Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crimson Insignia Chapter 05

"The Ningyo's Nightmare"

Now, first and foremost, let me introduce you to the super bikes featured in this Chapter. Yes, I'm referring to Miharu's Oni (Ducati 1198) and Shin's Falcon (Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R).

But then again, I gotta set some things straight first.
a.) Yes, I do know a few things about big/super bikes.
b.) Yes, I do know how to drive and ride motorcycles.
c.) Yes, I've experienced driving a super bike.
d.) Nope, I don't own a super bike. (As much as I want to.) The one I've experienced driving was owned by someone I know (and dearly love).

Okay, now that those things are settled, let's proceed into one of our main agenda: Meeting Oni and Falcon. So yeah, here they are...
If you ask me, I would really love to have even just one of them. And personally, I prefer a Hayabusa than a Ducati, however, it costs thousands of dollars... Too much for my poor, poor self. *sigh*

Anyway, let's proceed to discussing the facts included in this chapter...

Well, we now have an idea what happened to Miharu's mother. However, that still doesn't answer the questions brought about by the previous Chapter, like:

Who was the person whom Miharu wishes to get revenge at?
What did he do? Why would Miharu want to take revenge on him?
Has Azrael entered Kairan Academy?
Did he accept the contract for Miharu's life?

So many questions, right?

But I do smell brewing predictions and deductions from the readers so let's see who's got some nice juicy stuff for us, okay?

mangoes_ :
"so whos the guy she keeps referring to
is it ryou? i think thats his name x)
and the other new kid.. could it be azrael? x)"

~Yes, I think you meant Ishiguro Ryou who seem to know Miharu from two years ago. Well, we just have to wait and see whether Ryou was really the person she wishes to get revenge on. And this new kid... I think you meant Saitou Kenta (from Chapter 2), the nerdy kid who wished to be strong that's why he entered Kairan... Is he Azrael? Hmm... That's a posibility... But I will not be confirming anything, anytime soon... The connections shall unfold itself over time... *winks*

Another guess from littleazntuyet:
"So it seems that Ryou knows her
I think Ryou made like that
That is my hypothesis"

~Yes, it does seem like Ryou knows her... But is he really the person she wishes to get revenge on? We'll see... =)

For this Chapter, we get more questions and still, no answers... However, I'd have to admit that Miharu seemed to get along well with Shin, doesn't she?

And we also see that Saitou Kenta, the nerdy transfer student from Kyotei Academy that came with Shin, has great interest in super bikes, which apparently, what both Miharu and Shin drove to school... Let's see what happens from here on... Okay?

Again, good luck with the chase...

shattered teardrops

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