Monday, August 6, 2012

King2Hearts Fanfic

For those interested... I created a separate blog for the King 2 Hearts fanfic I wrote featuring Eun Shi Kyung and Lee Jae Shin. This fanfic is also posted at Soompi but for some reason, I can't access the forum. =/

As for Keeping the Casanova, please hang tight everyone. I know it's been months since my last update. I just got through my prelim exams last week and am juggling my time to finish the new chapter.

Link HERE.

A shout out to Jet and Steph~! Here's the link if you guys are still interested to read it. =)

Much Love,
Shattered Teardrops

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  1. Dear author,

    I love this fanfiction of you a lot. Thank you for writing it.I hope it'll be updated in the future if you still have some ideas left for it :)