Monday, April 18, 2011

Future Plans

I've always been open about my plans to enter law school this coming June. And that's fixed as a tee, completely permanent and non-negotiable.

Aside from that, recently, I've been thinking about what to do about my writing. What are my future plans? What do I am to accomplish in the future? What else am I going to write about?

Well, to start off, I plan to graduate from writing SoEul stories. That's after I finish writing KTC, of course. I feel like it really is time for me to move on. I'm not giving up my hope for the Bumsso couple to reunite but I'm giving up writing about SoEul.

I would like to thank the fans of SoEul as well as Bumsso for serving as the readers of my stories for the last two years. To the readers at LU, Soompi, AF, and, thank you so much for the love. You have been my biggest motivation and for that, I really owe a lot to all of you.

I'm still going to finish KTC so you guys still have something to watch out for.. =)

Currently, aside from KTC, I'm beginning to concentrate more on working on original fiction stories (non-gasoo). Recently, I've registered on and has posted one short story. I'm planning to write more original stuffs so I hope that you still continue to show support to me by reading my works.

As for my other stories on Soompi (TCI and Ignominy), well, I'm still thinking really hard about what to do to them... My head says I should just close their threads since it's been so long since I updated but my heart just couldn't simply give them up...

Well, that's it for now. =)


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  1. Aw, that's sad to know Dia. :( But then, that's fine with me. At least you're still not giving up on Bumsso. I really hope they reunite soon.

    Good luck with Law school! :)