Sunday, April 19, 2009


A.) working on Capturing the Casanova's PDF file...
B.) reading One Last Breath by Elle


A.)Capturing the Casanova PDF file...

Yes, everybody, I know that this story of mine have attracted quite a lot of soeul fans. And I know everyone's been dying for me to update the story. Actually, I have updated CTC yesterday and I'm quite glad because up until now, my PM list has been growing. It's a little tiresome to PM quite a lot of people though... And I don't even have someone to help me. But then again, that's fine since I have much time right now because of vacation.

I intend to finish CTC before vacation ends and hopefully, I can have some time to concentrate on finally finishing Ignominy and plotting more twist for The Crimson Insignia... =)


B.) One Last Breath by Elle

Why should this story be read?
Well... It features DBSK, as well as Lee Jun Ki and of course, Gillian Chung. Other than that, the author has weaved the story into an emotional roller coaster bringing the readers under its spell. I, personally, had experienced this story's roller coaster. Each character was unique and depthly personified. There were unexpected twists despite the fact that it's a dramatic story. Also, the author writes superbly! Something that's really rare within Winglin pages...

I have been reading this story for over a year. And to be frank, I've been a little disappointed when the author stopped updating for quite a few months. But now, I'm happy to announce that she's back! =)

Of course, aside from DBSK, the plot was also really interesting. It involves Gillian as the manager of a boarding house. Her borders were all males. Yep, the DBSK boys and Lee Jun Ki... She didn't know that all of them, except Changmin was involved in a plot to kill her! *gasp* Yeah, that's basically it... But there's more to the story than just that... I swear... It's a very interesting read! =)

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