Thursday, April 30, 2009

I want to be...

an Author who would be long remembered by the readers.

I want to be an author whose stories would be cherished by the readers. I want them to remember me as an author who made them laugh and cry through the different events in the stories I've written. I also want to be an author whose works would be wanted by the readers.

Through writing, I want to give different perspectives about life and hopefully, touch hearts...

For me, writing has always been something that I wished to vehemently excel at. I do not write out of responsibility. Truth be told, the only time I was a member in the school publication was when I was in grade school. I was even a photojournalist back then, not a writer.

I write to my heart's content. You could say that it's a selfish reason for writing but that's just the way I am. I don't care if I had many readers or none at all. What matters is I get to fully express my thoughts through words.

However, through the years that I have come to write and interact with different people, I've learned to value my readers. I feel glad whenever I get different reactions from them. I feel happy when I am able to elicit emotions out of them.

This is my driving force... My readers' emotions.

And my passion? It has always been writing.

I've always felt at ease with words.

As we all know, the world isn't full of butterflies and rainbows. It's a dog-eat-dog world for aspiring writers such as me. Although I wish for my works to be published, I also know that I have to be more practical.

For an amateur writer, pursuing a career in writing would be a staggering move. Especially in the Philippines where most writers don't get the due recognition that should be bestowed on them.

So here I am... Although I aspire to be an author, I chose to pursue a major in Political Science. And hopefully, I shall proceed to take up Law and become a Law student.

For now, I am contented with having readers from various places and interacting with them through the internet. I will continue to write more stories that could touch people's lives. I will continue and tirelessly write because this is my passion.

I wish to keep this passion burning and to be honest, I still haven't given up on my aspirations to be able to publish my own book someday.

The world is full of possibilities. I can't lose hope yet. =)

shattered teardrops

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