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Formspring me! + TCI Chapter 32

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TCI Chapter 32: Friends and Foes

Whoah... It's been so long since I've posted an update. I apologize. Classes just started for me again two weeks ago and I'm still trying to get a fixed and somehow stable schedule where I could fit my writing in.

Good news is... my schedule is a bit lax!

Bad news is(are)... I'm a member of our University's Debating Team. I'm also the head officer for the creation of a Debate Society in our University. My sister and I just recently decided to do part-time work as tutors for grade school pupils.

Yes, I'm a bit busy at the moment.


__cahaya -As usual, thank you for your detailed comment! =) You really are a fanfic addict, aren't you?

__dyang4 - You're welcome! haha I've got you intrigued, didn't I?

__potion - Oh, it's okay if you can't comment on every chapter. I'm a little lazy myself. =)

"and shin basically told the grandpa that he likes her right?" -Yep. XD

" I'm a bit confused though I don't remember her saving him" - At the Charity Ball. Miharu risked her life just to get back to him since he was trapped in a room-full of bad guys. hehe

"Sucks how he's still a bodyguard to her." - THIS. I agree.

__xXKymmXx - Thank you! Glad you liked it! =)

"about time they kissed =3=
--> i sound like a creeper" - Don't worry. You're not the only one thinking that! haha ILY too!

__miss_dolly - Thank you! Glad you liked the 'juicy' chapter. haha

"what a way to fess up his feelings to his future grandfather in law who is actually holding your pretty neck hahaha..." - I was cracking up with the 'pretty neck' part. teehee!

__betty_7_30 - Lt. Nakamura is such a meanie! haha But I loved that part. =)

"lt nakamura just waits for long enough for miharu to respond to the kiss eh???
does miharu still have feelings for ryou?" - Haha Yes, Lt. Nakamura wanted to see some of the juicy parts as well. XD As for Miharu having feelings for Ryou, well, I think she's a bit confused. She hated the man for the last two years of her life and drastically changed herself to get even with him right?

__pinkslippers - Let me guess, the kiss scene blew your mind away? haha

__mangoes_ - Shin is ALWAYS cute. =3 I sound biased, don't I?

__Princess_Wincyy - Yay for Lt. Nakamura! XD

"That must've been soooo awkward for Shin, since Lt SAW it!!!! Eeek!" - I don't know about Shin but if it were me, I would want to evaporate! Imagine a senior officer seeing you make-out. haha

"you are so violent.
YOU LET NAKAMURA INTERRUPT WHEN IT WAS GETTING HOT." - Mee? Violent? *innocent eyes* I didn't do anything bad. I just made Lt. Nakamura interrupt a make-out session. haha

"omg my heart totally goes out for shin!!! (which i always imagine to be jaejoong)." - Jae Joong is my self-proclaimed husband! Awww... Shin has been doing so much...

"time to eliminate his ex-bf!
you just didn`t know how much i was craving for Shin and Miharu moments!" - When you say it like that, you almost sound like an assassin. haha Evil much?

"great chapter. especially the kissing scene.
it's about time. Why did the Lieutenant have to ruin the moment for?" - Because I wanted Lt. Nakamura to ruin it. haha I'm evil like that, yo! XD

__icecreamiie - Hiya! Glad you found me here too! hehe I rarely post up updates at FP anymore... I try when I get a lot of free time and that's very rare... Anyways, you're on the PM List now!

"you have a way of making shin irresistible. if she doesn't want him, i'll take him : )" - You should know that you have a lot of competition for Shin. The other readers want him too. haha About the part where Shin murdered five people, the reason why I allowed Shin to shot them was his desperation. He was caught up in a lot of things. And this mistake was to show that Shin is merely human and he also makes mistakes. However, the truth will be revealed to him somewhere along the future chapters. =)

"I stayed up till 12something in the morning trying to finish this today
but stayed up till 3 in the morning trying to get to chapter 18 yesterday:L
And being dead at school was all worth it" - I really appreciate the fact that you stayed up all night to read my story... But really, I'm a student myself. Being dead at school is not fun at all. haha When this happens to me, I usually fill myself with sugar and caffeine just to stay up. XD

To Everyone, thank you so much for the support!


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