Monday, May 17, 2010

Some readers...

Readers read my stories because they like it. And I appreciate that. REALLY.

But what I don't like are the kind of readers who demand as if they actually PAY fanfic Authors like me to update. This post may come off as harsh, but I really get offended and irritated with readers who say things like:

"Yah! Why did it take for you to update so long?"
"ya, what took you so long to update, been waiting for this forever"

I appreciate it that some readers like my story enough to actually be impatient about when the next update will be. I'm a reader, too, and I get impatient as well so I perfectly understand that.

But I have to remind you guys that I write fanfics for free. I do the planning, typing and even editing, all by myself. Although I'm not a professional writer, I do my best to provide quality fanfics for the readers. And this, I also do for free, because I love writing.

Second, I HAVE A LIFE outside of writing. If you don't understand that, let me spell it out for you. I am a full-time College student. I'm the eldest daughter in our family. I have responsibilities which are more important than writing. The little time I have left for myself is spent on writing hence, I can't update often.

If you like my story enough, you can show your appreciation through the following:


I would understand if you demand an update in a joking manner. And I don't mind that because it's nicely expressed and it comes off as a joke from a reader to the writer.

If you say, "Update soon!" I think this would be enough reminder to tell me that you guys are waiting. In fact, this is a common comment I've read in almost every comment/review on my stories. And I've been so used to this that I don't find it infuriating anymore.

Third, the first and foremost reason why I write, is for self-fulfillment, self-expression and as a creative outlet. As you can see, all these are self-centered reasons. I do not write for the number of readers. I do not write for recognition.

I write for myself.

As a writer, I think that readers being able to appreciate my writing is already a bonus for the craft that I love doing. And this only motivates me to work harder... But is not the main reason why I write.

I am not reader-centric. I do not aim to please readers. If I did, I would have updated everyday with crappy and unedited chapters just to satisfy the readers' demand for an update.

If you are a reader of mine and you read this, I hope you understand why I am so infuriated with readers who only demand without even knowing what the Author has gone through. I have been sick these past few days that's why I wasn't able to update soon.

I think that as an Author of the fanfiction story that readers' follow and read, I am entitled to a bit of consideration from the readers. I do this thing for free! I do not demand payment! The least you guys could do is thank me and wait patiently for my updates!


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