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A Peek Through the Past

The Crimson Insignia Chapter 10

More has been revealed about the real deal behind Kairan. Ryou's Father seemed to be involve in a bigger organization which lies beneath Kairan's deceptive exterior. And we also learn that Kazama Reiko seemed to be Ryou's eyes inside his Father's shady organization.

Of course, let's not forget that much has been revealed about Miharu and Ryou's past relationship. And surprsingly, Ryou had a twin brother~ You didn't see that one coming, did you? kekeke

Anyhow, the identity of the prankster hasn't been revealed yet. *winks* I'll leave that on the future chapters.

Here are the replies everyone. For the replies, I've italicized the guesses which could be a possible twist to the story. I hope this makes the chase more exciting! =)

"He seem kinda dorky cute lol I hope they find the person that are doing those stupid pranks soon, I'm guessing it's that new girl that Miharu just made friend with, ahh I don't know!!"
-- I've always held a soft spot for Saitou Kenta... Now you know why! He's adorable, isn't he? Ehh? Now, the suspicion goes to Akimoto Asuka? Hmmm...

"i wonder who is doing this to her...and why..??
maybe it is the guy that saved her...he could be the
one after her and the way he is could just be an act..."
-- Could be. Anything is possible after all. =)
".the only the only thing that
is coming to my head it that some of them are like
trained to kill...or trained in one specific area..but
-- Wow... You seem to get the general gist of my story! haha So, I'm not completely incomprehensible at all. Well, anyway, as I've said, you seem to get the general gist. But not entirely. Your guess is close enough... *winks*

"i wonder what this person has up their sleeve?
and how did ryou find them?"
-- I believe that the reason why Ryou was there was explained in Chapter 10. As for the reason behind the pranks, well, I'll reveal things little by little.
"and how come it's always that she gets "attacked" when shin isn't there?"
-- Well, if you recall, Shin couldn't go with Miharu to the Girls' Comfort Room for obvious reasons. Also, during detention, Shin had a different assignment than hers. Maybe it's coincidental. Maybe not... Who knows? kekeke

"1.You're once again taking sides with the "nerds" ...I wonder what you're really planning ...
What if those 2 know each other,meaning Asuka and Kenta....I'mjust saying...
About his (Kentas') conversation with "the other person"on the phone ,he said"he can handle it himself" ,I wonder who can help him out ,can it be a brother that I;m guessing he's something like a deliquent ,which could explain whyI he wants to learn how to fight .Like in the familiy he's the youngest and smartest and he has maybe an older brother that's the opposite and maybe their father is an important person..."
-- I am a nerd... Well, I wear glasses so I seem like a nerd. haha That maybe one of the reasons why I take sides with th nerds. But joking aside, well, there are a lot of possible persons who could help Kenta out. Like maybe he's actually the son of an influential business man and he has bodyguards at home? Wait. Ignore that. I'm trying to confuse you. XD As for the part whether Kenta knows Asuka? Don't think so... kekeke From Kenta's background information as one of the students from a top Academy (Kyotei), I don't think Kenta seems like a delinquent. As for the reason why he wants to learn how to might. Well, maybe because he had always been bullied? It could possible since hes a nerd, right?
"are you sure it was right you wrote Shin?If yes ,I'm even more confused,because from what you said it means they know each other so ,Shin might be her brother maybe ...??But he doesn't remember her and she neither ??and if so,what could make themforget each other to the point of not being able to recognize?"
-- Sorry, it should Ryou there. haha My mistake!
"more than just an academy ...and Ryou knows and the other don't?maybe because of his fathers' job?
What could Kairan be?A secret agency,that trains agents like Shin?and only girls were taught archery?"
-- Close enough... *winks*

"I guess Hara aka shin is the guy she will love. her brother uhm.... i dont know... and i think saitou is the guy who wants to kill her"
--Why thank you~ I'm flattered. Why do you guys always suspect Saitou Kenta? He's such an adorable nerd! =)

"Ha, the nerds are really suspicious.
They tend to get a little to attached to many subjects. *stereotype*"
-- O_o? Should I be suspected too since I wear glasses and I seem nerdy? haha Just joking.
"Now that you mentioned it somewhere, I'm having doubts that Miharu is the daughter of the Prime Minister."
And someone in this story is someone's child (other than Miharu) 0.0"
-- That could be a possible view of things. =)

"so i think its the nerd girl still !
cos she was there and yeah
and she doesnt like the bully girl > reiko.. yay i remember her name
so she accused the bully girl
right right?
the nerds are being suspected cos their suspicious ! x)"
-- A possibility! hehe Good for you for remembering Reiko! Well, as for Asuka not liking Reiko... Who ever liked bullies? Especially if you're the one they're bullying, right? =)

"im really curious why is KAiran different... and why are they training girls in archery? is that extra curricular activity? and why is ryou so alarmed with everything. is his dad behind this?"
-- I believe your questions have been partly answered by the recent update (Chapter 10). =)
"did you send pm... i didn't get one any way its ok"
-- I sent everyone a PM. Can you please check it your inbox was full or not... Sometimes, PMs don't get through because the recepient's inbox is full. =)

-- Gad you liked my story. I've added you to the PM List. =)

"SO what I am thinking is that the nerd boy
is really her brother and the nerd girl really
is a super secret spy for Ryou's father or
Azrael something like that you know? If she
is a super secret spy for Ryou's father than maybe
she is somehow indebted to him and is forced to do
all these things when she doesn't really want to or maybe
she does want to and it's just she has a crush on Ryou or
one of the other boys."
-- a super secret spy? haha Your comment is really an entertaining read! I see you've come to somehow... get close enough to my twists. *winks*
"The girl at the end I think she is one of
Azrael's henchwomen like bait or a scpaegoat you know or is
just some innocent girl that got jumbled up into the mess."
--I believe that your last guess was proven to be wrong by this recent update (Chapter 10). Reiko turned out to be the super secret spy working for Ryou's Father who served as Ryou's eyes inside his Father's vast organization. =) By the way, glad you're feeling better already!

Everyone, thank you so much for the comments and wild guesses!
I've really enjoyed reading everyone's opinion!
Thank you so much for joining the chase!

shattered teardrops

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