Saturday, November 21, 2009

TCI and a few other things...

Chapter Twenty of The Crimson Insignia: "I Trust You"

For this Chapter, I chose to write a bit more on Miharu and Shin. Don't get me wrong, the other characters will play significant roles as well, but before anything else, I would like to build up the blossoming something between our Main Leads. hehe Besides, I love writing about the two of them. Can you blame me? *winks*

Anyway, I'm a bit worried about whether this story is getting boring. I don't know. Maybe I'm focusing too much on the romance aspect of the story at the moment that I'm beginning to neglect the fact that this is in fact an action story as well.

What I'm trying to do is to slowly build up the relationship between the Leads simply because I don't want to be in a hurry in making them fall for each other. Other authors tend to do that and it's a bit unrealistic if you ask me. I like writing about gradual romance... not something like instant attraction then BAM! They're in love... I don't have anything against those kinds... It's just that I don't prefer it that way...

Ahem... Now, for those readers who are curious about guns as mentioned in the 18th Chapter of TCI. If you remember, two types of guns were mentioned; the first one was a 9 millimeter hand gun and the other one was 45 caliber hand gun. Just so you guys know, yes, I've actually seen, held and fired using both guns. My Dad owns a Brazilian made 45 caliber hand gun and I actually own a 9mm... hehe Then, we also have a 38 caliber hand gun here at home...

My Dad has a thing for guns and we sort of bond together through spending some time in a nearby firing range just to test guns so if ever I describe any shooting experience or scene in this story, it's taken from personal experience. =)


Wow... What do you know? I actually had some spare time to reply to the readers' comments today! XD Thanks for reading everyone!

SHINEjaejoong - Yep, the romance will continue... But for how long, i'm not sure... XD Thanks for reading!

pkv - I agree, she is a fast learner. XD Actually, you don't really need to have any special skill to shoot a gun when you have a non-moving target. hehe Thank you! I thought this was getting a little boring with all the romance stuff and none with the action... The action part will come through though...

simpleangel - Actually, if the target is non-moving, it's easy to shoot straight without missing. Trust me, I've tried shooting a target in a firing range. It's not that hard... hehe

zartas - Thank you for reading! You've been added to the PM List! =) Akira might be Azrael? Hmm... That leaves to be seen... hehe

STEPHiiiEx3 - I guess you forgot to comment? =)

babsy10 - I agree with every word you say. But then again, it's not easy being in the position that they're in, right?

flitflyzoom - You've been added to the PM List! Thanks for reading!

dyang4 - Thank you! Glad to know that you're not getting bored of this! XD

PrincessBoa - Glad my story reeled you in! Not a lot of readers prefer this kind of story... hehe Thanks for reading! You've been added to the PM List! XD

peeyuh - It's not that hard to shoot a non-moving target so Miharu quickly got the gist of it. hehe Trust me, I've personally tried firing guns. Thank you! Glad you liked my update~ XD

mangoes_ - Thank you! I ws getting worried about this being boring and all... hehe Thanks for reading!

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

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