Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crimson Insignia Chapter 08

"An Issue of Trust"

For this Chapter, I decided to fill in events of their student life aside from the deadly pranks, undercover espionage missions and assassin chases. There are still a few brainteasers such as solving the puzzle of the culprit behind the pranks on Miharu. Mind you, people, I've left hidden clues like always. =)

Of course, I'd have to uphold the fact that they're mere students. Friendships develop over time. Crushes eventually occur, misunderstanding are inevitable and couples go on dates, right? Aside from this, I've added two female characters as it would be unrealistic if Miharu continued to be alone for the rest of the story.

Everyone, let's welcome the two new female characters!
Kazama Reiko - 2nd year student from Class 2-D
Akimoto Asuka - 2nd year student from Class 2-A

Since Shin was a give-away and the ex-boyfriend was a warm-up exercise. Be prepared to rant your brains out for the next chapters. Prepare for loads of oddly hidden clues~ ^_^
Also, Scott Featon has something to do with Shin's past.

Yosh, with that settled, let's move on to the replies~!

"*points finger wildly* i tell you! it's the nerdy kid!
(lmao, i know, you are the one writing this story, but really-
it has to be him!!!!!)
or someone in their class!!"
-- Okay, okay! Calm down~! ^_^ No need to be so worked up!
"that female who tried the flower pot thing is probably
just a pschyo female upset"
-- Hmm... If the one who played those pranks on Miharu is indeed an upset psycho female... Then, why would she be upset at Miharu? And why was she only upset now? Miharu has been going to Kairan for a few days already, right? ;)

"I'm thinking maybe ...Akira is her brother and he didn't want to tell her ..that ,if she doesn'tknow yet about the fact she has a brother"
-- Akira? Could be... hehe That's a possibility :)
"I mean :they both like Super bikes and "he might be good at hiding something "which could be the fact that they're related ...
Then after you mentioned Pride and I read your opinon on Saitou ,I said :Maybe Pride is Saitou and that way he might try to protect his sister ??"
-- Ehh? haha So many possibilities, right? That's why I just love mystery stories~! ^_^ Don't you?

"i wonder who
it is that wants her out...."
-- I wonder about that too... It's like so many people are out to get Miharu, right? *winks*

"Haha the beginning was wow
I thinking dirty thoughts too"
-- *points finger wildly at littleazntuyet* PERV~!!! XP just joking!
"Anyways I wonder whose pulling the pranks?!?
Maybe its one of Azrael's henchmen or just a jealous classmate
Anyways when Miharu said "My hands are filled with blood."
I think she meant something rhetorical like he stabbed her heart and
left it to bleed to death. Then she was reborn as in changing herself
completely into someone different or maybe Ryou said that to her before"
-- It might be rhetorical but it could also mean that maybe someone died in the past which caused Miharu and Ryou's rift, right? *winks*
"Well the nerd could be her brother and he knows that
somehow or the nerd is her brother and he doesn't know it
but when he does he wants to stop?"
-- Oh... So now Saitou Kenta is the brother? I thought you said that he might want to kill Miharu? hehe I got your brains racking out of curiousness, didn't I? XD

"i wonder who's playing all those mean pranks on her? a girl?!
that last one with the flower pot is very dangerous... tho very common in bullying...
i hope she's ok because shin is hurt too now.
but i'm glad they acknowledge shin and miharu now"
-- Yes, it appears that a girl has a motive to hurt Miharu... The better question is, why? What did Miharu do? =) And yes, I'm glad that Miharu and Shin seemed to have been officially acknowledged by Class 3-D!

-- Thank you. I feel flattered~ *grins* I've added you to the PM List but feel free to stalk if you like. =) Glad you liked my story!

"why is miharu getting pranked? i though class 3-d was close knit?
and im really sure its either ryou was the exboyfriend or there is some hidden past between them."
-- The reason why Miharu is being pranked shall be soon answered. And believe me, even close-knit groups have factions... :) That is all you need to know for now.

"i think that azreal is the teacher
maybe the nakamura is azreal
or maybe shin is azreal
okay maybe not lol
or maybe taiki is azreal
maybe their all azreal lol"
--All I have to say is that each character is essential. Who knows? Maybe Azrael is hiding among them.

-- Looks like I got a lot of people fooled by the first few sentences of the Chapter~! Haha It was fun reading the reactions... I thought I was the only perv around~!

"The nerd seem kinda of suspicious =.=" I wonder who he is. I'm so curious about the Azreal guy (wait, Azreal is a guy right??? =.="), I wonder who he is in the school >.<. And also about her past with Ryou, why she hate him so much. I'm guessing he's her first love. Wahhhhhh, so many questions I want answered =.=". Who is that b**** that's trying to kick her out of the school."
-- Yes, Azrael is a guy. As mentioned on the Teaser, we're looking for 4 men who would play a vital role in Miharu's life... =)

-- Thank you for summarizing how hot the characters are! haha Yes, I'd have to say that I've been a fan of Detective Conan back in the days. I've aso been a fan of Yukan Club, plus, I love mysteries, that's why I started this story. It's like a combination of everything I've come to love. *grins* You've been added to the PM List! Glad you liked my story!

-- Yes, I especially loved their first meeting! It's one of my most favorite chapters in this story! ^_^ Glad you liked it as well. Haha Taiki, well, he's supposed to put in some comic relief but he'll be playing a vital part in the story too. *winks* Thank you for reading my story~ And yes, you've been added to the PM List! =)

Minna-san, Arigatou for reading The Crimson Insignia!
I'll try my best to make the chase worth your time!
Good luck~! =)

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