Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crimson Insignia Chapter 06

"Why Do You Fight?"

So, before we proceed to the Chapter Analysis, I'd like to properly reply to everyone's comments on Chapter 05, okay? We're up for another batch of hawk-eyed predictions and hypotheses. *muhaha*

Shin was a dead give away, as he was easily introduced to the story as the bodyguard. So, he easily became the person meant to protect Miharu.
The ex-boyfriend is a warm up exercise for everyone's curious minds. *winks*
But the chase won't simply end there...

ah, yes... the maintenance was always wrong timing...
Yep, it was Jae Joong on the teaser...
Since I've long been drooling for him... XD

"I have a feeling that Ryou is Miharu's ex right? and that he is the person she wants revenge on?"
- As stated on the hint above, the ex-boyfriend is a warm up exercise. *winks*

What sharp eyes you have! =)
Yes, I intended to place those certain lines in there for a purpose. *winks*
We both have to earn money quickly. I've been dying to get those bikes!
And of course, you're welcome~

"what is the mystery between ryou and miharu's past relationship....."
-That is one of the mysteries to be uncovered. *winks*
Thanks for reading Capturing the Casanova as well as this one. =)
I'm quite flattered! *blush* But setting that aside, I'm still trying out everyone's chemistry
so it's a bit early to say if Shin and Miharu would go together...

"and i think that nerdy kid is going to be
part of some nefarious plot & do the usual
tracking devices on the bikes, sabotage bikes"
-That may be a possibility...
We'll just have to wait and see now, would we?

"usually nerds can hide very well somethings and his boss Goro-san ....
or maybe he'll become their buddy...
I'm also guessing that the silver Honda Blackbird Ryou had might have been from Miharu"
-Great deduction! Yes, nerds tend to hide things very well...
The better question is... What is he hiding?
Was it really from Miharu? We'll see...

"that guy ryou is her exboufriend or maybe was a friend of his"
-Maybe him or maybe a friend... We'll see...
Yes, Miharu was a bit lame the moment she woke up.
I mean, how could Shin be showing pornography if the man was fully
clothed? But then again, it maybe a sign that Miharu is a little too innocent
with regards to the opposite sex now, isn't it?

did she give ryou his bike too? or was it a hobby they both had?"
-Those may be possible... I wonder about those too...
But that leaves to be read on the future chapters... hehe

♥ 윤재민수천 ♥:
-Why thank you! I feel flattered when a reader follows up through
my stories... Thank you very much...
Hope you enjoy reading The Crimson Insignia as much
as you enjoyed Ignominy... =)

Everyone, thank you very much for taking time to read The Crimson Insignia. =)

Now, for Chapter 06...

Well, one thing I can say is that I left a very significant clue on this Chapter as to what degree of relationship did Miharu and Ryou once had. Can you guys guess which one was the clue? I'll be waiting for your awesome deductions! *winks*

Also, in this Chapter, we see that aside from being interested in super bikes, Saitou Kenta was begging Akira to teach him how to fight. Well, I wonder why did he seem so desperate?

Secondly, we see that Akira seemed to have retired from fighting but due to the situation at hand, he was again forced to fight. Why did he quit fighting?

For now, these are the obvious twists in the story. Again, clues are scattered everywhere. You guys just have to find them for yourselves... =)

shattered teardrops

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