of people though... And I don't even have someone to help me. But then again, that's fine since I have much time right now because of vacation.

I intend to finish CTC before vacation ends and hopefully, I can have some time to concentrate on finally finishing Ignominy and plotting more twist for The Crimson Insignia... =)


B.) One Last Breath by Elle

Why should this story be read?
Well... It features DBSK, as well as Lee Jun Ki and of course, Gillian Chung. Other than that, the author has weaved the story into an emotional roller coaster bringing the readers under its spell. I, personally, had experienced this story's roller coaster. Each character was unique and depthly personified. There were unexpected twists despite the fact that it's a dramatic story. Also, the author writes superbly! Something that's really rare within Winglin pages...

I have been reading this story for over a year. And to be frank, I've been a little disappointed when the author stopped updating for quite a few months. But now, I'm happy to announce that she's back! =)

Of course, aside from DBSK, the plot was also really interesting. It involves Gillian as the manager of a boarding house. Her borders were all males. Yep, the DBSK boys and Lee Jun Ki... She didn't know that all of them, except Changmin was involved in a plot to kill her! *gasp* Yeah, that's basically it... But there's more to the story than just that... I swear... It's a very interesting read! =)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crimson Insignia Chapter 06

"Why Do You Fight?"

So, before we proceed to the Chapter Analysis, I'd like to properly reply to everyone's comments on Chapter 05, okay? We're up for another batch of hawk-eyed predictions and hypotheses. *muhaha*

Shin was a dead give away, as he was easily introduced to the story as the bodyguard. So, he easily became the person meant to protect Miharu.
The ex-boyfriend is a warm up exercise for everyone's curious minds. *winks*
But the chase won't simply end there...

ah, yes... the maintenance was always wrong timing...
Yep, it was Jae Joong on the teaser...
Since I've long been drooling for him... XD

"I have a feeling that Ryou is Miharu's ex right? and that he is the person she wants revenge on?"
- As stated on the hint above, the ex-boyfriend is a warm up exercise. *winks*

What sharp eyes you have! =)
Yes, I intended to place those certain lines in there for a purpose. *winks*
We both have to earn money quickly. I've been dying to get those bikes!
And of course, you're welcome~

"what is the mystery between ryou and miharu's past relationship....."
-That is one of the mysteries to be uncovered. *winks*
Thanks for reading Capturing the Casanova as well as this one. =)
I'm quite flattered! *blush* But setting that aside, I'm still trying out everyone's chemistry
so it's a bit early to say if Shin and Miharu would go together...

"and i think that nerdy kid is going to be
part of some nefarious plot & do the usual
tracking devices on the bikes, sabotage bikes"
-That may be a possibility...
We'll just have to wait and see now, would we?

"usually nerds can hide very well somethings and his boss Goro-san ....
or maybe he'll become their buddy...
I'm also guessing that the silver Honda Blackbird Ryou had might have been from Miharu"
-Great deduction! Yes, nerds tend to hide things very well...
The better question is... What is he hiding?
Was it really from Miharu? We'll see...

"that guy ryou is her exboufriend or maybe was a friend of his"
-Maybe him or maybe a friend... We'll see...
Yes, Miharu was a bit lame the moment she woke up.
I mean, how could Shin be showing pornography if the man was fully
clothed? But then again, it maybe a sign that Miharu is a little too innocent
with regards to the opposite sex now, isn't it?

did she give ryou his bike too? or was it a hobby they both had?"
-Those may be possible... I wonder about those too...
But that leaves to be read on the future chapters... hehe

♥ 윤재민수천 ♥:
-Why thank you! I feel flattered when a reader follows up through
my stories... Thank you very much...
Hope you enjoy reading The Crimson Insignia as much
as you enjoyed Ignominy... =)

Everyone, thank you very much for taking time to read The Crimson Insignia. =)

Now, for Chapter 06...

Well, one thing I can say is that I left a very significant clue on this Chapter as to what degree of relationship did Miharu and Ryou once had. Can you guys guess which one was the clue? I'll be waiting for your awesome deductions! *winks*

Also, in this Chapter, we see that aside from being interested in super bikes, Saitou Kenta was begging Akira to teach him how to fight. Well, I wonder why did he seem so desperate?

Secondly, we see that Akira seemed to have retired from fighting but due to the situation at hand, he was again forced to fight. Why did he quit fighting?

For now, these are the obvious twists in the story. Again, clues are scattered everywhere. You guys just have to find them for yourselves... =)

shattered teardrops

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crimson Insignia Chapter 05

"The Ningyo's Nightmare"

Now, first and foremost, let me introduce you to the super bikes featured in this Chapter. Yes, I'm referring to Miharu's Oni (Ducati 1198) and Shin's Falcon (Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R).

But then again, I gotta set some things straight first.
a.) Yes, I do know a few things about big/super bikes.
b.) Yes, I do know how to drive and ride motorcycles.
c.) Yes, I've experienced driving a super bike.
d.) Nope, I don't own a super bike. (As much as I want to.) The one I've experienced driving was owned by someone I know (and dearly love).

Okay, now that those things are settled, let's proceed into one of our main agenda: Meeting Oni and Falcon. So yeah, here they are...
If you ask me, I would really love to have even just one of them. And personally, I prefer a Hayabusa than a Ducati, however, it costs thousands of dollars... Too much for my poor, poor self. *sigh*

Anyway, let's proceed to discussing the facts included in this chapter...

Well, we now have an idea what happened to Miharu's mother. However, that still doesn't answer the questions brought about by the previous Chapter, like:

Who was the person whom Miharu wishes to get revenge at?
What did he do? Why would Miharu want to take revenge on him?
Has Azrael entered Kairan Academy?
Did he accept the contract for Miharu's life?

So many questions, right?

But I do smell brewing predictions and deductions from the readers so let's see who's got some nice juicy stuff for us, okay?

mangoes_ :
"so whos the guy she keeps referring to
is it ryou? i think thats his name x)
and the other new kid.. could it be azrael? x)"

~Yes, I think you meant Ishiguro Ryou who seem to know Miharu from two years ago. Well, we just have to wait and see whether Ryou was really the person she wishes to get revenge on. And this new kid... I think you meant Saitou Kenta (from Chapter 2), the nerdy kid who wished to be strong that's why he entered Kairan... Is he Azrael? Hmm... That's a posibility... But I will not be confirming anything, anytime soon... The connections shall unfold itself over time... *winks*

Another guess from littleazntuyet:
"So it seems that Ryou knows her
I think Ryou made like that
That is my hypothesis"

~Yes, it does seem like Ryou knows her... But is he really the person she wishes to get revenge on? We'll see... =)

For this Chapter, we get more questions and still, no answers... However, I'd have to admit that Miharu seemed to get along well with Shin, doesn't she?

And we also see that Saitou Kenta, the nerdy transfer student from Kyotei Academy that came with Shin, has great interest in super bikes, which apparently, what both Miharu and Shin drove to school... Let's see what happens from here on... Okay?

Again, good luck with the chase...

shattered teardrops

Monday, April 13, 2009

Crimson Insignia Chapter 04


For this chapter, we finally see Kago Miharu as a student. Didn't she seem normal compared to how she sounded at the Prologue? Well, apart from the super-bike-Ducati-and-the-men-in-black-suits-entrance of course. Not to mention her fiery eyes.

In this chapter, we see a glimpse of how Kago Miharu's mind works. She's one cunning lady if you ask me. Also, it has finally been revealed that Miharu has a very personal reason for coming to Kairan Academy.

What is this personal reason?
And why does she sound like she's targetting someone for revenge?

Of course, I won't be answering these questions here as I don't want to spoil the story. However, let me assure you that answers will come in due time.

Oh, and another thing, two commentors from Soompi (mangoes_ & JulzxBBTxSoEul) mentioned that they suspected Saitou Kenta to be a fluke and was in fact, Kago Miharu in disguise. Well, for this one, I must say that this was a small distraction for the readers. Glad I was successful in that one.

Anyway, for now, I leave you guys with this chapter.
Hope you guys like it.

This is a chase. Be warned.
Every action, every detail, every character,
every move, every step,
everything has a purpose.

Good luck with the chase.

shattered teardrops

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crimson Insignia Chapter 03

"Thanatos' Obsession"

Who is Thanatos, you ask?

Well, if you've read the very first Chapter, as stated in Hara Shinichi's profile, his codename is Thanatos. So, yes, Thanatos is Hara Shinichi, our dear sniper and spy from Indeco or the International Defense Confederation.

Now, for Chapter 3, I would definitely say that research had a lot to do with how this Chapter was written. My classes on Asia's Political History had paid off because I actually knew bits and pieces about Japan's role in World War II.

As mentioned in Chapter 3, Japan has Article 9 which states that Japan renounces war and it forbids maintenance of any war potential in land, sea or even in air. Meaning, Japan does not boast of a strong defense system. It does not have an Army, even Naval or Air forces. It only has the Japanese Self Defense Forces which is made of individuals, more like their police.

Here is the original context of Article 9 in Japanese script:

"第九条 日本国民は、正義と秩序を基調とする国際平和を誠実に希求し、国権の発動たる戦争と、武力による威嚇又は武力の行使は、国際紛争を解決する手段としては、永久にこれを放棄する。

二 前項の目的を達するため、陸海空軍その他の戦力は、これを保持しない。国の交戦権は、これを認めない。"

Here's the Official English Translation:

"ARTICLE 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes. (2) In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized."

If you wish to know about Japan's Article 9, I suggest, you read up an article on Wikipedia explaining Article 9 in depth, including it's Historical background and interpretation. I bet this would be very nice trivial piece of information for everyone.

The Article is found here.

Moving on, Chapter 3 has also mentioned another character who is popularly known as "Azrael" or "Angel of Death", a famous assassin-for-hire in Asia who is also beginning to inflitrate the US as well as Europe.

I do not wish to give out much info as of the moment since it might spoil the plot. However, there's but one thing I can assure you of: Azrael will show more of himself on the succeeding Chapters. And it's your (the readers) mission to guess who Azrael is.

This is not just story. It's a chase. And as readers, you are part of it.
Hope you guys enjoy the surprises I have.

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