Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer Bumming___

Okay, well, somehow but not exactly.

First update, my graphic site Sinful-Indulgence, is up and running again. So, for those who want to request for posters just click on the link, read the rules and go request right ahead. =)

Secondly, I'm going to update Chapter 06 of Keeping the Casanova. A bunch of nonsensical words written and composed to make sense together. I pulled a few hours worth of sitting down just to type this update, minus the fact that I was distracted by a lot of things (FB, Email, my graphic site, etc.). Anyway, it's written and I'ma post it after this. teehee

Third, I wrote a bonus chapter for KTC. It's actually a story about how Yoon Ji Hoo met the woman he was meant to be with. And I gotta tell you, all this typing is killing me. I seem to be bugged out of typing lately. Oh, wells. I still have to work on my stories so I guess I just have to stick it out for a while.

Fourth, my friend just got home from Singapore and she brought me some kimonos! Yay! But I won't be putting my hands on them until I see her which is... I don't know when. LOL. I'm planning to organize a beach outing for me and high school friends. Good luck to me, then.

After this, I'm going to type some more because I have to conjure up an update for The Crimson Insignia. I honestly adore that fic so I have to take care of it while I have time. =)

shattered teardrops

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