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Crimson Insignia Chapter 07

"Welcome to Class 3-D"

Okay, so I've informed everyone that I left a big clue on Chapter 06 as to the degree of the relationship between Miharu & Ryou, right? Well, here is the clue:

“Miharu!” Ryou suddenly shouted, his eyes widening in surprise and shock. Though he was barely standing up, he managed to draw enough strength to walk nearer towards where Miharu, Nachi and Akira stood.

“Kago-san!” Shin shouted as well, taking necessary steps to shield Miharu from any apparent danger. Akira stood straight as well and stood beside Shin in front of Miharu, not allowing Nachi to come any closer to the only girl in the vicinity.

If you recall Chapter 06, I especially italicized the way Ryou and Shin called out to Miharu. Notice that Ryou called Miharu by first name while Shin called her 'Kago-san'. This is due to the fact that the degree of closeness between people can be determined by the way they address each other. People who address each other by first names depict closeness, such as in the case of husbands and wives, or people who are romantically involved. Sometimes, people use first names together with Japanese prefixes (-kun, -chan) and this can also be counted as a sign of closeness between two people. For example, Miharu calls Shin as 'Shin-kun' because he's supposed to be her boyfriend, right? However, we see that Shin still refers to Miharu as 'Kago-san'... I suppose this indicates that Shin is still not comfortable of showing the real him to Miharu... Could it be that the gentlemanly Shin we know inside Kairan Academy isn't the real him? Could be... *winks*

And I'd like to congratulate atta for figuring out the clue on Chapter 06! =)

Now, to answer comments, questions, speculations and deductions!

"1.If Ryou is her brother ,then who'sher boyfriend, because the only two possible left as ex-boyfriends are :Akira and Saitou ,but none of them seemed like they know her..."
-- Good deduction... =) I'm guessing your brain is being too revved up by this story, right? But then again, her brother still might now know that Miharu was actually his sister...
"2.If Akira is her bro ,then Ryou will be left as the boyfriend(since he's a more possioble choice then Saitou in this case),but ....wouldn't the boyfriend know about her brother ?Now why does she have a brother ?Are they real siblings ,or is he her step-brother ?I mean wouldn't her father miss his son,wouldn't he be left with,a "skar" or something yet he seemed perfectly normal ...maybe Miharu is not his daughter ?"
--Again, a lot of logical speculations! I must applaude you! =) But then again, if I answered your questions, I would be giving out the whole plot... So I suggest we wait for the future chapters to figure out things, huh? *winks*
"About Saitou :
All I can say there's something about him..maybe he's Azrael or he works for Azrael,and maybe it was his(Azrael) plan to get Shin as Miharu's bodyguard so it'll be easier to get to him..."
-- Does Saitou really seem like a bad guy? Tsk, tsk... I think Saitou-kun is really adorable... =)

-- Thank you for reading The Crimson Insignia! =)

--Aww... It's okay if you didn't find the clue. I'll have more to come. Maybe you'll have your chance in the future chapters... =)

Wow... A trailer? Sure! =) I've been meaning to make a trailer myself. I just don't have the patience to do something like that right now. By the way, what video-editing software do you use?

"ryou is part of some influential family as well &
miharu & ryou were close & THEN comes the whole
byfrd/glfrd deal"
-- Could be! That would be a very likely possibility... We'll just have to wait... =)
"kenta has GOT to be an evil henchman of some sort sleep.gif''
he's so desperate that even i would want to
punch him"
-- Why do you guys think that Saitou Kenta is the evil guy? I honestly find him adorable! Well, 'coz he's into super bikes and all... LOL. I sound biased, right? =)

-- Aww... It's okay if you didn't find the clue. =) There will be next time!

"I think that Ryou was dating Miharu, but
he secretly found out they were related
and he broke up with"
-- Wow! That would be a really good twist! =) Thank you for this one!
"I think that nerd is going to try to kill her "
-- Aww... Another person who thinks Saitou Kenta is the bad guy... haha We'll just have to watch out for Saitou Kenta then... =)

"i wonder why he quit/retired from fighting?"
--That leaves to be answered on the future chapters...
"well at least miharu and ryou are kinda talking..? so it couldn't have been all that bad could it? "
--Actually, it was more like Ryou called out to Miharu but Miharu didn't reply? haha That was in Chapter 06 and they weren't actually in civil terms with each other yet... =)

Thank you so much for the comments and deductions everyone. I hope you continue to support this story despite the fact that it's obviously making your heads ache... =)

By the way, for Chapter 07, more questions will surface and a new character comes into the picture. Pleas welcome... Pride! =)

Have fun everyone!

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