Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Elections

Today was the first ever automated elections in the Philippines. Although, there have been several anomalies regarding the counting efficacy of the PCOS machines, the 2010 elections still pushed through.

Personally, I have my doubts.

And to be honest, I do think that the 2010 elections is nothing but a mere practice or trial with the use of PCOS machines. It's like a trial of an automated election. And to think that we have to suffer within the next six years if this election fails.

I'm not out here to voice out my complaints regarding the automated election or to place blame on the COMELEC or Smartmatic. However, I do intend to keep watch and see what happens.

The Philippines has long been struggling to rise out of poverty. And as any other election before, the 2010 elections is an event where the people of the Philippines hope to change the long-existing tyrannical government who are more for the people that run it than for the majority of the struggling Filipinos who voted for these people to be in position.

To be honest, corruption is already deeply-rooted within the culture of the Filipinos. Speaking as a Filipino myself, corruption will not easily be eliminated within the ranks of the government officials. However, I do keep a positive outlook on things.

All I need is one person to prove to me that he/she is aiming to uplift the Filipino than merely uplifting his/herself.

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