Thursday, March 18, 2010

Epicly Tiresome...


So, most of you were informed about my finals exams this week, plus a debate and lots of stuffs going on at school, but those weren't even half of it. Honestly, I am in dire need of a break from everything academic and extra-curricular-related stuffs.

So, for the record, let me itinerate my schedule within the next few days, up until next week. I might get a break this weekend but I still have to study for my make-up exams for the Political History of Middle Eastern countries, so my weekend would probably be spent mostly on that as well.

March 18, 2010
- Local Holiday (No class, No exams)
March 19, 2010
- Exams on Political Theory 2 and Rizal, Literature presentation and debate.
March 20, 2010
- I might unwind and go out with a few friends.
March 21, 2010
- REST plus study for my make-up exam the next day.
March 22, 2010
- Make-up exam on Political History of Middle Eastern countries.
March 23, 2010
- Student Council Alliance of the Philippines registration and first day meeting.
March 24, 2010
- Second day of SCAP and Assembly Day.
March 25, 2010
- Day 1 of Sensitivity Program at Guimaras Island. (beach)
March 26, 2010
- Day 2 of Sensitivity.

Kill me.

shattered teardrops

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