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Keeping the Casanova

... the sequel of Capturing the Casanova.

Already posted at LU Archive, Soompi Forums and

And also, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support. I didn't think that KTC would receive much love from the readers because it's been so long since I finished CTC. Obviously, SoEul LOVE is still not fading but it only keeps getting stronger. =)

On a side note, WINGLIN IS UP!

But I can't seem to update any of my stories...
What a bummer.


For today, what have I been up to?

Well, it's a beautiful Sunday here. And I got dragged by my sister to watch a friend of mine drag race. Yes, drag race- an illegal street race. So yeah, there were lots of guys and motorcycles, and bets of course.

Actually, initially, I really didn't want to watch the drag race because, well, my Mom would probably have my head is she found out that I'm into these things. I mean, it's illegal and all, and I'm studying to become a lawyer someday. haha

But, I got persuaded because the rider who was going to race was a really close friend of mine. Besides, my sister was going to be there so she convinced me to pick up my lazy ass and watch for the first time, a real street drag race.

Also, this friend of mine, let's call him SOHC (Single Over Head Camshaft - a type of motorcycle engine), he insisted that I come and he was actually the one whom I rode with on the way to the venue of the race.

Imagine riding more than a hundred kph with a drag racer (SOHC) as the driver.

But me, well, I wasn't any ordinary girl so I wasn't a tiny bit scared. In fact, I found everything exhilarating. haha I'm weird. I know that.

Anyway, if I would have been any ordinary girl, I would have been really out of place at the venue of the drag race because there were only like... five or six girls and lots of guys. If it weren't for the fact that I have a fetish for motorcycles and that SOHC has taught me lots of things about 'em, I really would have been just another spectator who knew nothing.

It was a two round race and unfortunately, SOHC lost.


Well, the deal was a race between motorcycles using stock pieces for their motorcycles. That means, no personalized engine, no additional racing gears, no strokers, no pins, no additional cams.

Before the race, we were assured that the engine of the opponent was clean, but the truth was, they modified the engine to hide the additional gears, stroker and pin on the top part of the engine which was covered by the driver seat so it wasn't visible.

When the race started, we were all surprised because SOHC was easily beaten.

In the end, we had to argue against the result because it was really unfair. The mechanic of our team insisted that he inspect the engine of the opponent team but they refused because clearly, they weren't following the set regulations. They used additional racing gears instead of mere stocks, and that's really unfair.

In the end, the opponent took out three guns. It was pretty brutal, if you ask me. SOHC did his best but he was cheated and I really feel bad about that.

Actually, SOHC has never been beaten in stock to stock races, that means he has never been beaten in races which the same regulations as the race I watched. It was only this time that he lost because he was cheated.

And because the opponent had guns, we had to give the pot money to them even though it was unfair. They were really, really low life scums, if you ask me. I would have argued if it weren't for the fact that they were waving guns at our faces. I mean, it was getting dangerous...

But in all actuality, I'm still looking forward to watching SOHC race again. This incident didn't really scare me. In fact, if I were to be invited to watch a drag race again, I'll still go. hehe


Friday, February 19, 2010

Winglin is down so...

Quick update!

Here are alternate links where you can read my write ups:

On Soompi: (you have to register to be able to read)

"Capturing the Casanova"
"Bittersweet Reunion"
"The Crimson Insignia"

**These stories are the only ones posted on Winglin.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just got back from Cebu!

Tiresome but awesome! =)

Yep, that's right! I just got back from my trip to Cebu and Bohol. The whole trip was tiring but it was awesome. Lots of beautiful places and sights. You guys should definitely check out Cebu City and Bohol if you visit the Philippines. Cebu is a prime example of an urbanized city with rich historical land marks and backgrounds. Bohol, on the other hand is definitely a place for nature-trippers because of its ecological diversity.

Here are a few pictures to entice your sights.
I'm kind of lazy at the moment so just a few pictures. hehe

Office of the Governor of the Province of Cebu.

A picture depicting the fight between Lapu-Lapu & Ferdinand Magellan.

We also visited the Cebu Taoist Temple.

A landmark in Mactan, Cebu.

That's me. Inside the Office of the President in Cebu.

I'll be back with new updates regarding my write-ups! For now, I'm gonna take a short rest to rejuvenate myself before getting back to writing.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

TCI Chapter 25 + Casanova Fics + Infos

<--- Imagine Fujiwara Shin looking so hot like this avatar. kekeke

TCI Chapter 25: "Guilt Trip"

I don't have anything to say right now so I'll proceed to the replies.
hehe Yes, I'm being a little lazy.


wingless_angel93 - Thank you! Glad you liked it!

simpleangel - Miharu and Ryou broke up because Miharu thought that Ryou betrayed her when she learned that he was part of the yakuza group who kidnapped her when she was younger. This resulted to the death of Ryou's twin brother, Rei. Hope that helped.

pkv - Shin and Miharu are indeed moving on with their weird relationship. hehe I couldn't agree more.

xXKymmXx - You're welcome! Well, since she cried for Shin, I think this means that she already cares for him and that's probably good, right?

cahaya - Thank you for your oh-so-detailed comment. hehe And thanks for the continued support!

Princess_Wincyy - Intense indeed! Thanks for reading!

lilmisssmartey - What does Ryou think about Miharu and Shin's relationship? hehe It'll be revealed in the future. For now, this Chapter should suffice. =)

dyang4 - I'm also looking forward for Ryou's plans in the future. hehe I love keeping you guys hanging.

babsy10 - I kind of lazed out so I don't update per week anymore. Aside from that there's school. hehe Does he mean the first daughter/bodyguard relationship or other things? You'll just have to find out in the future chapters. =)

reddynamitez - Whoah... You stayed up until 4AM for this? That's... Whoah... I'm VERY flattered. I'm not surprised though... I stay up late like that when I'm readin suspenseful stories as well. hehe You've been added to the PM List!

miss_dolly - 7AM? What time did you start reading? Really? You're in love? With whom? With me? hahaha Just kidding. You've been added to the PM List! Thanks for reading!

__cherry-apple-wine - It's okay if you're supporting Shin now. I'm not going to lie, I also like Ryou because I have some things in store for him too... hehe

bab0des - MUHAHAHAHA! I pawned a silent reader! XD

beef taco - Really? You're crazy in love with this story right now? Thank you so much! haha I'm rooting for Miharu and Shin too... But of course, that won't be too easy... hehe

pinkslippers - My bad... You shouldn't have stayed up too late! This story is being a little bad influence, I get it. haha
I think what he "discovered" in the last chapter is the fact that Shin actually briefed Miharu of the building's floor plan before going to the event. WHAT NORMAL PERSON ON EARTH DOES THAT?
I think you just might be right! haha But of course, that'll be confirmed within the next few chaps. Not on this one. hehe By the way, thanks for the email. And also, I have to say, your comment is a very spazz-ful one. I can relate. As promised, I updated before the 15th. hahaha You've been added to the PM List! Thanks for reading!

whiteyin - Whoah... You're describing Shin as someone who's almost perfect... And I don't think that's a good sign because he's probably leaning towards a Gary Sue kind of character. However, I do have to tell you that Shin isn't perfect. He's got flaws... He's only human and his humane side will be revealed bit by bit. hehe You think I'm a great writer??? Really??? Thank you!!!

whiterainbowx - I, myself have been wishing for a real life Fujiwara Shin of my own. *sigh* Anyway, you've been added to the PM List. Thanks for reading!

SHINEjaejoong - I don't think Ryou will try to split them up. I think he's only after Miharu. hehe Thanks for the comment!

msv - Thank you! Glad you liked my story! I was kind of hesitant to post this up at first because it isn't everybody's kind of story. It's more of the action thing with a bit of romance and complications... hehe




Earlier today, I opened my mail and was pleasantly surprised to have received an Email from a reader of my finished fic "Capturing the Casanova". It was a pleasant surprise because I've always loved hearing comments and feedbacks from my readers, and also because of the fact that I finished writing CTC last year but some of the readers still reread it. This means that CTC has left an impact on them that's why they reread it when they have time.

She also wrote about the sequel of CTC entitled "Keeping the Casanova". Now, this is another story I've been neglecting for some time now because I've been very busy. I hope to have more free time in the future so I can squeeze in some time to update my current on-going stories.

For those of you who are curious, this was the content of the Email:

Hi, shattered_teardrops (I honestly don't know how to address you),

I hope you will forgive a lengthy preface but I just feel compelled to write you.

Almost embarrassingly (but mostly regrettably), I'm a year late into the "Boys Over Flowers" fandom. Though, throughout its run, one of my best friends really followed it, kept me up to date and gushed about the SoEul. I took it on a head level before, but now I'm all caught up and I understand why it's so difficult not to get so addicted.

Combine that with my being a fan of fiction...

It led me to your story. I've actually been reading a lot, just feeding off whatever the imagination of other fans come up with. I don't remember what I clicked on, or how I found your story (it just seems like I've been all over the place) but I think that I'm pretty luck to find "Capturing the Casanova." What's even better is that I found "Capturing the Casanova" already finished and you've just posted the opening ones of "Keeping the Casanova."

I really just want to thank you for the hours that I've enjoyed your stories. I don't know if it's because I've finished the journey on "Capturing..." but I really think that "Keeping..." is the more interesting story. And besides, it's now an imagined progression of events in the same universe, since in the series, we never actually see Yi-jeong and Ga-eul married. I've had a lovely time reading and rereading your stories (and waiting a great deal for the second story to continue!).

With "Capturing...," what I really like is how you've worked in the in-between of what was actually shown. I like that, were those you wrote in were actually part of the drama, it would still be consistent with how that universe shaped the characters of Yi-jeong and Ga-eul; and actually, even the other cast members. It captured the feel of it, so that even though it's a bit different, it still fits right. I think my most favorite part of it all was the secret in Jagiya the pot.

"Keeping..." is still a little early in, but I'm really, really, really enjoying the first parts of it. I like that there's no draggy part until they actually marry. Instead, you just kept it at that and have them marry in secret. No cliche wedding scenes. I like it.

I've been reading a lot of the random stories on the Lovers Unparalleled site since I started watching "Boys Over Flowers" during the Christmas holidays, but I've only kept up, and plan to keep up on a select few. I don't think I'm particularly nitpicky, but I am pretty choosy. I read on the run, you see. I do get impatient but I'll stick around for yours. :)
Thank you, thank you for the stories. I'm certainly looking forward to the next chapters of "Keeping the Casanova." I'm excited about the journey and I hope to see your imagination of this progression.

Isn't she sweet? hehe
This makes me inspired all the more to make my writing better. =)



I will be gone for about five days because of an educational trip to Cebu and Bohol so that means I won't be able to go online for a few days. I would have loved to bring my laptop with me. However, sadly, I think it's too heavy so I'm still hesitating whether to bring it with me or not.

Pros is, if I bring it with me, I can go online through wireless internet and be updated about everything.

Cons is, it's too heavy and I still have my luggage to bring with me. I don't want to carry around such a heavy thing...

In those five days, I won't be able to write anything at all so that means, no updates next week. Not until I get a break and sit in front of my laptop to write. *sigh* I'm going to miss you guys...

Tsk... But I promise to show you pictures on my next post! hehe

the non-violent torturer,
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Revived my Xanga!

Just a quick update!

I surprisingly remembered my Xanga Blog tonight so yeah,
I decided to revive what's left of it.

My Xanga. << Link. ^_^

I decided to transfer some of my personal posts in there.
This will still be my Author's Blog though. =)

I hope I can update both blogs regularly. Well, I hope. hehe

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