Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Never Stopped Writing


It's been a while hasn't it?

I apologize for the long absence and I assure you that my promise remains: I will continue writing Keeping the Casanova until the very end. Don't worry. We will get our happy ending in that story at least.

I've been absent for so many months that I feel I owe you guys an explanation. Aside from being busy in law school, the truth is, I never stopped writing. Aside from law school, writing has kept me busy (but it's not for fanfiction).

Kids These Days on The Manila Bulletin
Truth is, last 2013 I've released a novellete on Amazon under the pen name D.R. Lee. It's called She Caught Me.

Under the same pen name, I've also submitted a short story called Picture Me Naked in a YA Anthology which was published in the Philippines. The same anthology was featured on a national daily newspaper (The Manila Bulletin). And last April 1, my story entitled Inappropriate Entanglement was exclusively released on Buqo (a mobile app).

I hope you understand that the other reason (aside from law school) why fanfiction has taken a backseat for me was because I've leveled up my writing and gave it serious attention.

I also hope that you support me in my writing endeavor despite the fact that this makes me write fanfiction a lot less than before. I've been writing for roughly 10 years now, and I've met plenty of people who gave me courage to pursue writing as a career. I'm taking baby steps to do so and I hope you understand.

This coming June 2014, I will be an incoming 4th year law student. This is, without a doubt, the hardest year in law school because this will determine whether I'll be fit to take the national Bar Exam to become a lawyer. I will be on hiatus from being a writer and blogger, and everything else will take a backseat as my studies will come first. Before that though, I aim to make use of my summer vacation (April to May 2014) to write for KTC as much as I can.

So then, let's enjoy our SoEul fandom, ne?