Saturday, November 27, 2010

Forgiveness and Developments

Chapter 12 of Keeping the Casanova

Yoreubun, cheongmal choisong hamnida!!!

I know I've been MIA for more than a month and I deeply apologize. Senior year in College is just... damn hectic. I will be graduating in a few months so there are a lot of things I have to take care of. And after College, law school is waiting. So yeah... Everything is just so... crazy for me.

Again, I apologize for the lack of update for the last several weeks.

I just want you guys to know that I have no plans of abandoning this fanfic. I'm going to finish it up until the last chapter. It's just that life has been throwing tedious stuff at me and those affect my writing a lot.

I hope you, guys, understand and don't get tired of waiting for my updates. =)


TO EVERYONE - The mystery regarding Woo Bin's impotence will be revealed in a small twist within the future chapters. Don't you guys worry for our Prince Song! I'll take care of him! I promise! =)

__syalovee - Aww... Honestly, writing about Woo Bin's impotence made me feel bad, too... He affects me that much. *sob*

__babsy10 - Not first, but you're second! keke

__alasdair_vahn - Yep, this Chapter was a sort of transition for Woo Bin and Jae Kyung. Can't write anything much for Ga Eul and Yi Jung because they're having an LQ. keke

__inday_yu - Aaahhh... The whole 'impotence' thing will be given light in the future chapters, don't worry. *winks* I've always thought that Ji Hoo's personification in the drama was a bit lacking (no offense to Kim Hyun Joong. I'm not against him. It's his character in the drama that I'm disatisfied with.). Okay, so he's the strong and silent type, Jan Di's soulmate, then what? So, in this fic, since I'm literally playing 'God' with the characters, I wanted to portray a different kind of Ji Hoo - the kind that stays true to his character but adds more color to it. You know what I mean? keke The mystery in the baby's birth would be revealed in the future chapters, too. =) Ahhh... Woo Bin is another character I would like to the take liberty to provide depth in this fanfic. He's not just some randomly-spouting-English-ebonics gangster. He's waaay more than that. =)

__starzz24 - Thank you for reading for the comment!

__lildragongurl - What can I say? I write with a certain degree of unpredictability that baffles most of my readers. Unpredictability is in my blood so if I say Woo Bin is impotent, he is. Muahahahaha! Yeah, I love conflicts, too! They make stories a lot interesting! haha

__Trixie9394 - The DNA testing will come in another chapter. Let's just enjoy a few sweet moments for Chapter 12, shall we? hehe

__iHEARTTyooh - The other thing I enjoy writing in this story aside from SoEul is Woo Bin and Jae Kyung. I will not deny that. =)

__xxSanityx - I guess you forgot to comeback? haha

__deep.dreamer - Er... The last time I checked this was a SoEul fic? haha But don't worry... You're not the only one confused about which pair to write about. It's hard when Jae Kyung and Woo Bin are pulling me to write about them but I need to remind myself that this is in fact, a SoEul fic. *sigh* What a dilemma. haha

__yeongweonhi02stary - I also believe that none of the F4 fathered the baby. But that's just me. haha

__dee:) - WHOAH? ahaha I love SoEul and WooBinXJaeKyung equally, too... It's just that sometimes, I'm a bit confused which pair should I write about. Ultimately, I still remind myself that this is a SoEul fic. LOL.

__Ahr3um - Woo Bin and Jae Kyung rock my socks! XD

__suzy_me - Okay. Here's a little clue why I included Impotence and LSC in one sentence - the average person (ex. Woo Bin) who is not involved in a medical profession, or is not in any way interested in the medical field, will generally define impotence as a male's inability to fertilize a female and bear offsprings. Technical definitions will come later. keke It's all part of the misunderstanding so don't worry, we'll get to that later. =)

__teresaa- I got you wondering, didn't I? keke My last year in College is hellish. I don't want to even think about it. Ugh. Thanks for reading, anyways!

__iaimeyouS2 - Thank you!

__paradoxist - I want mini-Woo Bins! ahaha

__flywithmee16 - You have been added to the PM List! Welcome to the family! Thanks for reading! =)

__jaequeen - So many questions... haha But I'm not going to reveal any answer. Muahahaha! Those will be answered in the future chapters!

__SwtAznStar18 - Putting advance technology aside, to think about it, if Woo Bin really wants to have a child, he should first look for a wife. *winks*

__kimjica - You've been added to the PM List! Thank you for reading!

__krazydaisy96 - agree! The plot thickens! ahaha

__belle6022 - Jae Kyung and Woo Bin will get there. Patience, dear reader, patience. ahaha

__kly8 - Thank you for reading and for the comment!

__shar0nsaurus - This chapter (Chapter 11) was especially written for Woo Bin and Jae Kyung. hehe Glad you liked it!

__leighannechan - Kinda makes you wish you have a Woo Bin of your own, doesn't it? haha

__miss_vicky - Thank you for actually informing me that the XLR8 Forum disappeared. Must be the work of antis. Anyways, thanks for catching up and reading!

__KIM--ONEE - Don't be so devastated. Everything will be alright eventually. hehe Btw, I know this is random but I sooooo LOLed at your avatar! ahaha I would like to leave my Mom a letter just like that!

__sylvia_psf - Those will be answered in the future chapters. =)

__Mizz_Ana_cutez - No worries. I don't really mind even if readers are late at commenting. hehe Know this, if Yi Jung and Ga Eul are SoEulmates, Jae Kyung and Woo Bin are made for reach other. ahaha

__miquah - I know, right? Aaahhh... The honeymoon will come... er... when I decide to have it. ROFL. I'm so evil like that, 'yo! XD

__*Lolo*Is*Loco* - You are now part of the PM List! Thank you for reading!

__aliceex - And thank you for reading and for the comment! hehe I don't really mind even if you're late at commenting. =)

__virtuosorosiny - Now that you mention it, the next generation would definitely be hilarious bunch! ahaha Yeah... I can only imagine a group of the richest kids with such unique parents. haha Oh, there is definitely a spark of attraction between Woo Bin and Jae Kyung... I write it to be so! Ain't I ever so powerful? ahaha Kidding! It's alright... Better late than never! haha Thanks for reading!

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