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TCI Chapter 29!

My character sketch of Fujiwara Shin.
I drew it a year ago and I'm no pro so forgive the crappy-ness.

TCI CHAPTER 29: "The Long Night"

Yes, this chapter is quite long. Yes, I intended it that way. Yes, more conflict. No, I don't want virtual tomatoes or whatever, thrown at me for giving some time for Miharu and Ryou. XD


- "is she gonna accept him back into her life?"
This, well, maybe... Personally? I think she should. hehe Thank you so much for the detailed comment as always. XD

-"hmm who's pride it akira or taiki or new character"

Who? Hmm... I won't tell you!

- "its quite daunting knowing shin is in a special mission... how did he know? is this person part of the game or it just happened...."
That's already a CLUE. The game is only known to Class 3D students, right? So how did Pride know? Go figure. =)

-"the chapter was named "closure" does that mean miharu finally able to forgive ryou and will she be able to fall in love with him again? or does it mean now she just felt pity for ryou???"
I named it closure to mark the tied ends of what really happened between Ryou and Miharu two years ago. This doesn't really mean that she will fall in love with him again, but this chapter will sort of start the forgiving on Miharu's part for Ryou's shortcomings.

-"did you enjoy your holy week??? good luck on your OJT "
Yes, I enjoyed my Holy Week! You? hehe My OJT got cancelled the last minute because the Admin of our University didn't approve of our permit. So now, I've got the whole summer to laze out. haha

-"is pride giving wrong directions? o-o"
Nope. hehe

-"so my guess on the computer guy was wrong, i assume, it wasn't the guy that shin is after but rather a hacker who has been helping them or maybe i'm just wrong about this whole"
Confused much? haha

-"why's pride even helping shin?"
Pride is technically on Shin's side since he's been helping InDeCo to track down Azrael who was Shin's previous mission. However, just what is the reason for Pride's sudden contact of Shin remains unknown. =)

-"haha taiki needs to learn to drive first XD"
I would like to volunteer to teach him how to drive! haha But he's only a fictional character so... maybe I'll see him in my dreams!

-"did miharu finally forgive him ?"
I guess Chapter 28 is the start of Miharu's forgiveness. It takes time so at least, she's starting to understand Ryou's situation two years ago. She is starting to forgive him but not completely yet.

- Thank you for reading both my fics! I get happy too easily so I was grinning like an idiot when I found recommendations for my story. haha

-"ST sounds soo damn cool and cute at the same time ahaha well at least he's nice to hand him the next clue plus. OMG IT'S PRIDEEEE OMFGGGG~ pride..,.but i still can't believe you left us with this cliffy."
ST actually stands for Shattered Teardrops, that's me. Fooled you? XD I'm weird like that, yo! haha I love cliffies! It's one of the things that keep the readers guessing and wanting more! XD I'm evil like that, yo!

-Whoah... Thank you! Glad you read my stories! haha Actually, I have a DVD of Time Between a Dog and Wolf. I got it because Lee Jun Ki is hot. (fan girl, right here) I love complications in stories just because I'm evil. haha But seriously, conflicts make the story more interesting, that's what I think. =) You've been added to the PM List!

-"PS : I love your choice to name my fav character shinichi, he's kinda remind me of shinichi kudo.hhe. they quite alike, don't they?"
I'm a fan of Detective Conan!! Hence the Shinichi name of the character, if you must know. haha

-Yep! Everything will be revealed real slowly. hehe It's slow but I hope it's worth reading 'til the very end.

- First of all, when I saw your comment, I was grinning like an idiot in front of my laptop. haha

-"Miharu was overpowered even though we know that she has a killer punch and good reflexes. This just proves that boys are still stronger than girls (I hate them all the more for it) in this kind of situations."
Ugh... That's why I've been wishing I've been born a male. It's not that I hate being a girl. It's just... too complicated. haha

What I tell you I've already tried driving a big bike? I'm only 5 foot 1 and yes, I can drive a big bike. haha And yes, I agree! Hot guys on big bikes are drool-worthy! (fan girl alert!)

-"I agree with her, I kind of pity him too because of everything he has to go through. How is he not in Oprah in the story? He should turn his life into a book, I’d buy it if I saw it in the bookstores."
Need I remind you that he's a fictional character? haha

-"BE thankful I imagined you as a hot dude Ryou or else I would’ve made crazy ass assumptions on the ideas inside your head and then this review would go on until forever."
Ryou is a HOT dude, too... Well, in my opinion, all of them are hot because I made them! They're mine! They're my characters! =D Yes, I do have a little bit of a God-complex going on... but that's only as a writer in my stories. keke

-"What kind of sandwich was it? Was it chocolate? I like chocolate sandwich but I also like cheesewhiz. It’s one of those super complicated sandwich that has veggies and mayo or cheese and some other things that I probably will never eat (like cucumber) mixed with meat isn’t it?"
My favorite filling in a sandwich is peanut-butter and grape jam mixed together! Oh, well, thinking about it, I eat just about any kind of sandwich. haha I never really thought of what kind of sandwich Ryou brought with him... LOL.

-"Was it weird that while Im reading that part I read it aloud in the best British accent that I can do? Anywayss, it was a really good part because Ryou gets to explain his dilemmas and such to Miharu."
I tried it it too! haha I guess it's because of Ryou referring to his Dad as 'Father'. I notice in most Brit films, they do call their Fathers like that.

-"What’s this? Does this mean that Miharu-chan doesn’t hate Ryou anymore? That everything’s good and dandy now? Or at least they’re about to be good and dandy? That cant be! My Shin’s going to be behind the competition now! And I have high hopes for him! He just had to move out didn’t he?"
It means Miharu is starting to understand Ryou. It can also be a start for forgiving him... keke I love competition. What's a good story without two hot rivals? LOL. Yeah, my fan girl side gets on an uncontrollable rampage sometimes. haha

-"Speaking about Shin, that’s good! He didn’t win the race but I believe that it’s really kinda realistic."
As much as I wanted Shin to win, yes, I would have to agree that it would have been really unrealistic. hehe A bit of realism in a fiction story doesn't hurt, right?

-"Taiki! Adorable kid! I want one because he’s the perfect baby brother material."
I was thinking of Mitsukuni Haninozuka from Ouran High School Host club when I brainstormed for Taiki's character. He's a loli-shota! keke And also, Yukinojo from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge because he's adorable! I have a bit of that pedophilic side going on, too, so yeah. keke

-"Yes finally! That’s the name – Pride! I like that name and he came to save the day! Niiiice! I’m liking him more and more now~ Oh yeah, if you happen to not plan on killing Akira or getting him off with another girl then can I please please please have him? I dunno, weird thought but while Im typing now I just suddenly thought ‘hey I want Akira, who cares if he’s Pride or Azrael? I just hope he’s Pride.’ I’d marry the dude if he’s a real guy! We both like sleeping whenever and wherever. Isnt that cool?"
CLUE: PRIDE is the SEVENTH deadly sin. You can check it out at Wikipedia. hehe And who initially formed the band called, The Seventh Sin? It's also the same person who formed the group called The Sinners. *grin* Go figure.

-"Oh yeah and thanxx for your siggy! I found out about XLR8 and as Im typing this now Im listening to them. Coolio dude~! I just fell in love with a new group and I have you thank for it. Im actually making my friends listen to them as well, so far they like them cx You are so nice! AND THANK GOD! It was postponed (not that I don’t want you for the job practice thingy ma bobby)? That means you get to post more chappies faster! Yayyness!"
You're welcome! I'm a Graphics Designer for the official forums for XLR8 and I sort of jump-started the promotion for them. hehe Besides, those guys are really down-to-Earth and approachable! They even spend time chatting with their fans through their Forum's Chatango and even Facebook. Too bad they've got Antis too. Mostly Filipino Kpop fans who think they plagiarized something from Kpop. hehe
As for the OJT, I was a bit disappointed because I was supposed to have my OJT at the Senate. I was going to work for Senator Pangilinan but it got cancelled. No can do. hehe
Nope, your comments aren't too much! Definitely not! You remind me so much of a close friend of mine from high school. haha Thanks for the super long comment, the smile-inducing cracks and the fan-girling. At least I know I'm not the only one fan-girling for my story. keke

-I think Pride (who I believe is Akira) is the brother~ Have I mentioned that idea before? I thought of it while in the middle of reading it for the first time and then I forgot to mention it ever, I think c:"
Nope, you haven't but it's a possibility. hehe I'm not going to give in more than I should. I already gave a huge clue! XD Btw, thanks for showing the poster and teaser to your friend! Who knows? It might just tempt her to read! hehe

-"I bet Pride is Akira. Am I right?"
CLUE: Pride is the SEVENTH sin.
Check Wikipedia. Who formed the band called The Seventh Sin, which was mentioned early in the story? The same person who created the group called The Sinners, to which Shin and Miharu now belong. Get the drift? *grin*

"And if it's not too rude for me to ask, will this 'challenge night' last beyond the next update?"
-The night of the challenges will only be up until Chapter 29. After that, I'll move on to the next twists in the story.=)

"P.S. I went to Super Junior's SS2 todaaaay. I just got home an hour or so ago. haha. Were you there too?"
- As much as I wanted to be there, I'm from a far-flung province. *sob* I'm from Visayas so yeah...

-"Who is Pride???? At first I thought it was the guy in their school who is always sleeping, Akira???"
CLUE: Pride is the SEVENTH sin. Check Wikipedia. Who formed the band called The Seventh Sin, which was mentioned early in the story?

-"after the confession, is she going to go back to ryou?!"
Is she? I don't think so... She still hasn't completely forgiven him yet.

-I like Shin too! But I have to build up more conflicts in the story, you know? Ryou just happens to be one of the hot conflicts who should be included. hehe Thanks for reading!

-"akira disappeared right ? so does that mean he could be Pride?"
CLUE: PRIDE is the SEVENTH deadly sin. You can check it out at Wikipedia. hehe And who initially formed the band called, The Seventh Sin? It's also the same person who formed the group called The Sinners.

-"Pride eh? another player in the game."
Actually, Pride of more of a... Game Master than a player. keke

-"I'm still waiting for Azrael to show up. or maybe he did already... ah this is frying my brain."
Azrael has already showed up. keke That's already another hint! hehe Aww... I don't mean to fry your brain. That's Kuya Hiro's job, the writer of Fists and Lipsticks 1 & 2, plus Vena Cava. I'm only here to nonviolently torture people. *grin*

-"I feel bad for Shin. He's playing the game separately from Miharu and Ryou. Worse, he had to babysit Taiki whose onto him. "
You know what's funny? I don't feel bad for Shin at all. I just find Taiki hella amusing! kekeke

-"p.s I like reading ur personal replies."
I like reading comments and replying to them as well! =)

-Hope you can catch up! hehe Btw, still busy? When are you going to update your stories, woman?! And when are you going to post another NG fanfic? keke Sorry... I've been on hunt for quality stories but it's to no avail.

-Thank you so much for reading! You've been added to the PM List! =D

*pants* *pants* *pants*
I didn't think typing personal replies would take at least an hour.
But I'm not complaining! I love hearing from you guys!
Thank you so much for the support, guys! =D

As a thank you, I'm going to show you another drawing of mine!
It's a Fan Art actually.
I drew it last 2006 or 2007. I don't really remember. LOL.

Daisuke Niwa from D.N.Angel.

Pardon the crappy image.
I didn't scan it. I only used my camphone and took a pic of it.

I'm off to post Chapter 29!

the nonviolent torturer,
shattered teardrops

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