Monday, June 14, 2010

As a Graphics Designer and Writer...

I write for self-expression.
I design graphics for self-expression.

I just didn't think that both hobbies would entail me to sacrifice too much of my time.

Writing takes up a few hours of my time. It starts with the brainstorming or planning the sequence or flow of a chapter. Next, of course, the chapter needs to be written and constructed. This part takes up most time. And finally, after producing a chapter, of course, it needs to be proof-read and edited. Most of the time, I make sure that the chapter I've just written will have less mistakes/errors/typos as possible but of course, I'm not perfect. And after starting to write, I realized that I can't just drop everything when I'm tired because the readers who have come to love my stories have become my responsibilities as well.

On the other hand, Graphics Designing, although to some may appear less demanding, is actually just as demanding as writing. I handle a Graphics Request Site which caters to writers who wish to have posters for their stories. In most cases, when I'm working on a poster request, being the meticulous OCD that I am, I make sure that the posters I make would be of high quality. And most of the time, when I don't like the poster I just made, I usually just delete it and start all over again, hence, I have to do more work than what is necessary.

Just this weekend, I planned to binge-write for my current on-going stories. That is until I discovered that I have three wallpaper requests and seven poster requests waiting for me. In total, I have ten graphics requests. So my initial plan of binge-writing was canceled to cater to the requests of other writers for posters.

Working two days in a row for graphics requests, not to mention, having a trip to the house of relatives from my mother's side of the family today, I am exhausted. I'm just beat and before I knew it, the weekend is over. It's Sunday today and tomorrow is Monday, and I have classes AGAIN.

I haven't written an update for my stories. I don't know when I'll have time again.


As a bonus, here are a few of the graphics requests I've done this weekend.

They're low quality because I just uploaded them on Blogger. I'm too lazy to actually put them up in an image-hosting site. meeeehhh... I'm just tired.


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