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Rants and TCI Chapter 22

November 28 is actually my younger brother's fourteenth birthday. =)
Happy Birthday, D! I love you!
We'll watch Ninja Assassin on Monday!

So, yeah, to celebrate my brother's birthday, me and my family went to the beach. Now, sad to say, I didn't really enjoy. The only thing I did at the beach was eat and eat and eat. Then, when I was very full, I stayed in the car and slept. =) *rolls eyes* I can be a pig at times. I didn't really want to go but since it's my brother's birthday, I had to.

By the way, I'm really caught up in watching the kdrama You're Beautiful right now! =) I even downloaded the whole drama and I'm still waiting for the subs of Episode 15 and 16! haha Fan-girl much? LOL.

Well, actually, the main reason why I'm hooked up with You're Beautiful is because of Kang Shin Woo or in real life, portrayed by newbie actor Jung Yong Hwa. I don't know why but I've always held a soft spot for the 'other' guy. Kang Shin Woo just happens to be the other guy. And he's hot too. =)

I remember watching Meteor Garden and I was vouching for the Lei/SanCai pair. I watched HYD Japan and vouched for Rui. On Hana Kimi Japan, I was leaning towards Nakatsu. When I was watching Devil Beside You, I was hoping for Rainie to end up with Kingone Wang's character. Same thing with Why Why Love. *sigh*

Anyway, thing is, my heart often goes out to the 'other' guy... And why is the female lead always blind??? Seriously???

Anyways, I decided to binge write for The Crimson Insignia a bit. haha

Chapter Twenty-Two of The Crimson Insignia

I'm so gay I wrote this update. LOL.

For this Chapter, a whole LOT has been revealed. So more questions are probably playing inside your minds. hehe I decided to speed things up a bit. I mean, after all those romantic developments between Miharu and Shin, some action should come up too, right?

TRIVIA: The biggest Yakuza Group in Japan is actually Yamaguchi-Gumi. =)

I really have to thank Wikipedia for most part in writing this Chapter because I actually had to do a little research on Yakuzas. You know, for the realistic part effect. haha I know TCI should be a manga-esque type of fiction story but I can't help it... I want to put in a bit of realism in it too.


cahaya - Thanks for reading! =)

simpleangel - What if it's just a coincidence? Well, what if it's not? haha

SHINEjaejoong - What is the Crimson Insignia? Chapter 22 will answer that. *winks* Akira is starting to annoy you? Well, there's probably reason why he's annoying. haha

sprinklez_123 - I believe that the answers to your questions are already answered by Chapter 22. Everything was vaguely explained by Kenta. *grins*

mas - Ehh? Is everything confusing?? Yep, the ring that Shin was wearing was from Miharu. That's already confirmed. haha Yes, this story is meant to be one big puzzle but it's not that confusing once everything settles in. That would probably be at the ending and we'r nowhere near the ending yet. haha

zartas - Right on the spot! hehe Piecing the puzzle of this story is not that difficult right? *winks*

flitflyzoom -Now that you mention it, you're right! This is the first time that the Crimson Insignia was mentioned... even though it has always been the title. hehe

beef taco - Thank you! Thanks for reading!

mangoes_ - Get answers? haha Maybe...*winks*

babsy10 - Yes, that's the same ring that Miharu gave to Shin. =)

dyang4 - Don't forget about Kenta's power-hungry Uncle... Making Shin their leader wouldn't probably be easy... Besides, Miharu is the real owner of the ring, right?

peeyuh - The heir isn't really supposed to be male but Kenta assumed that the heir was a male because he saw Shin and Shin is a male. hehe This should get published??? Really??? Thank you! hehe

HINT: Next Chapter, there will be more action. *smiles innocently*

Thanks for reading everyone!

the non-violent torturer,
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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Heir

Chapter Twenty-One of The Crimson Insignia...

Twists are coming up! hehe

Anyway, to take a break from Miharu and Shin's deepening relationship, I finally decided to mobilize a small bit of this story's plot. Sooner or later this had to come out so yeah, here it is. The whole background information about Saitou Kenta's affiliates, being a member of a long-existing clan which seemed to have Yakuza roots...

And of course, about this whole heir thing to Saitou Kenta's clan. I wonder what sorts of things will I be able to write about next? Hmmm... hehe Watch out for the next updates! =)


tendele - It's okay! I understand that we're all busy with our lives and all that. As long as you still don't forget to check out this story, I'm already happy with that. =)

SHINEjaejoong - That love... is slowly starting to bloom, yes. XD Hmm... I think Miharu only took her contacts off briefly. Since she doesn't really allow anyone else to see her real eye color, right? *winks*

pkv - Of course some things are going to happen. hehe It starts with Chapter 21. =)

zartas - O.o Giggling?? haha How come I wasn't giggling when I was writing this part?? haha Thanks for reading!

simpleangel - The price they have to pay for liking each other will be more than any of them can bear... And it's going to be reserved for the future. hehe

mas - Yes, I do think things are getting interesting as well. =)

babsy10 - This trust thing is relatively new for them but I think everything is well. =)

STEPHiiiEx3 - Yep, they trust each other! XD

peeyuh - Of course, after all the sweet things, comes the other twists... hehe *winks*

sprinklez_123 - LOL. I did not expect that but it could be possible! ahahahaha! You've got a great sense of humor! I like that! XD Yep, admitting what they feel for each other is a long way off. I've still got tons of things to write about... hehe I actually had a hard time choosing which color would best show her eye color. One time, I saw this girl which had very uniquely colored eyes. Her eyes were like a mix between brown and gray so it's a bit hard to tell which color it was. I thought it was pretty cool so that's where I got Miharu's eyes.

dyang4 - And aside from Shin, the only person at Kairan who knows her real eye color is Ryou. =)

~*BaeSeulGi*~ - Sure! I'll add you up on the PM List! Glad you liked my story! Thanks for reading! =)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fists and Lipsticks 1

Before anything else, I should mention that I was planning to write another Book Review for an update. I've already finished reading two books for the week and they were both quite interesting in their own way. However, I remembered something I've read a few months ago. It was written by a Fil-Am author going by the pseudonym of HiroLovesMeia. I was hooked by his story so I decided to write something about it instead. =)

Title: Fists and Lipsticks 1
Author: HiroLovesMeia @ Soompi Forums/FictionPress or Mark Harold Larucea

Gangs, street fights, high school, motorcycles, politics, hot guys and a femme fatale, all of these combined in one very explosive fiction story which is sure to get you guys hooked on your seats. If you're looking for a hard-to-put-down Romance/Action story, then, this story is the one for you.

Set in Tokyo, Japan, specifically, in a high school dominated by fists, is where the story began. Picture Yamazaki Kosuke, leader of the fiercest high school gang who also happens to be the son of a respected judge. Then, there's the femme fatale, the girl with very pink lips by the name of Miyazawa Aya, the leader of an underground motorcycle gang. Mix them together in one school and what do you get?

Rivalry. Sarcasm. Challenges. Chaos.

If there was a fiction story I'd recommend to be made into a movie, this would be it. Everything about this story simply blows me away. Plus, the Author's writing style is very detailed, unique and picturesque. He captures every scene through words and knows just when to leave the readers hanging for more. No doubt, HiroLovesMeia or affectionately called 'Kuya Hiro' by his Filipino readers, knows his stuff and knows them well.

For those who are interested to read it, HiroLovesMeia posted this story at Soompi Forums and at FictionPress. Plus, he also provided a PDF File of the complete Fists and Lipsticks 1 available for download from Mediafire. You can also visit Kuya Hiro's Blog HERE.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

TCI and a few other things...

Chapter Twenty of The Crimson Insignia: "I Trust You"

For this Chapter, I chose to write a bit more on Miharu and Shin. Don't get me wrong, the other characters will play significant roles as well, but before anything else, I would like to build up the blossoming something between our Main Leads. hehe Besides, I love writing about the two of them. Can you blame me? *winks*

Anyway, I'm a bit worried about whether this story is getting boring. I don't know. Maybe I'm focusing too much on the romance aspect of the story at the moment that I'm beginning to neglect the fact that this is in fact an action story as well.

What I'm trying to do is to slowly build up the relationship between the Leads simply because I don't want to be in a hurry in making them fall for each other. Other authors tend to do that and it's a bit unrealistic if you ask me. I like writing about gradual romance... not something like instant attraction then BAM! They're in love... I don't have anything against those kinds... It's just that I don't prefer it that way...

Ahem... Now, for those readers who are curious about guns as mentioned in the 18th Chapter of TCI. If you remember, two types of guns were mentioned; the first one was a 9 millimeter hand gun and the other one was 45 caliber hand gun. Just so you guys know, yes, I've actually seen, held and fired using both guns. My Dad owns a Brazilian made 45 caliber hand gun and I actually own a 9mm... hehe Then, we also have a 38 caliber hand gun here at home...

My Dad has a thing for guns and we sort of bond together through spending some time in a nearby firing range just to test guns so if ever I describe any shooting experience or scene in this story, it's taken from personal experience. =)


Wow... What do you know? I actually had some spare time to reply to the readers' comments today! XD Thanks for reading everyone!

SHINEjaejoong - Yep, the romance will continue... But for how long, i'm not sure... XD Thanks for reading!

pkv - I agree, she is a fast learner. XD Actually, you don't really need to have any special skill to shoot a gun when you have a non-moving target. hehe Thank you! I thought this was getting a little boring with all the romance stuff and none with the action... The action part will come through though...

simpleangel - Actually, if the target is non-moving, it's easy to shoot straight without missing. Trust me, I've tried shooting a target in a firing range. It's not that hard... hehe

zartas - Thank you for reading! You've been added to the PM List! =) Akira might be Azrael? Hmm... That leaves to be seen... hehe

STEPHiiiEx3 - I guess you forgot to comment? =)

babsy10 - I agree with every word you say. But then again, it's not easy being in the position that they're in, right?

flitflyzoom - You've been added to the PM List! Thanks for reading!

dyang4 - Thank you! Glad to know that you're not getting bored of this! XD

PrincessBoa - Glad my story reeled you in! Not a lot of readers prefer this kind of story... hehe Thanks for reading! You've been added to the PM List! XD

peeyuh - It's not that hard to shoot a non-moving target so Miharu quickly got the gist of it. hehe Trust me, I've personally tried firing guns. Thank you! Glad you liked my update~ XD

mangoes_ - Thank you! I ws getting worried about this being boring and all... hehe Thanks for reading!

the non-violent torturer,
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Breaking Boundaries

Chapter 19 of The Crimson Insignia...

Whoah... This story has stretched for 19 Chapters already? Tsk, tsk... And I'm only beginning with my clandestine twists...

I won't put too much analysis for this Chapter since everything going on between Miharu and Shin seemed to speak for themselves. I won't comment any further about those things. Just that, well, we may actually begin to fan girl about the possibilities between our dearly beloved spy and the daughter of the Prime Minister. LOL.

Much hasn't been written about Akira and his investigation though. Azrael has also taken claim of one person's life yet everything was still vague. Taiki's background has been revealed in Chapter 18. Also, Ryou has been a little on the quiet side for these past few Chapters. However, I promise twists up ahead. I just need a little more time to write them... I'm being lazy for this weekend so this update will do. =)

Anyway, as mentioned that I'm being a little lazy these past few days since class started last week. I'm taking all my free time reserved for rest and lazing out. Of course, I did not miss to write an update for TCI but then, as of now, I just want to enjoy my weekend.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekends too!

By the way, I changed the lay-out of the blog into a more feminine one just because I want to remind myself that I'm actually a girl. I tend to forget that sometimes... =D

the non-violent torturer,
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Azrael's Strike

Chapter 18 of The Crimson Insignia

This Chapter will be the opening for lots of other twists I prepared for the story. I guess I should probably move up the pace and give something thrilling for you guys for a change. This will be a minor turning point but a turning point nonetheless. It will speed up a few things and turn a few wheels to mobilize my minor twists which will eventually lead to the execution of the main plot.

For this Chapter, we uncover the background of our comic relief Nakashima Taiki. We see that he's not exactly who we think he is. In fact, he's half-Romanian by being the illegitimate son of the Romanian Consul General Claudiu Agafiti who was assassinated by our infamous deadly assassin Azrael.

And by the end of the Chapter, I've left a minor cliff hanger just to spicen up things. The next Chapter would be a little bit of a... Hmm... A treat for the readers so please watch out for that...
In the meantime, we still do not know what Akira is up to... But that would be revealed in due time...

Thanks for reading everything!

CREDITS to atta of Soompi for the Romanian translations!
Thank you very much!

I've decided not to post up some replies now because I'm kind of busy... Comment replies will be posted for the next few chapters... If I'm not caught up with school once again, that is...

Again, thank you so much for reading!

the non-violent torturer,
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Works and Downloads

Okay. What have I been up to lately? Well, for one, enrollment for our second semester. Gosh, being a student is so... tiresome. My semestral break is over so yes, I'm back to school and studying.

Secondly, I've opened up my files for my story entitled Ignominy. I've decided to revive what's left of it. I mean, it'd be such a waste if I discontinued it because it's already on its 24th chapter. I started out by changing the poster and background at Winglin. Then, I began re-reading my work to refresh my memory of the twists I've put in to the story! hehe Of course, by re-reading it, I also proofed read it.

Would you believe that even if I was the one who wrote Ignominy, I got caught up with my own story? I mean, not caught up as an author but as a reader. I think the pace of the story was a bit fast but the twists were well-placed for most part. That's what I think... hehe I couldn't even believe how I managed to write Ignominy... I wonder where I got all the twists I've put in there. haha

Moving on, aside from Ignominy, another thing I would like to share to everyone is that I've already finished the PDF version of "in a Heartbeat...". It's available for download at Mediafire! There's a link of it in this Blog, at the right side under the label "Downloads".

Or, you can directly download it HERE.

You know, I feel a little bit proud of myself. I mean I've already finished quite a handful of stories. My old stories were lost because I didn't compile them into a PDF file. However, now, I have 4 completed stories in PDF version available for download! That has got to be an achievement, right? Well, for me that's already an achievement. hehe

Hohum... Well, that's about it!

'Til next time!

shattered teardrops

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm so touched...

Yes, I feel so touched.


Well, it's because I've already finished my story entitled, "in a Heartbeat..." and a lot of readers have expressed positive comments both for the story and for me, as the main protagonist in the story.

I wrote the story to touch lives.

And I'm glad that I was able to reach out to some people and made them feel a piece of what I have gone through. I think this has been one of the most significant stories in my life as an Author as also as a person who's still struggling through life.

I would like to thank all the readers for their support and encouragement for Park Dae Hee. I know that she's not the best example of a girl when it comes to decisions about love, but I think, what's important is that, Dae Hee got through it all bravely.

She would not have done it without her family and friends who supported her. And moving on and accepting everything wouldn't have been easier if it weren't for the people who touched her life through their encouragement and warm words.

For the people who think that Dae Hee is stupid. I could not agree more. But that's what made her human, that's what made her just like the rest of us...

For the record, I still feel weird talking about myself in third person point of view. I mean, yeah, technically, I'm talking about Park Dae Hee... But Park Dae Hee is me. And I'm really talking about myself. Sometimes, I feel weird talking about myself as if I'm talking about a completely different person... I don't know... haha

Okay, now for new updates, I will be uploading a PDF version of "in a Heartbeat..." which will be available for download within the next few days.

Well, that's about it!

shattered teardrops