Friday, July 30, 2010

TCI Chapter 33: Tension

Finally! I get some time to update! =)

Chapter 33 of The Crimson Insignia is finally out! After more than a month of no update...
I know, I know... I apologize. Life has been a little... distracting for me especially since school started last June. I've been busy since I'm in my last year in College. Being a Senior isn't exactly as easy as it sounds... It's a crucial time for me...

Anyways, enough of that depressing drama about my life. What's important is that I actually conjured up an update! =)

As for the replies, here goes:

__pkv - Yep, Shin and Pride are about to meet. But I've decided to hold back the meeting first because I need to settle a few crucial things. keke

__SHINEjaejoong - You remember the girl with whom Shin and Miharu went on a double date with Ryou? The same girl that Miharu saw Reiko was bullying? That's Asuka-chan. hehe Oh, and she wears glasses too. =)

__cahaya - As usual, thank you for the detailed comment! Btw, I hope you had fun on your trip to Korea! =)

__simpleangel - Aside from liking Ryou, Asuka is part of the Black Bandits. That's all the information I can give you now. More shall be revealed about her though. *winks*

__dyang4 - I know, right? haha It's a horrible way to wake up! XD I'm going to... uh, well, shall we say, put more tension between Miharu and Shin. It'll spice up everything. XD

__xXKymmXx - And thank you, too... for the comment. =)

__mangoes_ - Thank you! I spent almost five hours on that trailer because I was such a noob on using Sony Vegas. haha

__ nalouche - I actually made Lt. Nakamura's character to find wicked humor in rather complicated situations. Sadly, I could not write more of her since she's just a supporting character. Given the chance though, I'd like to expand her character more. =)

__ shushshuckspui - Well, a story without a villain girl vying for the attention of a guy wouldn't be so exciting now, would it? haha Asuka plays that part.

__ -quiescent - Thank you! Glad you liked it. You've been added to the PM List! Welcome to the world of the The Crimson Insignia! =)

__ betty_7_30 - Asuka is the girl with whom Miharu and Shin together with Ryou had a double date with in the previous chapters. =)

__miss_dolly - I hope nothing bad happens to Shin, too... After all, Miharu is not the only one with a mysterious birth. keke *winks*

__Princess_Wincyy - Who invited Ryou? Well, he's part of the Sinners, isn't he? haha

__curiousitykills - Thank you! Glad it's worth the wait... hehe Although, I must admit, it's long overdue, would you agree? I know, I'm sorry.

__LOO5LOO - Of course, there's always a place for you in the PM List! =)

__ teresaa- - Sorry if the gunshot scared you. I know it was kind of... scary? LOL. I was shocked when I finished the whole trailer too... because of the gun shot even though I made the whole trailer by myself. Don't ask why. I'm weird. I get weirded out by myself. LOL.

__asianekawaii - You've been added to the PM List! Thank you! Glad you liked my story! =)

__s0fi3/seorero - Reiko is a tad more playful than Miharu... She likes challenges so she's going to get the prankster for fun... If you could call that fun. *shrug* This is the main difference between Miharu and Reiko. Miharu is head-strong. Reiko is just... petty and playful. I've also changed your name in my PM List! =)

__STEPHiiiEx3 - I agree. Shin totally loved the kiss. XD haha

__babsy10 - It's alright. =) Still, thank you for taking time to tell me what you think. School really is a major hassle for students. I can't believe I'm going to study for four more years after College. Ugh.

__ samanatha_xyooj - You've been added to the PM List! Glad you liked my story! XD

__ streetpunks - Really?! *grin* I got you all night reading my story? *grin* But wait... Are you a student? Were you reading on a weekday with a class in the morning? Tsk, tsk... I don't want to be a bad influence. Just sayin' that I appreciate that you like my story. Just don't overdo reading it, hmkay? =)

__SwtAznStar18 - And thank you for combining two comments for the chapters you missed! Thank you! I really appreciate reading what you think! =) Yep, it's going to be complicated if she finds out about her true heritage... She's already the daughter of the Prime Minister. She'd be a more powerful girl if she found out about her yakuza connections... I'd say Miharu would be really scary.

__LoveItLiveIt - Thank you! Glad you like it! =)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm sorry!

I promised to update Saturday but up until now I haven't updated!! I'm so sorry!! The internet connection was whacked out yesterday! I wasn't able to access the world wide web and I was stuck at home to take care of things because my mom was sick (since I'm the eldest daughter and all, I was left to be in charge)... And my younger sister was nowhere to be found... She had to attend a debut party which was held in some hotel I forgot which one. (She seriously picked yesterday to be out of the house when mom was sick!! Arrrgghghhh!!)

Anyways, last night, since I couldn't access the net, I had to make do with whatever I have at the moment so I sufficed to have a movie marathon by myself to pass time. *sob* Yes, I was alone.

If I had enough time today, I would have updated... But you see, tomorrow is Monday which means, there's a class... Which means I have to sleep at ten because I have to wake up early.

I'll try to squeeze in an update next week... Hopefully, before my midterm exams on the first week of August...

Anyways, here's a picture of me... taken by my younger brother last night. I know I'm fuggly but what the hell? I don't care!! It's the real me... I don't like pleasing anybody...

This is usually how I look when I'm at home... Completely different from the picture of me with make-up on. (Completely ugly, mediocre, mock-worthy and plain, in my opinion.) I like wearing lose t-shirts and sweatpants because they're comfortable. =)

I'll update when schedule allows me!! I promise!!

I'm really sorry!! It's because of the friggin' whacked out internet connection yesterday that I wasn't able to update! The weather was kinda bad too... so that was probably the reason why phone lines were a little messy at the moment...


Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'll update later!


Just a quick update on what I've been up to. Just attended our course acquaintance party last night. I still haven't had a wink.

I would like to announce that I'll update later today! Maybe tonight? keke I'll update TCI and maybe Ignominy but as for KTC, I still have to finish writing the rest of the chapter. =)

As a bonus for this really quick and small update, here's a picture of me at our acquaintance party. No censorship this time. =)

Me and April. (Taken by camphone)
I'm wearing make-up! *gasp*

No, really... I don't like wearing make-up... But I had to because I'm part of the dance group for the dance competition and we had to wear make up so that our faces won't be too pale when we perform...

Yes, I'm wearing a polo shirt... Yes, I know that it's a sort of formal gathering and I'm wearing casual clothes again. Who cares?

Oh, and yeah... We won!!! XD


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hectic Week

I've been moving nonstop since Monday and I could really use a little rest... Well, if that's available. Unfortunately, no. Ugh...

Aside from the usual school stuff, we have this Political Science Acquaintance Party this coming Friday, it's going to be held at night at Sarabia Manor Hotel, and we're probably going to go bar-hopping after.

Anyways, there's going to be a dance competition for the Acquaintance party and it just so happened that I am one of the dancers representing the 4th year students. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's a tiring job...

We've been practicing since last week and that has made me awfully worn out these past few days. Not to mention the fact that I have cough, flu and earlier today, I was warm with fever. Stressed out? Sure, you can say that.

Anyways, good news is... I'm on a roll! =)

What I mean is, I'm on a writing roll. keke I've finished one chapter for Ignominy, one chapter for TCI and I'm half-way through the newest Chapter of KTC. For all it's worth, I think I'll update Saturday evening at least.

I've always thought that my writing skills work better when I'm stressed. So far, I think I'm right. LOL. So, yeah... That's about it.

See 'ya guys on Saturday evening! I'll be updating then! =)


Monday, July 19, 2010


At first, this blog became my Author's Blog for the stories I've written. I intended it as a place for me to interact with my readers and update them about what's happening with my life outside writing. It's also a way for them to know what I've been up to or what's the reason why I haven't updated lately...

Through this blog, I found out that it can also be an emotional outlet for all the angst and drama that life throws at me... So aside from being my Author's Blog, I've decided to post entries about my personal life... I didn't think people would actually take time to read the angsty post of a student. LOL.

But then, things got out of hand.

I'm being hated for not doing anything wrong to anyone which I think, is really unfair. I'm being judged guilty without giving the benefit of doubt. But it's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...

I'm a pretty patient, calm and open-minded person, aside from the fact that I have high EQ (Emotional Quotient). I also have high tolerance for stress-causing situations.

I'm going to handle this the way which I think is best.

I've decided to keep things strictly professional around here. I'm going to revert this blog back as my Author's blog. My updates are going to be solely about my write-ups, stories, drabbles, and fiction-finds.

I deem it really low and unprofessional when people lose their cool and begin spouting malicious accusations against another. I'm a debater and I guess, I've trained myself to be indifferent and cool with things even if they're getting out of hand.

Know this, if you have nothing good to say, keep it to yourself. =) The less you say, the less mistakes you commit.

Also, don't be surprised if some of the personal posts I've written before will disappear. I'm going to keep them private from now on. I'm not going to do this because I'm hiding anything. If I was hiding anything, why would I have made this blog?

I'm going to hide my personal posts so as put a stop to whatever irrelevant issues that some people began. =)

Also, for the formspring people, I'm not going to answer any more questions related to Moon Chan Sung. From now on, I'm only going to answer questions, queries about my stories and write-ups. I'm also going to censor the inappropriate questions so as to minimize non-professionalism. =)

Thirdly, for my readers who are waiting for my updates, I'm kind of busy at the moment. I have to work on three case digests which I haven't even started yet... And I have to do a bunch of other stuffs for our school organization and as a university debater, I have a debate convention which needs facilitating.

You can imagine all the other extra-curricular activities I have which leaves me occupied throughout the week. Sadly, this does not give me enough time to pay so much attention to haters.

Fourth, watch out for the new Rom-Com I'm working on! I think I'll post it on September of October of this year at least! teehee. I still have to finish three on-going stories of mine so... I'm not so sure about the schedule of release! I'm excited though! =)

Fifth, OH MY GOSH... You guys should read this: She Had Somewhere To Go by S.L. Gunn @ FictionPress! The angst, the drama, the sexual tension, the teasing... Just wow. One of these days, if I get enough free time, I'm going to finish reading it and write a proper review. It's really good!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Work + Claim + Formspring Anons!


I just finally finished designing and coding my Graphic Site's new lay-out after roughly four hours of working on it. *whew*

But then, I remembered that I have to make a case digest for our Intro to Law subject at school. That paper is due Monday. It's currently 6:06 AM and I just spent the whole night awake... which would probably mean that I would be spending the whole day today asleep.. Which in turn, would mean, less time for me to work on my paper!!

Damn it... I should have just worked on it before working on the lay-out!

Hmm... What else?

Oh, yeah! I've already poster Chapter 09 of Keeping the Casanova! XD It's been so long since I've actually written something that I kind of missed it... hehe

Next agenda: Work on TCI!!

But that would be after all the stuff at school that I need to do. *sigh*

What else?

AHA!! I just claimed TOP for myself on! Lucky~~~!! is actually a website for writers, much like Winglin but with an entirely different interface. So, there's this Bishounen Cafe challenge where Writers are encouraged to claim their man.

If a writer claims her man, she is obliged to write a one-shot featuring him as a worker in a cafe called Bishounen Cafe. The writer would be free to write whatever kind of story she likes. And what's unique about this challenge is that, once the man (male artist) has been claimed, other writers can't claim him anymore.

So... I'm lucky to have claimed TOP for myself!! Muhahahaha! I was aiming for Jae Joong but someone else has claimed him already so... Since TOP is my personal slave, I guess he's next to my husband! XD

And... What else?

Oh, yeah... I would like to talk about the Formspring Anons that are hardcore fans of Moon Chan Sung. teehee...

I know that for every story we read, we always hope for a happy ending. Personally, I'm a reader myself so, I understand this line of thinking. And added the fact that we're girls, we're emotionally soft and I'd have to admit that sometimes, we hope for a fairytale ending to the story of our own lives.

I'm happy that through my story entitled, "in a Heartbeat", I was able to touch people's lives and make them understand what I went through.

It's just that, I think... It's time to move on.

The chapter of my life with Moon Chan Sung was long gone and over. We may have had contact these past few weeks, but that doesn't mean I'm going to allow him to be in my life again. It's not that easy... Circumstances have changed and a lot of people are involved.

I may have forgotten to tell you this but... the relationship between Moon Chan Sung and I, was entirely a secret. My parents didn't know about him because I belong in a very conservative family and although I'm already 19 years old, I'm still not allowed to have a boyfriend. My parents are that strict.

I don't want to lie to my parents again... Basically, I don't want to be hurt anymore.

For the Anons at Formspring, thank you for your effort and for taking an interest in my life. It's like you guys became my friends with whom I can gush and laugh with online, although I don't personally know you.

I understand that you would want to read about my happy ending with Moon Chan Sung... But as of now, I don't think that's possible.

I don't cross out the possibility of reconciliation between me and him.... But just not right now. You see, I'm already in my last year in College and I really want to make the best out of it. I've got decisions I need to make next year about where to study law and how to be an independent working student.

I don't need some love life drama right now. I just can't handle that yet.

However, I could assure you guys this: If in the future, Moon Chan Sung and I will cross paths again... And if the feelings are still there, I would give him a chance. And if I finally have the happy ending that you guys want, I will definitely write a sequel to "in a Heartbeat".

That's a promise.

Okies? =)