Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gahh... Exams Next Week...

I sound so exasperated, don't I?

Well, I have a pretty good reason to sound tired. Aside from my burdensome school work and projects, my final exams are next week. Yep, and here I am, still accessing the net for some quick updates on how things are going for me. haha

Aside from finals, my God! I have been filling my schedule with non-existent work! Well, what I meant is, I've been planning tons and tons of fiction ideas. (i.e. New Original Fiction Draft) I can't help myself from being over eager for summer to come since there's only a week of school left here in the Philippines. I'm dying to have a little break.

Anyway, I did a few rounds of checking out my posted fanfics and then, I also edited my page at FictionPress. I cleaned up what was left of my account and finally found the energy to post the Prologue Chapter of Ignominy. I know it wasn't much and I probably wouldn't get a lot of reviews but I'm still going for it. I've been writing tons of fanfictions already, so I thought, I should try a hand at creating an original story with my own characters for a change. So yeah... Hopefully, I don't get lazy and finish the story.

Well, that's it, folks... Don't have anything more to say.

shattered teardrops

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