Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eun Shi Kyung & Lee Jae Shin

I am so damn frustrated by the tragic ending of the love line between these two in the Kdrama series King 2 Hearts. I swear! I haven't been this riled up by the second pair in a drama series since Boys Over Flower's SoEul couple in 2009!

So, I was thinking...

If I wrote a fanfic about these two, 
would anyone read it?

I know I haven't been updating my SoEul fanfic these past months, I'm sorry. School is getting the best of me. The newest chapter is still in the works though... Don't worry.

Oh, and I'm not ditching my SoEul just to write a King2Hearts fic... It's just that I need to get them out of my system somehow...

-Shattered Teardrops


  1. As long as your the writer. =) Where can I read this? =)

  2. yesssssssssssss oh yessssss will i read your fanfic :)