Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dancing with the Devil...

an original fiction story by T34rSoFBLoOd @

Okay, so basically, I was revisiting my old home (, when I decided to browse around and look for a story to read to pass off a few hours. What I didn't know was that I would be in for a great read when I stumbled upon a story entitled "Dancing with the Devil".

The story is set in a high school and the main girl is named Persephone. Actually, the story is under the Fantasy Genre, making use of Greek mythological characters. Okay, so Persephone is exactly like a doll. She's pretty... And dumb. (Get the picture?) So, everyone practically doubts if she could get into College. And her a*s for a boyfriend even puts her down, saying things like "Honey, you're a doll. All you have to do is to be pretty. No need to think of College."

For some odd twist of fate, she suddenly becomes the smartest girl in the whole school. Like, ask her a question and she can immediately answer it. Of course, she didn't become like that without help from some magical entity (i.e. Hades). And thus, that's where her dance with the Devil started...

It's really an engrossing read. You guys should check it out. =)

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