Monday, December 7, 2009

Maguindanao Mayhem

As a concerned Filipino citizen, the current situation at Maguindanao deeply upsets me. Aside from the gruesome massacre which, no doubt, shook the whole country, I am even more appalled by the lack of justice and by the number of weapons acquired by the military from the properties of the Ampatuan clan.

Why would someone like Mayor Andal Ampatuan Sr. and the Ampatuan clan have all these weapons? For what purpose? Well, we are aware of the rebel groups hiding around Maguindanao area but does this threat justify the massive weapons collected from the Ampatuan properties?

With the sheer number of high powered ammunitions, machine guns, rifles and bags of bullets, and using common sense alone, one can easily guess that they weren't merely for protection.

Furtheremore, it's Christmas.

After facing the onslaught of nature through several typhoons which rocked Metro Manila, now, we are faced with this dilemma. Moreover, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo even announced a state of Martial Law for the Maguindanao Province.

As far as I can recall from my previous subject regarding the Philippine Constitution, the state of Martial Law can only be declared in cases of invasion or rebellion, and which in this case, are both mere assumptions from the side of the government. That's why I'm having doubts as to the efficacy and reason behind the announcement of Martial Law.

The Martial is now on its 15th day and the Military has been patrolling Maguindanao nonstop which, no doubt, has caused terror, unrest and fear for the civilians residing in the area. Media footage also showed the Military forcibly dragging Ampatuan Sr. from a hospital in order to transfer him to another hospital which is nearer the military base. There was also a footage of an arrest made by the military for the male members of the Ampatuan clan.

If the state of Martial Law wasn't declared, this would be a clear violation of human rights. However, since Maguindanao has been declared under Martial Law, even due process and human rights are undermined. This, added with the fact that justice has yet to achieved for the victims of the aforementioned massacre.

Although I doubt that this predicament will be solved easily, I still hope and pray that the people behind the massacre be put to jail, and that all of the innocent people involved be spared.

Let's all unite and pray for the victims of the Maguindanao massacre for this is as much as we can do...

shattered teardrops

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rants and TCI Chapter 22

November 28 is actually my younger brother's fourteenth birthday. =)
Happy Birthday, D! I love you!
We'll watch Ninja Assassin on Monday!

So, yeah, to celebrate my brother's birthday, me and my family went to the beach. Now, sad to say, I didn't really enjoy. The only thing I did at the beach was eat and eat and eat. Then, when I was very full, I stayed in the car and slept. =) *rolls eyes* I can be a pig at times. I didn't really want to go but since it's my brother's birthday, I had to.

By the way, I'm really caught up in watching the kdrama You're Beautiful right now! =) I even downloaded the whole drama and I'm still waiting for the subs of Episode 15 and 16! haha Fan-girl much? LOL.

Well, actually, the main reason why I'm hooked up with You're Beautiful is because of Kang Shin Woo or in real life, portrayed by newbie actor Jung Yong Hwa. I don't know why but I've always held a soft spot for the 'other' guy. Kang Shin Woo just happens to be the other guy. And he's hot too. =)

I remember watching Meteor Garden and I was vouching for the Lei/SanCai pair. I watched HYD Japan and vouched for Rui. On Hana Kimi Japan, I was leaning towards Nakatsu. When I was watching Devil Beside You, I was hoping for Rainie to end up with Kingone Wang's character. Same thing with Why Why Love. *sigh*

Anyway, thing is, my heart often goes out to the 'other' guy... And why is the female lead always blind??? Seriously???

Anyways, I decided to binge write for The Crimson Insignia a bit. haha

Chapter Twenty-Two of The Crimson Insignia

I'm so gay I wrote this update. LOL.

For this Chapter, a whole LOT has been revealed. So more questions are probably playing inside your minds. hehe I decided to speed things up a bit. I mean, after all those romantic developments between Miharu and Shin, some action should come up too, right?

TRIVIA: The biggest Yakuza Group in Japan is actually Yamaguchi-Gumi. =)

I really have to thank Wikipedia for most part in writing this Chapter because I actually had to do a little research on Yakuzas. You know, for the realistic part effect. haha I know TCI should be a manga-esque type of fiction story but I can't help it... I want to put in a bit of realism in it too.


cahaya - Thanks for reading! =)

simpleangel - What if it's just a coincidence? Well, what if it's not? haha

SHINEjaejoong - What is the Crimson Insignia? Chapter 22 will answer that. *winks* Akira is starting to annoy you? Well, there's probably reason why he's annoying. haha

sprinklez_123 - I believe that the answers to your questions are already answered by Chapter 22. Everything was vaguely explained by Kenta. *grins*

mas - Ehh? Is everything confusing?? Yep, the ring that Shin was wearing was from Miharu. That's already confirmed. haha Yes, this story is meant to be one big puzzle but it's not that confusing once everything settles in. That would probably be at the ending and we'r nowhere near the ending yet. haha

zartas - Right on the spot! hehe Piecing the puzzle of this story is not that difficult right? *winks*

flitflyzoom -Now that you mention it, you're right! This is the first time that the Crimson Insignia was mentioned... even though it has always been the title. hehe

beef taco - Thank you! Thanks for reading!

mangoes_ - Get answers? haha Maybe...*winks*

babsy10 - Yes, that's the same ring that Miharu gave to Shin. =)

dyang4 - Don't forget about Kenta's power-hungry Uncle... Making Shin their leader wouldn't probably be easy... Besides, Miharu is the real owner of the ring, right?

peeyuh - The heir isn't really supposed to be male but Kenta assumed that the heir was a male because he saw Shin and Shin is a male. hehe This should get published??? Really??? Thank you! hehe

HINT: Next Chapter, there will be more action. *smiles innocently*

Thanks for reading everyone!

the non-violent torturer,
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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Heir

Chapter Twenty-One of The Crimson Insignia...

Twists are coming up! hehe

Anyway, to take a break from Miharu and Shin's deepening relationship, I finally decided to mobilize a small bit of this story's plot. Sooner or later this had to come out so yeah, here it is. The whole background information about Saitou Kenta's affiliates, being a member of a long-existing clan which seemed to have Yakuza roots...

And of course, about this whole heir thing to Saitou Kenta's clan. I wonder what sorts of things will I be able to write about next? Hmmm... hehe Watch out for the next updates! =)


tendele - It's okay! I understand that we're all busy with our lives and all that. As long as you still don't forget to check out this story, I'm already happy with that. =)

SHINEjaejoong - That love... is slowly starting to bloom, yes. XD Hmm... I think Miharu only took her contacts off briefly. Since she doesn't really allow anyone else to see her real eye color, right? *winks*

pkv - Of course some things are going to happen. hehe It starts with Chapter 21. =)

zartas - O.o Giggling?? haha How come I wasn't giggling when I was writing this part?? haha Thanks for reading!

simpleangel - The price they have to pay for liking each other will be more than any of them can bear... And it's going to be reserved for the future. hehe

mas - Yes, I do think things are getting interesting as well. =)

babsy10 - This trust thing is relatively new for them but I think everything is well. =)

STEPHiiiEx3 - Yep, they trust each other! XD

peeyuh - Of course, after all the sweet things, comes the other twists... hehe *winks*

sprinklez_123 - LOL. I did not expect that but it could be possible! ahahahaha! You've got a great sense of humor! I like that! XD Yep, admitting what they feel for each other is a long way off. I've still got tons of things to write about... hehe I actually had a hard time choosing which color would best show her eye color. One time, I saw this girl which had very uniquely colored eyes. Her eyes were like a mix between brown and gray so it's a bit hard to tell which color it was. I thought it was pretty cool so that's where I got Miharu's eyes.

dyang4 - And aside from Shin, the only person at Kairan who knows her real eye color is Ryou. =)

~*BaeSeulGi*~ - Sure! I'll add you up on the PM List! Glad you liked my story! Thanks for reading! =)

the non-violent torturer,
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fists and Lipsticks 1

Before anything else, I should mention that I was planning to write another Book Review for an update. I've already finished reading two books for the week and they were both quite interesting in their own way. However, I remembered something I've read a few months ago. It was written by a Fil-Am author going by the pseudonym of HiroLovesMeia. I was hooked by his story so I decided to write something about it instead. =)

Title: Fists and Lipsticks 1
Author: HiroLovesMeia @ Soompi Forums/FictionPress or Mark Harold Larucea

Gangs, street fights, high school, motorcycles, politics, hot guys and a femme fatale, all of these combined in one very explosive fiction story which is sure to get you guys hooked on your seats. If you're looking for a hard-to-put-down Romance/Action story, then, this story is the one for you.

Set in Tokyo, Japan, specifically, in a high school dominated by fists, is where the story began. Picture Yamazaki Kosuke, leader of the fiercest high school gang who also happens to be the son of a respected judge. Then, there's the femme fatale, the girl with very pink lips by the name of Miyazawa Aya, the leader of an underground motorcycle gang. Mix them together in one school and what do you get?

Rivalry. Sarcasm. Challenges. Chaos.

If there was a fiction story I'd recommend to be made into a movie, this would be it. Everything about this story simply blows me away. Plus, the Author's writing style is very detailed, unique and picturesque. He captures every scene through words and knows just when to leave the readers hanging for more. No doubt, HiroLovesMeia or affectionately called 'Kuya Hiro' by his Filipino readers, knows his stuff and knows them well.

For those who are interested to read it, HiroLovesMeia posted this story at Soompi Forums and at FictionPress. Plus, he also provided a PDF File of the complete Fists and Lipsticks 1 available for download from Mediafire. You can also visit Kuya Hiro's Blog HERE.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

TCI and a few other things...

Chapter Twenty of The Crimson Insignia: "I Trust You"

For this Chapter, I chose to write a bit more on Miharu and Shin. Don't get me wrong, the other characters will play significant roles as well, but before anything else, I would like to build up the blossoming something between our Main Leads. hehe Besides, I love writing about the two of them. Can you blame me? *winks*

Anyway, I'm a bit worried about whether this story is getting boring. I don't know. Maybe I'm focusing too much on the romance aspect of the story at the moment that I'm beginning to neglect the fact that this is in fact an action story as well.

What I'm trying to do is to slowly build up the relationship between the Leads simply because I don't want to be in a hurry in making them fall for each other. Other authors tend to do that and it's a bit unrealistic if you ask me. I like writing about gradual romance... not something like instant attraction then BAM! They're in love... I don't have anything against those kinds... It's just that I don't prefer it that way...

Ahem... Now, for those readers who are curious about guns as mentioned in the 18th Chapter of TCI. If you remember, two types of guns were mentioned; the first one was a 9 millimeter hand gun and the other one was 45 caliber hand gun. Just so you guys know, yes, I've actually seen, held and fired using both guns. My Dad owns a Brazilian made 45 caliber hand gun and I actually own a 9mm... hehe Then, we also have a 38 caliber hand gun here at home...

My Dad has a thing for guns and we sort of bond together through spending some time in a nearby firing range just to test guns so if ever I describe any shooting experience or scene in this story, it's taken from personal experience. =)


Wow... What do you know? I actually had some spare time to reply to the readers' comments today! XD Thanks for reading everyone!

SHINEjaejoong - Yep, the romance will continue... But for how long, i'm not sure... XD Thanks for reading!

pkv - I agree, she is a fast learner. XD Actually, you don't really need to have any special skill to shoot a gun when you have a non-moving target. hehe Thank you! I thought this was getting a little boring with all the romance stuff and none with the action... The action part will come through though...

simpleangel - Actually, if the target is non-moving, it's easy to shoot straight without missing. Trust me, I've tried shooting a target in a firing range. It's not that hard... hehe

zartas - Thank you for reading! You've been added to the PM List! =) Akira might be Azrael? Hmm... That leaves to be seen... hehe

STEPHiiiEx3 - I guess you forgot to comment? =)

babsy10 - I agree with every word you say. But then again, it's not easy being in the position that they're in, right?

flitflyzoom - You've been added to the PM List! Thanks for reading!

dyang4 - Thank you! Glad to know that you're not getting bored of this! XD

PrincessBoa - Glad my story reeled you in! Not a lot of readers prefer this kind of story... hehe Thanks for reading! You've been added to the PM List! XD

peeyuh - It's not that hard to shoot a non-moving target so Miharu quickly got the gist of it. hehe Trust me, I've personally tried firing guns. Thank you! Glad you liked my update~ XD

mangoes_ - Thank you! I ws getting worried about this being boring and all... hehe Thanks for reading!

the non-violent torturer,
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Breaking Boundaries

Chapter 19 of The Crimson Insignia...

Whoah... This story has stretched for 19 Chapters already? Tsk, tsk... And I'm only beginning with my clandestine twists...

I won't put too much analysis for this Chapter since everything going on between Miharu and Shin seemed to speak for themselves. I won't comment any further about those things. Just that, well, we may actually begin to fan girl about the possibilities between our dearly beloved spy and the daughter of the Prime Minister. LOL.

Much hasn't been written about Akira and his investigation though. Azrael has also taken claim of one person's life yet everything was still vague. Taiki's background has been revealed in Chapter 18. Also, Ryou has been a little on the quiet side for these past few Chapters. However, I promise twists up ahead. I just need a little more time to write them... I'm being lazy for this weekend so this update will do. =)

Anyway, as mentioned that I'm being a little lazy these past few days since class started last week. I'm taking all my free time reserved for rest and lazing out. Of course, I did not miss to write an update for TCI but then, as of now, I just want to enjoy my weekend.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekends too!

By the way, I changed the lay-out of the blog into a more feminine one just because I want to remind myself that I'm actually a girl. I tend to forget that sometimes... =D

the non-violent torturer,
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Azrael's Strike

Chapter 18 of The Crimson Insignia

This Chapter will be the opening for lots of other twists I prepared for the story. I guess I should probably move up the pace and give something thrilling for you guys for a change. This will be a minor turning point but a turning point nonetheless. It will speed up a few things and turn a few wheels to mobilize my minor twists which will eventually lead to the execution of the main plot.

For this Chapter, we uncover the background of our comic relief Nakashima Taiki. We see that he's not exactly who we think he is. In fact, he's half-Romanian by being the illegitimate son of the Romanian Consul General Claudiu Agafiti who was assassinated by our infamous deadly assassin Azrael.

And by the end of the Chapter, I've left a minor cliff hanger just to spicen up things. The next Chapter would be a little bit of a... Hmm... A treat for the readers so please watch out for that...
In the meantime, we still do not know what Akira is up to... But that would be revealed in due time...

Thanks for reading everything!

CREDITS to atta of Soompi for the Romanian translations!
Thank you very much!

I've decided not to post up some replies now because I'm kind of busy... Comment replies will be posted for the next few chapters... If I'm not caught up with school once again, that is...

Again, thank you so much for reading!

the non-violent torturer,
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Works and Downloads

Okay. What have I been up to lately? Well, for one, enrollment for our second semester. Gosh, being a student is so... tiresome. My semestral break is over so yes, I'm back to school and studying.

Secondly, I've opened up my files for my story entitled Ignominy. I've decided to revive what's left of it. I mean, it'd be such a waste if I discontinued it because it's already on its 24th chapter. I started out by changing the poster and background at Winglin. Then, I began re-reading my work to refresh my memory of the twists I've put in to the story! hehe Of course, by re-reading it, I also proofed read it.

Would you believe that even if I was the one who wrote Ignominy, I got caught up with my own story? I mean, not caught up as an author but as a reader. I think the pace of the story was a bit fast but the twists were well-placed for most part. That's what I think... hehe I couldn't even believe how I managed to write Ignominy... I wonder where I got all the twists I've put in there. haha

Moving on, aside from Ignominy, another thing I would like to share to everyone is that I've already finished the PDF version of "in a Heartbeat...". It's available for download at Mediafire! There's a link of it in this Blog, at the right side under the label "Downloads".

Or, you can directly download it HERE.

You know, I feel a little bit proud of myself. I mean I've already finished quite a handful of stories. My old stories were lost because I didn't compile them into a PDF file. However, now, I have 4 completed stories in PDF version available for download! That has got to be an achievement, right? Well, for me that's already an achievement. hehe

Hohum... Well, that's about it!

'Til next time!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm so touched...

Yes, I feel so touched.


Well, it's because I've already finished my story entitled, "in a Heartbeat..." and a lot of readers have expressed positive comments both for the story and for me, as the main protagonist in the story.

I wrote the story to touch lives.

And I'm glad that I was able to reach out to some people and made them feel a piece of what I have gone through. I think this has been one of the most significant stories in my life as an Author as also as a person who's still struggling through life.

I would like to thank all the readers for their support and encouragement for Park Dae Hee. I know that she's not the best example of a girl when it comes to decisions about love, but I think, what's important is that, Dae Hee got through it all bravely.

She would not have done it without her family and friends who supported her. And moving on and accepting everything wouldn't have been easier if it weren't for the people who touched her life through their encouragement and warm words.

For the people who think that Dae Hee is stupid. I could not agree more. But that's what made her human, that's what made her just like the rest of us...

For the record, I still feel weird talking about myself in third person point of view. I mean, yeah, technically, I'm talking about Park Dae Hee... But Park Dae Hee is me. And I'm really talking about myself. Sometimes, I feel weird talking about myself as if I'm talking about a completely different person... I don't know... haha

Okay, now for new updates, I will be uploading a PDF version of "in a Heartbeat..." which will be available for download within the next few days.

Well, that's about it!

shattered teardrops

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Calm Before the Storm"

Chapter 17 of The Crimson Insignia...


Did you guys miss me?

I missed you!

Anyway, Chapter 17 of TCI is up. This chapter shows more of Miharu and Shin interactions, plus, their growing fondness of each other. I think this chapter speaks a lot of itself and the deepening ties between our two main leads. However, we also see that things just aren't going to be so easy for both of them.


Like I said, guys, everything in here has a purpose.
Akira's curiosity MIGHT have a hidden reason. *winks*

Also, please remember that the cryptograph which Akira took is actually a clue from Pride,
which may lead to the identity of Azrael, the assassin. *grin*


SHINEjaejoong - He's annoying but he's real smart. haha

STEPHiiiEx3 - Why does Akira want to find out the truth? Well, I think there's more to him than being just a student. haha

simpleangel - I think they're beginning to grow on each other too!

pkv - Everyone is under constant suspicion. You never know who's who in this fic. haha

pained - Ooohhh! I think they're going to be such a cute couple too! hehe But that won't be so easy, given everything around them.

babsy10 - "even daddy's noticing" >>> LOL! I second that!

dyang4 - The reason why Akira is so hell-bent on find out about the cryptograph is... *dun*dun*dun* Nah... The future chapters will reveal it. haha

mas - Actually, Jae Joong was the one I was thinking about when I designed Shin's character. haha I just can't seem to think of someone else being Shin so yeah. You've been added to the PM List~ Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading guys!
See you in the next update~

the non-violent torturer,
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Friday, October 23, 2009

in a Heartbeat Author's Note...

Dear Readers,


First of all, I know most of you are in doubt whether or not the contents of this story is really based on actual events. And I know that most of you find it hard to believe that these things actually happened to me. My answer is, YES, the contents of this story was really based on the things that happened to me in real life. And no, if you think I was lucky or everything was exciting, personally, I don’t think so.

The timeline for this story started on June 2007 because that’s the opening of classes here in the Philippines. Yes, I’m from the Philippines and I merely used Korean names and places in order to protect the identity of the real people portrayed in this story.

Secondly, I wrote this story, not to make you guys think that I’m lucky or to make you envious of what I have been through. I wrote this story because I wanted to remember every memory that the real Chan Sung gave me from the moment we met. This will be the last time I’m going to remember everything about us. As soon as this story is finished, I’m going to move on with my life and try to live without him.

This story is very personal for me and no, I’m not looking for fans or for a bit of sympathy. I published this story in order to touch other people’s lives with my own. If you doubt whether this is true, I’m not going to convince you to believe otherwise. After all, why would you trust someone you don’t even know, right?

But above everything else, please believe me when I say that Park Dae Hee really, really, really loved Moon Chan Sung… even to the point of disrespecting herself and draining her pride.

Shattered teardrops

The story of my life...

I didn't think that anyone would be interested to read my story about the events that really happened in my life. I was surprised by the overwhelming response from the readers of "in a Heartbeat".

Thinking about it, yeah, my love life had been... too exciting? Nah... It's just too unique. I'm still glad that people appreciate it though and some of them can even relate. That's the one thing I'm glad they do: relate with me.

Anyway, since I'm still on a semestral break, yes, I am binge writing everyday, but sadly, not for "Ignominy" or for "The Crimson Insignia". I still write for TCI but I'm more focused on finishing "in a Heartbeat" at the moment because it's just a short story. Well, I'm hoping to finish it before sembreak ends so I wouldn't have to juggle it together with my two other fics.

Hohum... What else?

Well, I'm enjoying a stress free break and I even have time for exercise now. LOL. I'm such a couch potato but I'm trying my best to lose some of that fat I've been keeping. Hopefully, I don't bulge in too much because Christmas is just around the corner. hehe

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

Monday, October 19, 2009

in a Heartbeat...


Introducing my new baby everyone.

This one has been playing in my mind since like... two weeks ago.

Not so long I know but the significance of this story in my life is that it's actually based on a true story I knew by heart. It's a story about me and the first relationship I've ever had.

In a way, this is the last time I'm going to relive each memory of that bittersweet phase in my life, and hopefully, after finish writing this short story, I will be able to move on...

No deaths, no prince charming and damsels in distress. Just a simple story I'm sure everyone can relate with because... this is real.

Posted at Soompi Forums only.

Here's the Prologue:

“in a Heartbeat…”

“Like a love story found in novels and movies,
I fell in love with the least person I expected.
In a heartbeat, everything I thought I knew about him changed.

I saw him in a different light other than as a friend.
Surreal as it may be, a tomboy like me…
Found love which I thought I’d never see…”


01 P R O L O G U E :

Our first meeting wasn’t all that promising. It was the first day of my college life.
I was alone, I knew no one. I was mediocre, not the type to stand out in the least.
No one was interested with serious-looking Park Dae Hee.

And him?

Hmm… Well, he was the complete opposite of me.
His looks, his actions, his shy smile when he introduced himself.
Everyone was enamored by good-looking Moon Chan Sung.

Everything about him…
demanded attention,
wanted attention,
and most of all,

Everything about him gained attention.

The first time I saw him, I didn’t take a second glance. Yes, I didn’t give him my attention.
Why? Looks without substance matter very little to me. I was that arrogant and I easily judged him.

And him?

Hmm… He easily captured everyone’s favor.
He was charming and his looks proved to be his advantage.

Everything about him…
irritated me,
disgusted me,
and most of all,

Everything about him screamed against the principles I live with.

I easily labeled him as a mere pretty boy who always got what he wanted,
simply because he had the looks and the charm to disarm anyone.

Not me though. I earned everything I had through hard work,
because I didn’t have the convenience of having exceptional looks.

As luck, or more like misfortune, would have it,
and although I hoped against odds to avoid him,
on that first day of class, he was arranged to sit beside me.
Much more to my annoyance, we were grouped together
along with two other people…

Blinded by my prejudgment, I was caught unprepared.
The pretty boy I hastily judged was in fact…
someone whose mind easily related with mine.
He was witty, resourceful and imaginative.
What a very, very unexpected surprise.

And little did I know that it was only the first surprise among the many others I didn’t expect to come.

To Be Continued...

So what do you think? =D

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Growing Suspicions

Chapter 16 of The Crimson Insignia...

I should mention that I love this chapter simply because I feel that Miharu and Shin's relationship is slowly developing. It's like, they're protecting each other already. kekeke That maybe the truth but that can also be just my imagination. LOL. I'm getting weirder. Don't you guys think so?

Anyway, for this chapter, we see Akira beginning his investigation about the real deal between Miharu and Shin! He's really one clever character, I tell you... Tsk, tsk... haha

Also, we see that even the Prime Minister, Miharu's Father seemed to have noticed how his daughter changed within the small amount of time she has spent with Shin.

Now, these are the reasons why this chapter has been entitled, "Growing Suspicions". =D

Okay, now, before proceeding to the replies, I would like to thank everyone for waiting and for continuing the support for this story of mine. I have been slightly disoriented when it came to writing because of a few unexpected emotional baggage I had to carry for the last few weeks, but I'm okay now. =D If you're curious as to what emotional things I'm talking about, you can read THIS post.

Moving on, let's go to the replies...

kanginsgrl - The indigestion part was meant for comic relief. We can't be too serious all the time, right? hehe Besides, I think even though Shin suffered indigestion, still, it's sweet of Miharu to put in some effort. XD

pkv - Yeah, they're opening up on each other more. Slow but yeah, they're opening up! =D

simpleangel - Absolutely never let Miharu cook! But seeing how hard headed she is... hahaha I think that's more indigestion for Shin. LOL. Yep, Ryou and Reiko signifies my long wanted elder brother and younger sister relationship. haha

STEPHiiiEx3 - Definitely blame Miharu's cooking skills! XD

nanlyy`* - Miharu doesn't only need cooking tips... She needs to learn proper cooking lessons! haha

mangoes_ - Oh... My plot is beginning... hehe It's a bit slow since there are a lot of angles to begin with but it's definitely beginning. Btw, when are your exams? Mine are over! =D Taiki will also be given light but he'll be discussed way later because he's such a dork and I love him! XD

SHINEjaejoong - indigestion means your stomach wasn't able to digest the food you ate resulting to a heavy stomach... hehe Yes, Reiko was the girl Miharu thought who was trying to kill her. keke Your brain must be a bit confused but I'll try to narrow down the confusing twists later. =D

babsy10 - Ryou's background is a bit shady and mysterious that's why it's a bit confusing but he'll be given light through and though... hehe I agree! Miharu must stay out of the kitchen!!

dyang4 - Good point! At least she gave in some effort, right? hehe

pained - You've been added to the PM List! Thank you for reading! =D

peeyuh - Me too! I'm also a sucker for older brother-younger sister relationship! Probably because I want an elder brother for myself. *sigh*

sprinklez_123 - Thanks for reading! You've been added to the PM List! hehe More secrets and more questions will arise later~ XD

Thank you so much for the comments and continued support everyone! I'm on my semestral breaks now so there might be more updates than usual~ =D

the non-violent torturer,
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Hey Guys!

Last week, I've PMed the people waiting for an update for TCI and I'm really thankful that some people took time to respond to my PM. They wished me luck on my exams and asked me how was I doing. I feel so loved by my readers already~!

Anyway, yeah, my exams are over and I'm now currently working on TCI so expect an update maybe about tomorrow. Again, thank you so much for those who wished me luck on my exams! It was mentally exhausting but I got through it. hehe

Also, I decided to slowly incorporate some personal details about my life in this blog. This means that I'll make this some sort of a personal blog aside from being my Author's Blog. I shall be putting random posts about things in my life aside from the usual updates about my write-ups. I hope you guys don't mind reading my thoughts because personally, some of my thoughts are disturbing. LOL.

Again, thank you so much guys! You know who you are... Thanks for all the thoughtfulness. I really, really appreciate it! =D

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Terrible Matters

As of the moment, I have no update both for Ignominy and The Crimson Insignia. I got caught up with lots of heavy things as of recent. I haven't got enough time to put touch ups on TCI's supposed to be 16th chapter. I have not furnished it or even edited it. As for Ignominy, I'm loosing hope. *sigh* But I'll try to binge-write during my semestral break that's almost coming up so hopefully, some sort of inspiration will shake me up then. hehe

These last few weeks have been really difficult to deal with. Firstly, there's the onslaught of typhoons left and right here in the Philippines. They've caused floods, landslides and massive deaths in some parts of the country. Although, fortunately, me and my family are safe, still, it's upsetting when you turn on the television and see a lot of people dying and losing loved ones.

So please help me pray for all those families and people affected by this calamity. It's really heart-wrenching.

Another terrible thing for me is school because my exams are coming up next week and I haven't started studying yet. These past few weeks proved to be soooo challenging because of debates we had to do, projects and presentations, papers and all that stuff.

But the icing on my cake when it comes to TERRIBLE MATTERS is... Well, this is something really personal but I decided to share it anyway. My special someone of one year, eight months and three days, and I, decided to call it quits. It's frustrating, it's heartbreaking, it's emotionally exhausting. It's especially hard for me because he's my first boyfriend and I love him so much...

Have you ever felt like... waking up in the morning and feeling so empty? Like you've tried thinking positively about things but then again, something's just not right anymore. And even if you try to smile, deep inside you know that you're just faking it for the people around you...

I'm not looking for any words of sympathy by posting something like this here. I just want to vent out things a little. And I want you guys to understand why my writing has been greatly affected by this emotionally troubling thing.

Everytime I try to look at a blank Microsoft Document page and try to type, my thoughts just stray back to him and I end up being frustrated because I want to write for my stories but I can't. I end up thinking about him and... You know, I just really want to let out all of that frustration and heartbreak.

He was my first boyfriend and with him, I had my first relationship. I wanted us to last forever but we didn't. Don't get me wrong, I'm not wallowing in self-pity. I'm just sad, terribly sad...

And this is probably the main reason why my brain is not up to thinking of ideas lately.

I'm really sorry, guys. Last week, I promised an update for The Crimson Insignia this weekend but I couldn't make it. It's also quite ironic because I wrote The Crimson Insignia with him in mind. He was one of the inspirations for the story and I even got the concept of having big super bikes from him because he taught me how to ride one. I was going to let him read TCI when I finish it... But now, I don't think I can... =(

Although I talk about love and happiness in my stories, in the end, I'm no expert at love. I'm just like everybody else... I hurt, I bleed and I fall for a hot playboy sort of guy who changed his playboy ways for me and became one of the most, if not the most important person of my life...


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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Black Prince

Chapter 15 of The Crimson Insignia...

(Wow! I didn't realize this story has already taken up 15 chapters! And I'm still not half-way the plot I'm planning! *gasp*)

Like I said, characters are given light one after another in the chapters of this story so this time, it's Ishiguro Ryou's turn to be on the spotlight. XP

A little bit of background has been given for Ryou as the successor of his Father's Yakuza Group known as the Black Bandits. Also, we see more of his relationship with 2nd year student Kazama Reiko who has been under Miharu's scrutiny before. We also see Akimoto Asuka tagging along Ryou in this chapter.

Plus, of course, I did not forget to add a little of Miharu and Shin at the end of the chapter. I didn't want to leave you guys hanging about what happened after the slap Shin received from Miharu. hehe But then again, I left a cliffie at the end, didn't I?

Oh, and yeah, by the way, I'd like to apologize for lack of update last weekend. Believe me, I wanted to update. It's just that my finals are coming up and projects are piling up... However, I promise you guys that after my final exams, my semestral breaks are coming up and that would probably the best time for me to update more for this story and hopefully, for my other on-going story (Ignominy).

As for replies, here you go, guys... XD

tendele - Thanks! It's okay if you don't comment on all of the chapters. I already appreciate your reading and continuous support of my story... :)

SHINEjaejoong - Well, technically, Akira was just hinting possible scenarios but he has not yet concluded anything. The future chapters will show what he'll do to investigate his suspicion of Shin though... And I think that'll be fun! XD

simpleangel - I agree. He shouldn't be barging into rooms without permission! haha

pkv - He suspects is the right term. Akira hasn't concluded anything yet but in the next chapter, he will definitely be investigating and that would definitely be fun... :) I wonder how Shin and Miharu will handle him... haha I can't wait!

beef taco - Thank you! Glad you liked my story... XD

mangoes_ - Yes, indeed, more on Akira... Don't you just love him already? haha

babsy10 - He solved the mystery of the people around him alright, but I don't think it only took one day... hehe Yep, I really wanted his character to be kind of cunning and observant even though he's always asleep. :)

STEPHiiiEx3 - Technically, he's still guessing and he has to investigate yet... hehe Yep, Akira does deserve the crew's respect for his personality. He's one of the characters I love! XD

nanlyy`* - Hi! Yes, it's been a while but I'm glad you still read. hehe Sure, you can be on the new PM List! Aaww... You lost respect for Ryou? Well, it's to be expected but more shall be explained further as we go unto the story. hehe

peeyuh - Will hell break loose because of the lost copy taken by Akira? Well, that's a possibility we can all watch out for in the new chapters... hehe

dyang4 - Unfortunately, Chapter 15 does not answer the hanging events at Chapter 14... But I'm pretty sure Chapter 16 will... So you just have to watch out for the next chapter! :)

suzy_me - I love sleeping too! Well, mostly over-sleeping since I love sleeping for more than 12 hours... Although I barely have ten hours of sleep due to school. -.-')

Again, thanks for the comments everyone! XD
They really motivate me!
Watch out for the next update next week!

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops xp

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Leader's Wit

First and foremost, I've decided to open up the PM List once again. I'm pretty sure most of you had received a PM from me asking for confirmation for the new PM List.

For those people who replied and chose to be on the new PM List despite my slow updates, thank you very much for the support. I'll try my best to bring out new twists for you guys to enjoy. XD


pkv - I like the way Akira thinks too. He's one of the characters I adore... hehe As for the reason why Ryou did what he had to do, those things will be revealed in the future chapters... Thanks for the comment!

SHINEjaejoong - You are one of my readers from Capturing the Casanova, correct? hehe Thanks for liking this story. I didn't expect that some readers of CTC would like this story as well since it's entirely different from CTC... hehe As requested, you've been added to the PM List! :)

kanginsgrl - Will do! Thanks for the comment! :)

Moving on, here's Chapter 14 of The Crimson Insignia...

For this chapter, I chose to highlight yet another very interesting character from the unlikely bunch of Class 3-D. You might have guessed that this guy's personality does not only include excellence in brawn but also wisdom beyond his years.

This is probably the main reason why he is the leader of Class 3-D's The Sinners. Now for this chapter, Kuroda Akira has taken something belonging to Shin. The question is, why did he take it? And the better question is, what will be the effect of Akira's meddling into Shin and Miharu's business?

As for the lesser focus on this chapter, it seems that Miharu and Shin had gone yet again into another argument. And this time, Miharu had resorted to slapping our ever hot Shin! *gasp* But of course, not all relationships start smoothly, right? hehe

As you've noticed guys, I tend to put up chapters which gives emphasis to the different important characters in the story. Shin has already been given light in one of the chapters, as well as Miharu. I will be putting up chapters focusing on other characters in the future so I hope you guys continue to read.


Shattered Teardrops

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Sinners

Chapter 13 of The Crimson Insignia...

I love this Chapter. I have to be honest about what I feel towards it. XD

It shows more of Akira and his crew, and also highlights their hidden good points. They maybe troublemakers but they're really good guys, right?

Also, this chapter shows more of Akira's cunning mind as the leader of Class 3D's The Sinners. Don't you just love him more for being such a great leader? XD

Now, for the replies...

aznfreak1 - Thank you! Glad you liked it! hehe Yep, I'm trying my best to write a mystery and action-packed manga themed story, which, I must mention, I've never tried before. Hopefully, I'm doing good so far... hehe

babsy10 - I might open up the PM List in the future again. If I get more free time from my studies. hehe I'm still trying to figure out how to balance my schedule and stuff like that... :)

simpleangel - Yep! I'm back! XD Thanks for reading!

dyang4 - Thank you! Hope you liked the latest chapter... :)

peeyuh - Yes, it's a symbiotic form of relationship between Miharu and Shin since they both benefit... And again, yes, more drama because of Ryou... hehe More things will be revealed in the future chapters. Hopefully, I can write something for Miharu and Shin to start opening up to each other... XD

pkv - Hope you liked the latest update! Btw, what does PKV stand for?

STEPHiiiEx3 - Is she starting to care for Shin? hehe She'll get there. XD

Everyone, thank you so much for still reading TCI although I've been absent for months because of some predicament. I hope you continue to support this story! XD

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three Ripped Photographs finally concludes

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, my short story regarding love, sexuality, morality and mistakes has finally concluded in a span of seven chapters.

I had fun in brainstorming this one of a kind, slice of life story which deals with gender confusion and harsh treatment to the third sex.

To be honest, the main reason why I wrote this story, was because of myself. I used to be a tomboy. And I have been treated harshly because I was often mistaken to be a lesbian.

At one point in my life, I also experienced gender confusion, especially when I was in high school, and was a part of the varsity basketball team. Truth be told, most of my team mates had relationships with the same sex. At one point, I was tempted to try, but thankfully, I never tried.

Ahem... Now, back to TRP.

Although not a lot of readers appreciate write-ups such as this, I'm glad to have gotten it out of my system. I have one less fiction story to think about. haha

Anyway, as a consolation, the PDF version of this story is available for download at Mediafire. If you guys want to read it for yourselves, you may download it HERE.

Well, that's about it... :)

shattered teardrops

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crimson Insignia 12: "Betrayal"

Author's Notes:

FIRST and foremost, after more than a month of not updating, I've finally decided to get back on track once again. Now, you might want to ask why I haven't updated for so long... To answer that, I have an explanation to give...

The truth is, I've written like 2 or 3 chapters in advance for TCI which was only waiting to be posted at Soompi. Now, I type my stories in my handy dandy laptop named Ai-chan, but I don't keep my stories on my laptop. Why? Well, because my very inquisitive brother knows my password and checks up everything... Instead, I store my stories in my flashdisk which I carry with me in my celphone chain.

What happened was, my flashdisk suddenly got infected with a virus and it had to be reformatted. Yeah... My chapters were there!!! (ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!) Can you imagine the frustration I felt when I had to reformat it? >.< style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">SECONDLY, as for the PM LIST, This is the last time that I will be PM-ing people.


Well, I figured that since Soompi has made changes to the PM links and added the feature where it allows you to follow people, I decided to make use of the Follow Feature.

If you wish to be notified of my updates, you can click on my avatar to be redirected to my Profile Page, then, click the 'FOLLOW ME' button below my avatar. I will notify you via posting whether I have updated yet or not.

It's such a simple instruction, isn't it? :)

Now, onwards to the Chapter Analysis...

Well, I decided to mobilize the general plot of the story since I've been doing lots of subtle hinting right from the start. This meant that a lot has been revealed in the recent Chapter, mostly about Miharu and Ryou's past...

But I'd have to say that this is a small part of the icing to the cake. *grins*
I like revealing the pieces little by little to keep the thrill and excitement of the chase. hehe

Now, as for the Comment Replies...

babsy10 - haha yes, we do know where it all starts... XD

kadaj1 - you might have read my SoEul fic, the one entitled Capturing the Casanova... hehe

atta - "So you're saying he wants her dead because of the shady organisation he's involved in ,that means from my guesses they're the bad guys ,but now which ones?" Correct question! Which one! hehe That will be revealed later. I'm starting to reveal bits and pieces now so don't worry. *winks* "Again you said this wasn't the first time ,he tried to kill her,then maybe ,one time as he was trying to kill her ,something went wrong and instead he caused his son's death" - - The time when Ryou's Father tried to kill her wasn't his first attempt. Meaning, he had done it before... :) "Shin doesn't know the true colors of her eyes, but we neither ...and this probably idiotic idea came to me:what if her eyes are blue?...and both of their mothers are dead so maybe" - I am so not into incest! LOL. But yeah... This is a possible twist... :) "Again I read there you said that maybe Miharu isn't the Prime Ministers' daughter,right?so maybe she might have a connection with Shin ,like I said at 3 and maybe their father is Sotomura Kichisaburo...." - Wow... You have a very rich imagination! I like that! :) It provides me insights... hehe Thanks! Anyway, about the big bikes, I believe that Miharu's relationship with Ryou's brother has been explained by the recent chapter...

allkispuke - Does Shin like her? haha That's a hard question to answer but he'll surely get there...

nanlyy`* - It's okay to be behind chapters as long as you make up for it with a comment. :) Things are confusing? Just tell me if I'm my pace is too fast, okay? Or if you want, you can ask me clarificatory questions. *winks*

endlessdeath - Hohum... Grammar Freak, I recognize your agony because I, too, am a Grammar Freak. hehe I can't stand reading crappy fics... I swear... It makes my head ache... I mean, I'm not a Grammar Nazi and all, but I think writers should put some effort into proof-reading their stories and make sure that their grammars are correct before posting... "About Shin's friend, Scott, I know in the future I will intrigued and intimidated by his character. I mean someone like Shin being able to be someone's bestfriend (being the way that he is) I think Scott is something." - We'll see... :)

mangoes_ - I see... I've never heard of pizza flavored icecream. haha I like Aya Ueto coz I thought she was really kicka*s in Azumi (movie). Miharu's character was patterned a bit on her and on Vicki Zhao in So Close... hehe And nope, not abandoning this fic... :)

littleazntuyet - Super ninjas? haha Now, why didn't I think of that? :) As for Miharu's eyes... That will be a clue for one of the persons we're looking for. hehe

nhoki - I also like he fact that Shin was being a 'real' boyfriend to Miharu. kekeke Now, you're probably going to call me a biased author. haha But not really... I'm going to stiffen the competition. XD "I also think that both Rei and Ryou loved her" Would loving someone be enough to push you to die? I think so... I agree with you on this one. :) Haha Yes, all this chase makes you guys paranoid and all... But don't worry, this wouldn't be too complicated. :)

STEPHiiiEx3 - Scott will be discussed in the future... But for now, I'm going to give bits and pieces... hehe Don't you just love me for cliffhangers?

x^Turtle^x - Ah... This wouldn't be a Romance story if Shin wouldn't fall for her now, would it? hehe But then, he has duties to finish... *winks* As for Azrael, I assure you that Pride will help in chasing down Azrael. :)

pkv - Yes, this shows a little more humane side to him. He has vulnerabilities too, right? :)

peeyuh - Thank you! I'm glad you liked the plot I'm starting to weave! :)

dyang4 - I will keep you updated! :)

yukino78 - Thank you :)

synienai - The mystery of the red eyes will be a crucial clue to another character. hehe And yeah, I going for subtle emotional connection because this fic isn't so much for drama... hehe

tendele - Thank you! :)

lido0l_007 - Thank you! Yes, Miharu is an interesting person! :)

bassy - Don't think too much... You're just going to stress yourself out. hehe I will reveal everything little by little... :)

simpleangel - You think Azrael is Saitou? haha Right back at you... Expect the unexpected! *winks*

Everyone, thank you for the comments. I apologize for not updating soon! I will update again next weekend... :)

Shattered Teardrops

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Art of Lip Locking

This is my third SoEul fic after "Once in A Lifetime" and "Capturing the Casanova".

Mind you, it's my first attempt at writing a RATED SOEUL FIC. Yes, it's Byuntae. It's NC-17 just to be safe.

I may have to warn you that aside from a lot of teasing and cliffies, it's like a non-violent torture device. It disappoints you but at the same time, makes you crave for more. haha I love writing. XD I now proclaim myself as a non-violent torturer! :)

To be honest, I've written this fic last April when I was still writing Capturing the Casanova. I wrote this out of pure impulse and craziness. You could say that it's a random thought that materialized into a short story.

Yes, it's a short story for several reasons:
1.) It's completely plotless. (Yes, I wrote it wholly for the Byuntae part.)
2.) The chaps are not planned. (Meaning, I think of what to write the moment I sit in front of my laptop.)
3.) The chaps are short and I put in a lot of cliffhangers. (It's because I'm purely evil. XD)

The Setting in the "Art of Lip Locking" is on the part where Yi Jung told Ga Eul that he would be leaving for Sweden and that when he comes back, she'd be the first person whom he'll be looking for. :) Mind you, the plot is an unusual one... It comes with ropes and... random things! haha

Here's the TEASER just for a taste of AoLL:

I didn't know how everything happened.
All I know was that I told her I was leaving for Sweden to study for four years.
And that, when I get back, she will be the first person I will be looking for...

I honestly didn't know what was running inside her mind at that time.
But she asked me for three simple favors:

1.) She asked me to teach her the art of Lip Locking
2.) She asked me for more...
3.) She asked for ropes...!
Like what you read so far? Why don't you check it out at The Archive? *winks*

Each of the SoEul fics I've written are distinct from each other in the sense that "Once in a Lifetime" is a one-shot, "Capturing the Casanova" is a full length Romantic Comedy and "Art of Lip Locking" is a Byuntae short story! :)

Well, that's about it!

shattered teardrops

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reviews for Capturing the Casanova...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry because many people still associate my pseudonym (shatteredteardrops or shattered_teardrops) with Capturing the Casanova. I guess I should be flattered that my work is greatly appreciated, right? XD

The Boys Over Flowers wave is still going on and getting stronger... which means, more people are getting charmed with the SoEul pairing... which means, more people crave for SoEul fanfics...

I came across two Filipino fanfic readers on Multiply and they've been kind enough to write reviews for Capturing the Casanova. I'd like to thank mytruestyle810303 and nekoriel for their kind words... hehe

mytruestyle810303's Review
nekoriel's Review

So, yeah, if you want to read their reviews, do drop by their Multiply Page and give 'em some love! XD I'm sure they'd be glad to hear from you guys!

Also, if you have your own reviews of Capturing the Casanova, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be sure to drop by and say hello! XP I'll always love hearing from you guys... :)

shattered teardrops

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Three Ripped Photographs

"Is Morality your basis of Right and Wrong?
Tch... I pity you...
You will never know happiness..."

Presenting my new original fiction story!

And here I was, rambling about how my writing muses weren't cooperative. Well, I was telling the truth. I kept asking them to think of something I could write for my unfinished stories but the only idea they've given me, was the idea of this story: Thee Ripped Photographs.

Truth is, I had this idea itching me to write it since last year. But I was busy handling lots of stuff so I restrained myself from writing this one up to now. Somehow, I couldn't resist the itch anymore so I just had to write this one...

Anyway, this is actually the story I'm planning to allow my Real Life Love to read. Simply because he's never read any of my write ups, except maybe poems. After almost a year and a half of being together, I've confessed to him that I love writing and that I actually write, but I've never once allowed him to read any of my written stories. NEVER as in like Nada...

He also doesn't know that I maintain a Writer's Blog.

But since I want to be more open to him, I've decided to write this story and allow him to read it once I finish it. I'm thinking about printing it and handing it to him at school. He was never the type to read but still, I want him to be closer to 'my world' of words and fiction so I'll try.

At least I'm trying, right?

Now... On to the story...

Three Ripped Photograph is written in first POV...
It's a complex story if you ask me. Everything wouldn't make any sense until you get to the end of the story where everything would be given light. This is sort of... a slice of lice original story which deals with the 'cruel' part of life.

I would say it's a bit dramatic with the occasional amusing wit and sarcasm thrown at the sides. I'm attempting an eye-opener kind of story so yeah... I don't think the readers of Capturing the Casanova would like this one though... It's too serious and almost no fluff at all.

Oh, and yeah, this will be posted on Soompi Forums alone.

Well, I can only hope for the best. :)

shattered teardrops

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Can Google Myself!!


Okay. So, I was busy researching for my assignment in Comparative Politics and in Constitution and Civil Rights when I suddenly got bored. I remembered a reader from, who told me that my story entitled Capturing the Casanova can be goodled. hehe I tried that first and then... *shing!*... My story appeared before my very eyes! XD It linked into Soompi, Winglin, and this blog. haha

Then, I thought, why not google myself? haha Then, I indulged myself in a kind of vanity which I think, is the only vanity I can afford to indulge myself. haha

I googled my pseudonym as in Shattered Teardrops. muhaha
And what do you know? I can find myself! LOL. Google actually displayed my DA account, my blogspot account, my Xanga account, my Soompi account and even my Winglin page! XD

Vain much?

Not really... hehe I think this simply means that the world wide web knows of my existence. And I feel great! LOL. Gosh... I'm cracking myself up! XD

Anyway, aside from the narcissictic ramblings, I'm here to tell everyone of the ideas that are currently playing inside my mind. Truth is, I'm a little confused whether to write a SoEul sequel or not. I have this idea for the sequel of CTC but I'm still thinking about it.

On the other hand, I also have this idea to create a fanfic featuring Song Woo Bin and Ha Jae Kyung. :) I think those two deserve some more loving. They're pretty crack up characters if you ask me. hehe

But then, I am also reminded of the fact that my writing muses aren't being nice to me yet. I think they got exhausted with the excessive writing these past few months. And that I still have to unfinished stories to finish (Ignominy and The Crimson Insignia). -.-

Gosh... What am I to do??? Tsk, tsk... I better get my writing muses to be nice to me soon. My stories are all hanging in mid-air...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Feel... Pressured?

Honestly? Yes, a little.

Ever since I've finished my SoEul fanfic entitled Capturing the Casanova and posted it on Winglin, Soompi, The Archive and, I have received multiple PMs, comments and reviews about my grammar, the fluidity of my story, my creativity, my English, yada-yada-yada... And I'm really thankful... Truthfully, I feel very happy that a lot of readers appreciate the way I write and the ideas that come out in my story.

BUT... Okay, there's that big BUT.

I've also received comments telling me to write another SoEul fanfic. The truth is, I have a third SoEul fanfic apart from the one-shot I made and CTC. It's entitled "The Art of Lip-Locking" and is posted only at The Archive.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm hiding this fanfic that's why I'm not posting it on other sites just like CTC. It's just that I've written this fanfic out of pure fun and... erm... Well, I wouldn't call it perverseness. I'd rather call it... Sensuality. Yes, that's the term. hehe

The Art of Lip-Locking is actually an NC-17 fanfic, that means its has smut and lemony scenes which are not suitable for young readers. Hence, I'm scared to post it on Soompi and I'm a little doubtful whether I should post it on Winglin and Maybe I'll do that when I get half-way through the story. But definitely not right now.

Anyway, that's not why I feel being pressured. The truth is, I feel pressured because many of my readers tell me that I should write MORE SoEul fic or rather ANOTHER SoEul fanfic. This is what pressures me the most because even though I love the SoEul pairing, I'm scared to be categorized as an Author who merely excels in writing fanfics for SoEul.

Personally, I'm half-way through SoEul. What I meant is, I feel like I've done what I could do with the pairing. And that I should move on and create another story with different characters. Again, I don't mean that I no longer ship SoEul. I'm still a true blue SoEul Shipper. I'm still a fan. But as a writer, I feel like I should let them go and create different characters apart from SoEul.

And this pressure... I think it's caused by being torn between what the writer in me wants and what the readers want me to write. I want to create my own characters apart from SoEul. But the readers want me to write more SoEul.


As of now, I haven't updated any of my other on-going fics. I'm still busy with school. Heck, who the hell crams up Constitution and Civil Rights with Political Theories and Argumentation and Debate? Not to mention, Research on Political Science? What the hell were they thinking cramming up all the major subjects in one sem? Honestly! I feel like... ugh... I am so dead.

That's it for now...
Will update if there are new developments...

shattered teardrops

Friday, June 12, 2009

Capturing the Casanova coming to a close...

With every start comes an inevitable end...

And for my story entitled Capturing the Casanova, the end has come. This story is finally coming to a close as I decided to release its long-awaited last chapter and Epilogue.

This is one of the stories I've enjoyed writing very much. It was fun imagining Yi Jung and Ga Eul being caught up in various situations that only made them closer in the end.

I loved writing about the side characters as well. There's Kim Jae Joong, Yi Jung's cousin and former bestfriend who served as the cupid between the Casanova and the Country Bumpkin, who's also my husband. There's also Choi Seung Hyun, Ga Eul's first love and protector, who's my personal slave. And of course, Grandma Haejin, who's a big spunky SoEul shipper! haha

I'd like to thank everyone who took time to read and comment on my story. Yes, even silent readers. As for the comments, each comment really gave me strength and determination to finish this story, especially during times when my writing muses aren't being cooperative with me.

I'd like to thank first and foremost, the Almighty God, for allowing me to create such a colorful fanfiction. I'd like to thank my parents for financial support. LOL. I'd like to thank my wonderful readers! YOU GUYS ROCK! hehe Although it's a bit late, I'd like to thank the PDs of Boys Before Flowers for producing the korean remake. Thank you for giving us So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul.

As a parting gift, I'm giving everyone a chance to have a copy of Capturing the Casanova through a PDF copy available for download at Mediafire.

If you would like to download it, click HERE.

shattered teardrops

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back from Lazing out... LOL..

I suddenly realized that it has nearly been two weeks since I last updated any of my stories. For that, I deeply apologize. I have been deeply caught up with my current obsession: Big Bang and 2NE1. Big Bang has just released their Japanese single entitled "My Heaven" and I've been spazzing over it... haha Pardon the fan-girliness.

Anyway, I have updated Capturing the Casanova today just to start off my pile of work. I was quite surprised by the reactions of the readers of CTC (both on Soompi and on Winglin). For one, new readers kept popping. Secondly, I was being constantly pressured to update soon. LOL. Thirdly, I am posting CTC on (for a change).

Earlier this week, I received an email telling me that yurika'hellgirl has sent me a PM at (a site I have not visited for years... literally). Upon receiving the PM, I was mentally debating whether I should check out my account over at or not since I have not maintained it for so long.

Tonight, I finally made up my mind and decided to check it out. I also replied to the PM, by the way. LOL. Anyway, as I was browsing around, I checked out whether they had a category for the fanfiction stories of Boys Before Flowers TV series. Luckily, they did! HAH!

So now, I've decided to post up CTC at as well. This may also lead me to revive my long-negleted account over there. LOL. Hey, is where I started with fanfictions. I still remember where I started. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Down with Flu...

I have been absent from Soompi, Winglin, PS-ing and anything else for like what? Five days? Yes, I think that's right. I've been off writing and even reading for five days due to a freaking flu. Nope, not swine flu, just a regular but nonetheless annoying flu, which kept me tucked in bed for more than three days. God... It was... hellish. I could only think back on all the things I could have done in those five precious days of my summer vacation. *sigh*

The first thing I did after going online was check out Soompi and my emails, yes, that's email with an 'S' (I have multiple emails for a multitude of purposes). Thank God nothing majorly phenomenal happened while I'm gone, except for a surprising increase on the PM List of Ignominy on Soompi. I thought very few people read that story since it's like... a slice of life sort of fic, being a little heavy on being realistic stuff. In short, not everyone's kind of story.

Then, after that, I also... erm... lazed a little more by reading tons of manga online. Can you believe that? haha I was actually giggling over two-dimensional characters instead of planning out the next chapters for my stories. *shrug* Who could blame me for falling pawn to the charms of tons of bishounens? I've especially taken a soft spot for the bishie twins, Angus and Eros from the manhua, The One by Lee Nicky. The lead girl was pretty cracked up too. As to achieve a squeal&spazz-inducing state of paranoia, I've been high with Sakurazaka Mizuki's bishounen features though she's a girl and Shiraishi Akira's kawaii overload, though he's a guy. haha Ai Wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero by Shinjo Mayo maybe a gender bender but it's a great read!

Anyway, now that I'm back, I plan to be back on track, both in writing and in reading within the next few days. School opening lurks just around the corner so I have to take advantage of my remaining free days. Gosh... Now, this reminds me, I haven't enrolled for the next semester yet. I don't even know when's the schedule for enrollment! *gasp* Clumsy me. I've over deluded myself in the fiction world. haha

Anyway, for now, I decided to put up this post just to update those that even take time to visit this blog (if there are indeed anyone who visits this) about the recent occurences that affect (interfere) with my writing and anything related with that.

Yosh. With all those explained and settled, I'm now off to to hunt for some juicy fiction finds. haha

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Enigmatic & TCI Fanfictionalized @ Winglin

Before anything else, I'd like to announce to everyone that I have posted The Crimson Insignia on Winglin. I have fanfictionalized it. haha Added to that, I made an alternate poster for the fanfiction version of it.

As much as I'd like to post the Character Chart and new poster on Soompi, I believe I will be going against the rules if I did that since I labeled my story as Non-Gasoo...

Here's the alternate poster with character chart that I made...
Kim Jae Joong as Shin
Miura Shohei as Ryou
Yamashita Tomohisa as Taiki
Lee Jun Ki as Akira
Lee Seung Hyun/Seungri as Kenta

The only difference between the original story and the fanfiction version is that there's a character chart in the fanfictionalized version. That's it. I figured that if I posted it on Winglin, I needed at least a character chart.

If you would like to read it, click HERE.

Now, moving on to the latest chapter of The Crimson Insignia.
Chapter 11: "Enigmatic"

Enigmatic (adj) - arcane, cabalistic, cryptic, mysterious, puzzling...

The reason that this Chapter was
entitled as such because of two things:
1.) Shin as an unreadable person.
2.) The uncrackable code sent in by Pride
which is to be uncovered later on.

Also, I noticed that I have not been able to create a substantial depth to Shin's character except for the fact that he's an agent working for Indeco, so I decided to make Chapter 11 explain the trivial things about him (such as his attitude and thoughts on different things). This Chapter somehow allows us to glimpse what kind of life Shin had been through and what kind of person he really is.

We also see some inner struggles between his duty and his awakening curiosity towards Miharu. We will see more of that in the future chapters. For now, we'll start a bit slow... :)

Now for the replies...

Ah, yes... The ex-boyfriend has finally been confirmed. Does he really love her or does he not? Is it for revenge? Actually, I'm having mixed emotions about Ryou's character. He's portrayed as smart and conniving... I'm tempted to make him a bad guy but he would be such a waste since I think he's hot. haha

"I have to admit I didn't see the "twin brother " coming and thinking now about Ryous' and his father conversation it makes me thinkmaybe she did something too?! Like maybe the father thinks she "killed" him (the twin brother) since they were best friends and maybe he didn't like that ,but quite a strange relationship here ,could it have been a love triangle?I mean here are 2 brothers :one has a best friends which is the other' girlfriend ...hmm...."
-- Tell you what, here's a big hint. The answer has been very obvious right from the start. Why would Ryou's Father badly want Miharu out of Kairan? Think. Miharu is the daughter of the Prime Minister. Ryou's Father is the leader of a shady underground organization. What happens when the daughter of the Prime Minister finds out about their shady organization? See where I was getting at? That's one of the major reasons why Ryou's Father want her out of Kairan. And I can assure you of one thing, this isn't the first time that Ryou's Father tried to intervene between Ryou and Miharu.
""shipments"what could they be?guns?or something else?Is it really a secret agency ?And are they ,maybe.working for Azreal?or are they collaborating with Shin's agency?"
-- I believe you have figured out the answer to the mystery behind Kairan Academy... You just have to figure out which among your guesses is the correct one. :)
"I'm guessing maybe the "blood hands" have something to do with Ryou's twin brothers' death ...?"
--That will be revealed in the future chapters... :)
"about Saitou and his an important bussiness mans' son ... and bodyguards?hm....Also you said he wanted to learn how to fight maybe because he was bullied but if he was bullied because he was a nerd then why would he come to a school where he would be more bullied ?"
-- Right from the start, Saitou had been honest. He personally stated his reason why he came to Kairan, right? He wanted to be strong. And he wanted the strongest fighter (Akira) in Kairan to teach him how to fight. Maybe because he got tired of being bullied... :)

--The suspense makes this chase enjoyable, doesn't it?
Anyhow, I hope this Chapter revealed more for you... :)

--Haha I'm not sure about the drama part... This is a bit angsty if you ask me. And it will be bloody in the future... :)

--Hah! I'm not the only one wearing glasses! :) That's good to hear! I've been wearing glasses since first year in high school. Really bad eyesight now... (>.<) I'm from the Visayas actually, not from Manila. I go to West Visayas State University and I'm taking a major in Political Science. (Hence the in depth explanation of Japan's Article 9 and the boring narration of World War II). I sound like a geek, don't I? haha It's okay. I'm equally curious about a fellow Filipino like you. Where are you from? And you're entering College right? Which university did you choose? :) As for your deductions, well, it's likely possible that Miharu isn't the daughter of the Prime Minister... But whose? haha x^Turtle^x:
Glad you liked it. I've added you to the PM List... Thank you for reading TCI! :)

Pizza-flavored icecream??? Where? haha I don't knw where you heard that but nope, we don't have pizza-flavored icecream... Well, none that I know of... :)

"twin!? is that where the super bikes started from?
and ryou plans to win her back?! looking forward to how that's gonna go!
but his dad is out to get her, isn't he?
and can't wait to find out more about the school and the "students" there
u can't seem to trust anyone now can you?"
-- Yes, that's where the super bikes came from. You'd have to wonder why Miharu has two super bikes, right? Who was the original owner of Falcon? keke Now, does everything make a little more sense? Basically, that's the point: Not being able to trust anyone. What would you do if you were Miharu? :)


If you guys are curious about Conficker C as mentioned in the Chapter, please do read on and be enlightened about something very techy... I bet this would be a useful trivia information for everyone.

On this Chapter, the worm virus known as Conficker C was also mentioned. Now, for those of you who might be curious about Conficker C, it's actually a real worm virus which erupts during April Fool's Day. It's actually one of the most, it not the most destructive and damaging worm virus to date.

Now, what does Conficker C really do? Well, first it enters the PC of an unsuspecting victim. And then, it begins sending private data from the victim computer to its HQ (Head Quatrters). What makes Conficker C unique is that it covers its tracks by using multiple URLs to communicate back to its HQ.

During the first release of Conficker C in 2008, it was able to use 250 URLs at most to communicate with its HQ. However, now that it's on its third variant, the worm has grown more complicated and powerful.

What else can it do? Well, Conficker C can take over a computer and have it remotely controlled by a master computer across the globe. When the worm takes over the victim computer, anything is possible. It can steal personal information, wipe hard drives or simply flood your computer with unwanted (annoying) malwares pop-ups, extortion-like come-ons which are designed to sell you phony security softwares, and much more...

haha Now, you guys think I'm a geek, do you?
Well, I tend to read a lot of stuff and I preferred to be informed about different things.

To everyone, thank you for reading
The Crimson Insignia!
Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

shattered teardrops

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Peek Through the Past

The Crimson Insignia Chapter 10

More has been revealed about the real deal behind Kairan. Ryou's Father seemed to be involve in a bigger organization which lies beneath Kairan's deceptive exterior. And we also learn that Kazama Reiko seemed to be Ryou's eyes inside his Father's shady organization.

Of course, let's not forget that much has been revealed about Miharu and Ryou's past relationship. And surprsingly, Ryou had a twin brother~ You didn't see that one coming, did you? kekeke

Anyhow, the identity of the prankster hasn't been revealed yet. *winks* I'll leave that on the future chapters.

Here are the replies everyone. For the replies, I've italicized the guesses which could be a possible twist to the story. I hope this makes the chase more exciting! =)

"He seem kinda dorky cute lol I hope they find the person that are doing those stupid pranks soon, I'm guessing it's that new girl that Miharu just made friend with, ahh I don't know!!"
-- I've always held a soft spot for Saitou Kenta... Now you know why! He's adorable, isn't he? Ehh? Now, the suspicion goes to Akimoto Asuka? Hmmm...

"i wonder who is doing this to her...and why..??
maybe it is the guy that saved her...he could be the
one after her and the way he is could just be an act..."
-- Could be. Anything is possible after all. =)
".the only the only thing that
is coming to my head it that some of them are like
trained to kill...or trained in one specific area..but
-- Wow... You seem to get the general gist of my story! haha So, I'm not completely incomprehensible at all. Well, anyway, as I've said, you seem to get the general gist. But not entirely. Your guess is close enough... *winks*

"i wonder what this person has up their sleeve?
and how did ryou find them?"
-- I believe that the reason why Ryou was there was explained in Chapter 10. As for the reason behind the pranks, well, I'll reveal things little by little.
"and how come it's always that she gets "attacked" when shin isn't there?"
-- Well, if you recall, Shin couldn't go with Miharu to the Girls' Comfort Room for obvious reasons. Also, during detention, Shin had a different assignment than hers. Maybe it's coincidental. Maybe not... Who knows? kekeke

"1.You're once again taking sides with the "nerds" ...I wonder what you're really planning ...
What if those 2 know each other,meaning Asuka and Kenta....I'mjust saying...
About his (Kentas') conversation with "the other person"on the phone ,he said"he can handle it himself" ,I wonder who can help him out ,can it be a brother that I;m guessing he's something like a deliquent ,which could explain whyI he wants to learn how to fight .Like in the familiy he's the youngest and smartest and he has maybe an older brother that's the opposite and maybe their father is an important person..."
-- I am a nerd... Well, I wear glasses so I seem like a nerd. haha That maybe one of the reasons why I take sides with th nerds. But joking aside, well, there are a lot of possible persons who could help Kenta out. Like maybe he's actually the son of an influential business man and he has bodyguards at home? Wait. Ignore that. I'm trying to confuse you. XD As for the part whether Kenta knows Asuka? Don't think so... kekeke From Kenta's background information as one of the students from a top Academy (Kyotei), I don't think Kenta seems like a delinquent. As for the reason why he wants to learn how to might. Well, maybe because he had always been bullied? It could possible since hes a nerd, right?
"are you sure it was right you wrote Shin?If yes ,I'm even more confused,because from what you said it means they know each other so ,Shin might be her brother maybe ...??But he doesn't remember her and she neither ??and if so,what could make themforget each other to the point of not being able to recognize?"
-- Sorry, it should Ryou there. haha My mistake!
"more than just an academy ...and Ryou knows and the other don't?maybe because of his fathers' job?
What could Kairan be?A secret agency,that trains agents like Shin?and only girls were taught archery?"
-- Close enough... *winks*

"I guess Hara aka shin is the guy she will love. her brother uhm.... i dont know... and i think saitou is the guy who wants to kill her"
--Why thank you~ I'm flattered. Why do you guys always suspect Saitou Kenta? He's such an adorable nerd! =)

"Ha, the nerds are really suspicious.
They tend to get a little to attached to many subjects. *stereotype*"
-- O_o? Should I be suspected too since I wear glasses and I seem nerdy? haha Just joking.
"Now that you mentioned it somewhere, I'm having doubts that Miharu is the daughter of the Prime Minister."
And someone in this story is someone's child (other than Miharu) 0.0"
-- That could be a possible view of things. =)

"so i think its the nerd girl still !
cos she was there and yeah
and she doesnt like the bully girl > reiko.. yay i remember her name
so she accused the bully girl
right right?
the nerds are being suspected cos their suspicious ! x)"
-- A possibility! hehe Good for you for remembering Reiko! Well, as for Asuka not liking Reiko... Who ever liked bullies? Especially if you're the one they're bullying, right? =)

"im really curious why is KAiran different... and why are they training girls in archery? is that extra curricular activity? and why is ryou so alarmed with everything. is his dad behind this?"
-- I believe your questions have been partly answered by the recent update (Chapter 10). =)
"did you send pm... i didn't get one any way its ok"
-- I sent everyone a PM. Can you please check it your inbox was full or not... Sometimes, PMs don't get through because the recepient's inbox is full. =)

-- Gad you liked my story. I've added you to the PM List. =)

"SO what I am thinking is that the nerd boy
is really her brother and the nerd girl really
is a super secret spy for Ryou's father or
Azrael something like that you know? If she
is a super secret spy for Ryou's father than maybe
she is somehow indebted to him and is forced to do
all these things when she doesn't really want to or maybe
she does want to and it's just she has a crush on Ryou or
one of the other boys."
-- a super secret spy? haha Your comment is really an entertaining read! I see you've come to somehow... get close enough to my twists. *winks*
"The girl at the end I think she is one of
Azrael's henchwomen like bait or a scpaegoat you know or is
just some innocent girl that got jumbled up into the mess."
--I believe that your last guess was proven to be wrong by this recent update (Chapter 10). Reiko turned out to be the super secret spy working for Ryou's Father who served as Ryou's eyes inside his Father's vast organization. =) By the way, glad you're feeling better already!

Everyone, thank you so much for the comments and wild guesses!
I've really enjoyed reading everyone's opinion!
Thank you so much for joining the chase!

shattered teardrops