Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bittersweet Reunion PDF file Vr.1...

... is now available for download at mediafire.

Yes, I've made a PDF file for my Bittersweet Reunion fanfic. I thought that I should at least preserve the fanfics I have written because all the others I've completed have been put to waste (either removed off winglin/deleted/not recovered). So yes, I will release the PDF file for download for those people who would like to read it. So far this is the first fully-furnished PDF file that I have completed for download, which hopefully, readers will appreciate. I am also planning to create a PDF file for its sequel entitled Ignominy which is still on going.

Click HERE to download Bittersweet Reunion's PDF file.

Another good news is that doctor.brew, an amateur photographer from Flickr has granted me permission to use one of his pictures with his model named "Angela". Earlier this month, I sent a personal message to doctor.brew asking permission if I could use his picture as material for my story's (Crimson Insignia) poster and teaser. Thankfully, he granted me permission to use the picture. I was really glad that he had allowed me to. His photoshoot and model perfectly suited my story's whole plot.

I might release the poster and teaser to the public soon, but maybe not right now. I'm currently still busy with my on going fanfics so, I decided that I should finish some things off first before proceeding to my next step.

Though I have good news, I also have bad news.

Apparently, one author from Winglin plagiarized an idea from my fanfic entitled Capturing the Casanova. He/She did not copy my fanfic verbatim but his/her scene on the first chapter of his/her fic was too identical to the scene on chapter seven of my fanfic. Thankfully, one reader of mine, xsnow0yinx, reported this incident to me. I have made actions against the plagiarizer but it seems Winglin mods have become deaf to my report. Up until now, they haven't done any action or whatsoever to resolve the conflict.

If this persists, I might quit posting on Winglin and concentrate on Soompi instead.

Well, that's about it.

shattered teardrops

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