Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still Alive...

...unable to write anything, but still alive.

I just got through my 4-day prelim exams (the last day being today...err... Saturday, July 30, 2011. What time is it???). That being said, this is the first day in two weeks that I was able to check this blog and actually have time to update about my current affairs.

Truth is, my sanity is barely hanging by a mere thread because law school has been literally killing me by forcefully making me go through the arduous endeavors of studying, memorizing, knowing, understanding and a whole lot of reading.

I tell you, law school is a wholly different kind of torture chamber compared to College. I'd even say College was a like... I dunno... too miniscule and lame? That being said, I regret all those moments in College when I didn't strictly practice my study habits. *sigh*

Anyways, this is just a quick post to let you guys know that I am still alive, still breathing and still with the ability to weave words... Unfortunately, not a lot of free time though...

As a compensation to all of you, I'll try to write a longer chapter for the next update for Keeping the Casanova. (You know, just to make up for the fact that it's been so long since I've posted up anything new.)

Gawd... I'm growing geekier and geekier in law school. I have no social life to speak of. I haven't been able to truly relax since the school year started, and by all means, I feel like I'm experiencing a slow and extremely torturous death...

Ugh. I just ranted.



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Severing the Strings of Forever

Severing the Strings of Forever

This has been sitting in my desktop for quite some time now, with a synopsis and a starting outline for the whole story. In fact, I've written the prologue already...  But I've never started writing the chapters because my schedule does not permit me to do so. *sigh*

It's a lot different than the usual stories I write in the fact that it's genre is Fantasy-Romance. And nope, no vampires included in this one.

I'm feeling generous today so I'm going to post a snippet of this story.


"Never interfere with Death..."

     He watched by the sidelines as the burly and balding middle aged man brought the little girl inside his office. The man was supposed to be the little girl’s teacher – her second father – a person who’s supposed to ensure the welfare of the children under his care.

     But his maligned intentions shadowed the nobility of his profession.

     A frown painted itself on the unseen audience’s face, out of sheer disgust as he flicked his wrist up to look at his watch. He didn’t like handling cases like these. 

     Who would ever like watching a burly and balding middle-aged man corrupting the innocence of a child?

     One would think that with a lithe build and a face of ethereal quality such as his, he could easily draw attention to himself without even wanting to. One could surmise that the burly, balding man could have seen him, and unwittingly stop what he was about to do because of his antagonizing presence and scrutinizing eyes.

     The crucial question in the present situation is… 
      Can he actually be seen, in the first place?

     To answer the question above, the burly and balding man continued to lead the little girl inside his office, confident that he was privy to what he was about to do. Let it be known that invisibility was the one of the many perks of being other-worldly.

     Impatiently, he lifted his other hand holding a piece of paper and stared at the information written on it.

Name: Yoon Chul-Soo
Birthday: January 23, 1966
Age: 45 years old.
Death: June 22, 2011, 4:37 PM
Location: Seoul, South Korea

     He looked at his watch again. It was only 4:05 PM.

     He shifted his eyes back to the paper to read more details.

Cause of Death: Heart attack upon sexual climax.

     He frowned, clearly displeased.     

     As if things weren’t as despicable enough, his assignment just had to die at the exact time he reaches the climax of his carnal pleasure at the expense of an innocent child.

     He cursed inwardly and entered the room while remaining unseen. For someone inhuman as him, it was effortless to enter a room locked from the inside. Physical confines such as rooms in the Human World were never a problem to him.

     What disturbed him more was the sight of the man and the little girl in front of him. The strong taking advantage of the weak.

     The little girl was no more than five years old, practically still a baby. She was one of those angelic-looking ones that had a heart-shaped face, blessed with wide, doe-eyes framed beautifully by thick and cursive lashes. No wonder the lecherous teacher had taken a liking to her.

     She was wearing a pink little dress with ruffles and laces – a dress fit for a feminine little princess – a dress that ultimately has to be taken off in order for the burly, balding man to complete his sinister plans.

     A disgusted frown continued to envelope the unseen audience’s facial features as the man slowly lifted the girl to his lap and began undoing the buttons of the little girl’s dress. All the while, the little girl was busy playing with her porcelain doll, completely unaware of what was about to happen to her.

     For the nth time, he looked at his watch again. The time was 4:13.

     “Shit.” He cursed inwardly but continued to stand by the sidelines and watch as the man’s life string approached its end. He was tapping his feet, growing impatient by the minute.

     By then, the man had already unbuttoned all of the buttons on the girl’s dress and was beginning to lower it down from her frail shoulders. The sight was nothing short of despicable. He tried his best to fake nonchalance and continued standing by the sidelines without interfering.

     “My little Helena… We’re going to play a little game, shall we?” The burly, balding man chanted in a childlike tone with a sinister sneer on his aged face.

     The little girl looked up to him, her big brown orbs wide with inquiry, confusion and finally, fear… Fear of the unknown… Fear of what was about to come… Or maybe, somehow, her instinct for self-preservation kicked in subconsciously inside her young mind.

     “Teacher Yoon… I-I want to go home…” She inquired, her eyes filled with fear.

     Whatever it was that lit alarm on the little girl’s brown orbs, the unseen entity knew that he could not let things happen as fate dictated them. 

     With a cringe on his face, and knowing full well that he was going to regret what he was about to do, the unseen entity stepped forward towards the burly, balding man’s direction.

     A touch. That was all it took for him to sever the man’s life string.

     In a matter of minutes, the burly, balding man’s grip on the little girl had loosened as his heart erratically maneuvered itself towards his death. The man clutched his chest in pain as the last few seconds of his life passed by in a blur – until on the last second – it was then that he saw the ethereal face of death.

     If he really was the personification of death, then Death would be very beautiful in all his fine glory and wraithlike appearance. He had the blackest mane contrasted with pale, smooth skin. He had lips the color of ripe strawberries ready for plucking, and his eyes were the color of the cerulean ocean in its full, unspoiled glory. And if humans knew that his was the face that was going to meet them upon their demise, nobody would ever fear the transition to the afterlife.

      But he wasn't death itself... He was merely an instrumentality of death... Someone who has to work religiously in schedule to uphold death's purpose... And thus, when it came to circumstances regarding death, he was helpless...

     Wordlessly, like someone tired of a chore, he collected the card which held the burly, balding man’s soul. The card was colored black with intricate black details embedded unto its back, and the face of the burly, balding man in front. Unless he wills it, the burly, balding man’s soul will remain to be held inside the card.

     Strangely enough, even though he knew that he had completed his assignment, he looked at his watch again as his lips appeared pursed in a thin line.

     He knew that he was a few seconds earlier than what was scheduled and the realization of his mistake bitterly stung his conscience. Such intervention was never held unpunished. 


      One of the sacred rules in this duty was to never interfere with death... As it would have adverse consequences...

     He momentarily paused and waited for something to happen… But nothing. He looked around, seemingly surprised.

     No earthquakes, no sudden flashes of lightning, no higher beings appearing out of nowhere to reprimand him – Nothing. And that seriously struck him as odd…

     Until he looked down at the little girl…
… and found her staring straight at him.

---------[end of prologue]---------




Saturday, July 2, 2011

Healthy Jealousy

... Chapter 19 of Keeping the Casanova.

.............. I'M BACK, WITCHES!!! (I've always wanted to say that. LOL.)

So, law school has been draining my energy for the last few weeks. GAWD. My most freakin' favorite place in the world now is... the Law Library. T_T

No kidding!!! 

My class starts at 5:30 in the afternoon most weekdays, but I spend time in the library from 2:00 PM, not because I want to, but because I have to read, read and read more.

In law school, going to class is like going to war - you have to prepared with weapons - in this case, knowledge of the lesson and the cases involved - because if you're not prepared, you're gonna look pathetic.

That has been the main reason why I barely have time to actually sit down to write and type my heart out. *sigh* Also, I have classes six days a week, so yeah...

My life right now in a collage of pictures. Coffee & fries included. =)


dee:) - TUHMAAAA!!! Different people have different perspective of the same thing.

Trixie9394 - Oh, of course, there is a solution to every problem.. *winks* I'm the master mind behind this fic so everything will be okay.

leighannechan - LQs are normal, right? Even for married couples.

yeongweonhi02stary - Ahahaha Everyone shocked with Ji Hoo, right? *grin*

- Ehehehe Not really. XDDD

babypillow - Wahahaha What??? Ji Hoo is a grown man after all. Come on! You give him so little credit! XD

alasdair_vahn - I must mention that I adore your avatar. I like it! =) Well, they're still newlyweds right? It's normal to bicker and quarrel at times. I'm trying to portray that side of marriage because contrary to what most people believe, marriages don't necessarily mean happy endings.

inday_yu - TRUE. But I guess she's trying not to look small compared to her husband, 'cause it's well-established that he's "up there" and she's not quite "there" yet, in terms of socio-economic status. - Who doesn't love the Jae Kyung & Woo Bin pairing?? Come on!

swtxlilqt95 - LOL. You're the only one seeing the positive thing in this chapter! I love you already!!! Well, in a non-lesbian sort of way, of course. haha

kly8 - Wahahaha the story behind Han Byul is revealed in Chapter 19. It's not a really big story anyways. Just a sort of misunderstanding. =)

iaimeyouS2 - I love dropping nukes every now and then. =)

Ahr3um - Well, let's just say that Yi Jung and Ga Eul's relationship isn't that stable yet because they're still newly weds. *winks*

- Muahahaha Coz I'm evil like that, yo! =)

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shar0nsaurus - haha Let's just say that Ji Hoo is for the side story. *winks*

deep.dreamer - There is an explanation in Chapter 19! You actually read my mind while I was writing Chapter 19, didn't you???

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xloserr - You're welcome! Glad you like it! Thank you for reading! =)

jaequeen - LOL. You have a very active imagination. haha

Everyone, thank you so much for the patience. 
It's really difficult to post updates regularly because of school. 
But I hope you still continue to watch out for my updates! =) 
Hope you enjoy reading!

the nonviolent torturer,