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"A Set-up"

The Crimson Insignia Chapter 09

It's been a few days since I updated, is it not? Anyways, the new chapter is up. More brainteaser for the prankster on Miharu. This time, the prank has gone to a new height due to an arrow that nearly hit Miharu. Tsk, tsk... Dangerous, I say...

Omo... And Saitou Kenta saved Miharu from an oncoming arrow! haha So... does this mean that Kenta isn't the wolf in a sheep's clothes that you guys somehow suspected? I wonder...

Also, a hint has been given in this Chapter. The one saying that Kairan Academy isn't what it seemed. It's more than just an Academy. What do you think lies as a secret inside Kairan? =)

Anyways, here are the replies...

"if the principals boss is ryous father then could it be that he is her bro and that something like happened with the mother and the president? so their like half bro and sis .. if you get me.. cos i dont anymore x)"
-- haha If Miharu is Ryou's sister, then why would Ryou's Father want her out of Kairan? Furthermore, whose daughter is Miharu? Is she really the daughter of the Prime Minister? Or if she's Ryou's sister, then, could she be the daughter of the Principal? But if she's the daughter of the Principal, why would he want her out of Kairan? haha I know it's a little puzzling. Everything shall fall into place, I promise.
"i think the pranks are being done by the nerd girl ! cos she seems suspicious"
-- Why are all nerds being suspected? hehe

"Miharu is one lucky girl - she has two hot guys caring for her, knows self-defense and just to rub it in, she's the daughter of the Prime Minister!"
-- You say that now but believe me, she has more flaws than we credit her for. =)
"Asuka is so going to be a major character in this story, right? I mean, she could be Azrael's accomplice or, even worse, daughter! How old is he, anyways? Well, I know for sure that the shy girl and the other girl, Reiko, are going to be very important in this."
--Yes, Asuka will be a major character. Well, everybody is a major character in this story. I didn't put them in the story for no reason at all. =) Let's say... Asuka will 'unintentionally' bring out much of Miharu and Ryou's past. *winks*

"Correct me if I'm wrong, it's about the Dog Tags.
That's what soldies/marines/what's-its wear, right?
And when they're dead, the one who found them takes the tag,
Or brings them back to the family or the superiors, right?"
--Yes... I believe it has been mentioned in Chapter 01 that Shin was actually a former American military sniper, right? Before he was taken in by Indeco... hehe About the video-editing software, I'm actually planning to purchase one and try a hand at trailer-making so I'm asking around. I probably wouldn't have enough time for that but there's no harm in trying, right? Thanks! =)

"Don't tell me Asuka is the principal's daughter?
But it makes more sense because she actually "talked" to Ryou... right?"
-- Nope... That would be too cliche and predictable now, would it? *winks* She can actually talk to Ryou because she's got connections with him.

"1.Those 2 girls ,I doubt I'll like them.
Now ,Ryou's suspicion seems to match with the situations :
If his father is the one doing this ,then he asked, let's say ,Asuka(I'mguessing also they might have a connection) to do this to Miharu and he can cover up for her in case of anything ."
-- Both of the girls have their fair share of unique character traits. =) Why are nerds always being suspected of bad things? haha But keep those guesses coming, just in case.
"Now all it's left is "Why" :
1.In case Ryou's father made "her" do this to Miharu ,it's because something happened in the past ,maybe their families were close and when that "My hand are filled with blood"thing happened that caused those two to break up or end any realtionships they might have had ,the same happened with their families .
On a side note :I'm guessing maybe Miharu's mom died then and that might have something to do with Ryou's father"
-- Wow! You pieced a lot of strings together! But I'm not confirming anything... =) I will confirm one thing though, since you seem to have a pretty logical view of things. When Miharu said that 'My hands are filled with blood', it had something to do with what occured in the past that made Miharu and Ryou to part ways. And it doesn't involve Miharu's mother. Her mother's story is another mystery.
"2.If he "didn't do it" and it's only that girl (Is it just one girl or are there more ?)that has a problem,then maybe she knows Ryous' and Miharus' past or actually she was involved in it too,like she had a crush on him or something like that ...or maybe she works for Azrael...or she and Ryou are related and she was upset because Miharu hurt her brother/cousin or whatever"
-- That could be possible... =)

-- Thank you! Glad you liked it~ =)

"hmmm i think it is a girl doing these pranks and it
couls just be because she doesn't like
her with those guys that she is always with..
or for some reason i think that that new girl
the one crying could be behind all this..."
-- Let's see what happens? =)

"and why is ryou dad mad with miharu?

-- That leaves to be answered. =)

-- It's okay~! You can make guesses when you're feeling better.

"I seriously can't trust anyone including that new girl, she seems too innocent"
-- As they say, the innocent-looking ones are always dangerous... *winks* But I wonder if she's really dangerous...

"I wanna know who's the one who made those pranks on her! For some reason I kinda think it's one of the guys."
-- Ahh... A different guess from the rest! We'll see... =)

Enjoy the new Chapter everyone~
I will be back for Chapter 10 with ShinxMiharu & RyouxAsuka double date!
I may also reveal the real score between Ryou and Miharu from their past~

Thank you for reading
The Crimson Insignia.
The chase is only beginning....

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