Friday, January 15, 2010

Lazy Author...

Raise your hands up!

It's been two weeks since the year 2010 started,
when are you going to update?!

Uh, actually, I haven't written anything eligible to post as an update except maybe Keeping the Casanova's Chapter Two, which I'm still holding up because I haven't thought of what to write next. And also, I've written a portion of Chapter 23 of TCI. It's already over 2000 words according to the word count but I'm not anywhere near finishing the Chapter. I'm going to have some free time to start working again tomorrow to please pray that my laziness don't get in the way again. teehee

Second issue, I noticed that my updates in this blog are so looooong and boring. I do nothing but rant and rant, and rant some more about my nonexistent but currently striving social life, my uninteresting love life and how lazy I am as an author. So, I decided that in order to liven up my blog, I need to post some pictures of anything related to whatever I'm currently up to. Umm... Maybe in my next entry because I can't dish out any picture to post right now.

Third, my exams started last Wednesday (January 13th) and won't end until this coming Monday. Although I may have some free time this weekend, I've already booked plans for this Saturday to go out and have fun with a friend of mine. We're going to go do some guy thing and watch Autocross. And yes, I'm going with a guy friend but it's not a date. teehee. And of course, Sunday must be spent for studying. (Yes, I tend to procrastinate a lot.)

Whew... What else?

Hmm... I can't think of anything else so yeah... That's all for now...

the non-violent torturer,
shattered teardrops

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